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Suddenly, a figure rushed into his tent.

Even in the dark, Ye Chong could see everything clearly. The person who came in wore a mask and fitting black clothing. Only his eyes were visible. His sharp eyes and quick movements all betrayed his superior abilities.

It was too bad that no matter how strong a person was, it was still hard to avoid an ambush like this. Ye Chong’s tent was filled with a very dense cloud of knockout agents. Ye Chong would not have stayed in the tent if he did not have his smoke pearl.

There were sharp cries coming from outside. It seemed that the ambushers were noticed. Ye Chong could even hear Han Yue’s angry yell.

However, he was still focused on his immediate surroundings. It was not yet time to worry about Han Yue and the rest of the group.

The tent was dark inside. The ambusher entered the tent and immediately went unconscious, falling to the ground.

Ye Chong felt reassured, seeing the knockout agents taking effect. He stepped forward and caught the man in black clothing before he reached the ground, then pushed him quietly to a corner.

He knew how competent Han Yue’s group was. These ambushers must have planned their operation ahead of time. This meant that they were familiar with Han Yue’s group too. Since they decided to attack anyway, they must be stronger than Han Yue’s group.

Fortunately, he still had many alchemy products with him. Here in the darkness, Ye Chong’s ability as a fully stocked alchemist was not to be underestimated. Additionally, he was a combat expert, familiar with the attack strategies of other combat experts.

Ye Chong offered no mercy. He put force into his hands, and the unconscious man stopped breathing immediately.

"109 … 109 …" The person outside did not enter right after, but whispered the code name of the now dead man. However, no matter how they called, the tent remained silent.

The men in black exchanged looks, knowing that 109 was probably incapacitated.

The leader made a signalling gesture, and the five of them threw out the weapons in their hands towards the tent.

Rip! The tough fabric of the tent was torn as the five weapons shot into the tent simultaneously.

Ye Chong heard the sound of rushing wind the moment they threw their weapons and was slightly surprised. As expected, these people were not easy to deal with. That they would act so carefully even in an ambush in the dark spoke volumes of their rich experience in actual combat. This was the kind of opponent that Ye Chong wanted to avoid the most. These people always knew the best strategy against any situation, and they had very low chances of making mistakes. If it was a group of similar people, his current situation would be very dangerous.

Ye Chong bent down forcefully, lying low to the ground. The five weapons flew past right above his head. One lance was only centimeters from his head. Ye Chong felt a chill down his spine. He was only human after all. If that lance had hit him, he would be dead by now.

"Careful, it’s an alchemist inside," the leader warned his subordinates. He was highly alert. The knockout agents began to escape through the five holes in the tent made with their weapons. While the agents were colorless and scentless, he was also very experienced. With just an inhale, he felt a slight dizziness and quickly stepped back, surprised by the strength of the knockout agents.

The rest of the team stepped back as well, looking at the tent warily.

As these five people were met with resistance, the same went for the rest of the ambushers. Han Yue had brought with him elites who could react fast and coordinate perfectly with each other. The situation quickly turned into a stalemate.

Han Yue was surprised and furious. As the strongest tribe on Dankwood planet, the Han Family had long since received challenges like this. However, he quickly calmed down. They were not too far from Emerald city now. If they could hold on for a bit longer, reinforcements would arrive soon.

The opponent attacked aggressively, seemingly with a clear objective.

Could it be …

Han Yue’s heart skipped a beat as he turned to look towards the Old Mistress. As expected, they were receiving the bulk of the enemy’s forces. The ten bodyguards of the Old Mistress were skilled, holding off the enemy for now. However, he could see that they were slowly losing ground.

As it was, he was too deep in his own fight to lend assistance. The ambushers had chosen an effective attack strategy. His own forces were now scattered about, unable to converge.

Han Yue was anxious, but there was nothing he could do.

Just then, a loud and clear voice boomed, "Which member of the Han Family is here?"

Han Yue was surprised, but also delighted. He used his sword to force his enemy back and shouted back, "Brother Luo, please come help!"

A loud whistle was heard over the battle, and a human figure made its way towards Han Yue in an incredible speed. It was hard to recognize a person in the dark, so the figured appeared to move like a ghost. He was attacked along the way, but this person that Han Yue called Brother Luo was highly skilled. He was not hurt, but instead injured three others.

"Haha, I didn’t expect to see you here, Brother Han," the man said with a smile. He killed two people before finishing his sentence. Han Yue felt the pressure on him ease up, and his sword moved faster, seeking the throats of his enemies.

"Brother Luo, please take care of that old woman," Han Yue pleaded.

The man understood their urgent situation and did not delay in agreeing, "Alright." He quickly made his way to the Old Mistress. This greatly reduced enemy forces around the Old Mistress . He attacked with determination, killing with his every move.

Han Yue understood that if he could gather his forces together now, they would be able to win.

Ye Chong heard the loud whistle clearly, but he did not have time to investigate. Perhaps it was his luck, but three of the five ambushers outside his tent were ranked in the top ten of this group of enemies. They had expected to finish dealing with him quickly, but had encountered a strong alchemist instead.

They decided then to kill this alchemist. In this chaotic battle in the dark, having a strong alchemist on the other side would have terrible consequences. Besides, that untraceable knockout agent just now had made them wary.

Alchemists were usually physically weak, and would delay the speed of the entire assault team. Since an ambush depended on speed to work, they did not bring any alchemist with them. This was another reason for them to end this alchemist’s life quickly.

How did alchemists attack?

These five ambushers were able to fully appreciate the alchemist’s creativity that night!

A few glowing blue flashes shot out of the tent, fast like an arrow towards the five ambushers.

One of them was prepared to block it with his weapon, but the leader yelled, "Don’t!" That member was surprised, but he was also a seasoned fighter. He forced his body to bend awkwardly, narrowly avoiding the blue light.

Splat! That blue light hit a corpse behind him.

He could now make out the blue light to be a blue colored flame. What happened next sent a chill down their spines. The thumbnail-sized blue flame was like a blue flower unfurling its petals in the night, spreading across the corpse.

The skin, the flesh, and even the bones turned to ash under the blue fire. They were horrified to see it happen so quickly that their faces were drained of blood.

It looked like he was destined to never be a long range attacker! Ye Chong sighed to himself. If it was the Sang Tribe members, their unique throwing moves would finish those five ambushers easily. Ye Chong had improvised on the blue flames, adding a few flammable ingredients to make it burn stronger. He was the first to use the Bluefire chemical like this. It required very strong fingers to execute. No other alchemist would have the strength to do it.

Ye Chong’s alchemy performance was not over yet.

As the redsand dehydrator, the infamous of the Smoke school, made its appearance, the five ambushers paled even further.

They dared not to step closer to the tent anymore, but even more than that, they could not leave the alchemist alive.

Unlike other alchemists, Ye Chong could control his strength with high precision. Besides, his familiarity with combat allowed him to have more flexibility in his choice of attack.

He was now trying out some combat moves to use his alchemy substances.

Blue, pink, brown, white …

Ye Chong’s tent was a colorful exhibition of smokes. The smoke grew thicker and surrounded the entire tent. The smoke was so thick that it did not move despite the wind.

The five ambushers dared not step into the smoke. Who knew if it was poisonous! The alchemy substances that they had encountered so far had left a deep impression in them. However, they could not leave. In the end, they could only watch the thick smoke from afar.

What they fail to see was a violent transformation taking place in the centre of the thick smoke.

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