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A clear, green liquid lay quietly inside an alchemy flask like a mellow lady. This was Ye Chong’s latest product. He had used a few precious ingredients to produce it, but he was quite happy with the final product. This was his first time producing this chemical. He had thought about it back in the Black Forest, but his tools and equipment were too simple for that. He had just used Bibia’s equipment. Bibia’s equipment were the most advanced available, at least on Dankwood planet.

The gentle bluish green liquid looked enticing, especially to the people who had just fought for such a long time. They were all thinking about how sweet and tasty it must taste.

Only Bibia out of all of them was staring dead straight at Ye Chong’s flask with a deadly pale expression. His eyes betrayed the horror he was feeling. Han Yue quickly noticed Bibia’s situation.

"What is it?" Han Yue asked quietly.

Bibia did not seem to hear him, as he continued to stare at the thumb-sized alchemy flask in Ye Chong’s hand. His pupils were dilated from shock, as though they were losing focus. Han Yue could even feel Bibia’s whole body trembling.

Could it be … Han Yue stopped his gaze at Ye Chong’s tiny alchemy flask.

"If I may ask, is that the Green Tempest?" Bibia’s voice was shaking as he spoke. He was not aware of it, but the people around him could hear his teeth chattering. They looked at Bibia oddly, not knowing why he was shaking.

And just like that, when Bibia finished his question, all the other alchemists paled, their faces drained of all traces of blood as they stared in horror at the adorable tiny bottle in Ye Chong’s hand. They took a few steps back away from Ye Chong, as though he was the god of calamity.

The rest of the group looked baffled at the alchemists. They did not know why the alchemists behaved so out of control, since alchemists were usually of a gentler temperament, and rarely showed such extreme behavior.

In that instant, everyone looked to Ye Chong.

"Yes, this is the Green Tempest." Ye Chong looked at all the people around him. He did not know why they reacted so violently. The alchemists had stepped back almost in unison, their eyes filled with fear, as though he was not human, but a monster.

Han Yue could not help but asked, "What is the Green Tempest?" No one bothered to answer him.

Ye Chong was slightly familiar with the world of alchemy, but he knew very little of its history. He did not know of the horrible reputation of the Green Tempest, or he would not have chosen this as his weapon.

There was once a time, long ago, when alchemists were the symbol of evil to the common people. This was largely due to the Green Tempest. There were no records of the name of the person who invented Green Tempest, but every piece of literature described him as a man with no morals! In just three years, he had killed more than two hundred thousand people. These people had all died from the Green Tempest.

The most terrifying incident was one where an entire town had died in their sleep. In just one night, the flourishing town turned into a graveyard. Alchemists were not so well received back then, and this incident aggravated the situation. This particular alchemist was a wanted man on the entire planet, and many other alchemists joined in on the hunt. The alchemist was finally killed, but not after taking down 70 percent of his pursuers.

That was the first time the true power of alchemists was appreciated by the public. However, it was also a huge damaging blow to the world of alchemy.

The incident had happened on Dankwood planet. It was a long time ago, but all of the alchemy schools on Dankwood would have it in their records. Green Tempest was also a symbol of the peak of an alchemist’s abilities. It was no wonder that they all paled upon hearing the name of this chemical.

With the legendary substance right before them, all the alchemists were shaken to the core.

Ye Chong could not help but frowned. "Is there a problem?" He knew nothing of its history, and so could not understand the stares he was receiving.

"No problem, no problem at all!" The alchemists all shook their heads vigorously. What the hell, the inventor of Green Tempest was known as a man with a volatile temper. Who knew what this man’s temper was like? Anyone would be afraid of such a powerful alchemist!

After all, offending a senior would have dire consequences! Just read the history books!

With that, everyone realized what was wrong. They might not know what the Green Tempest was, but it was obvious that they should not offend this man at all costs.

Ye Chong would probably ignore them all if he knew what they were thinking. To him, Green Tempest was a powerful substance, but not the most damaging alchemy product he could think of. Besides, the substance can only be used under very specific circumstances. The sky must be cloudless, the wind gentle. Its intended victims must not have any kind of protective armor. If it was in the Five Galaxies, he would never have a chance to use it. The substance could not act through the most common kind of spacesuits, much less mechs. If it was Beauty’s Secretion, then he would meet no resistance. Even Liquid of Shang was scary enough that Ye Chong was unsure if it could be overcome at all.

Here in the free space zone, however, Green Tempest was a force to reckon with.

Ye Chong was ready to unleash its power now. Behind him, everyone watched him closely, curious to see how he would use this tiny bottle of Green Tempest. They were all soaked wet, since Ye Chong said it was the only way to stay safe from the substance. All the alchemists decided then and there to pass on this knowledge to their own teachers.

Ye Chong opened the bottle with his left hand. A faint green smoke wafted out of the flask. His other hand inserted a yellow citrine stone into the flask, and quickly closed it again.

The quiet Green Tempest underwent a violent transformation. It vaporized almost instantly, filling the alchemy flask with a green coloured gas.

Ye Chong used his left hand to determine the wind direction, and nodded in satisfaction. He lifted the alchemy flask high up with his right hand, and opened it.

Pop! A soft sound was heard, followed by a thick green cloud swirling higher and higher into the air. The green cloud held its form and floated slowly forward, carried by the gentle breeze.

Soon, the cloud was far away from the group. Under the blue sky, the thick, green cloud looked out of place. All the alchemists watched it closely, unwilling to miss a single detail. Not everyone could see the legendary Green Tempest in action.

Just then, the green cloud transformed again. It began to diffuse quickly into the air. Soon, it was all over the fangwolves around them, and the green color was no longer as intense. No one would have expected the huge green cloud to come from such a tiny alchemy flask.

Suddenly, a green colored raindrop came down from the sky.

It was like a signal for transformation. The quiet green cloud suddenly turned violent and grew turbulent. Green raindrops began to fall from the sky.

The green raindrops came down like a light drizzle, covering a thin green veil over the place. It was such a beautiful sight. The maidservant in white beside the Old Mistress watched in enchantment.

The sharp and pitiful cries from the fangwolves tore down the illusion of beauty, and shocked the spectators.

The fangwolves looked terrible. Blood gushed out of their eyes like streams, as though it would continue on until the last drop of blood was expelled. The animals struggled to stand, but they were slowly losing their life force. Finally, they fell to the ground lifelessly, their eyes still bleeding like a river. Their blood drenched the grassy plain and seeped into the earth.

The fangwolves fell down one by one, unable to hide from the deadly green rain. Their painful cries never stopped, not until five minutes later, when none of them were still alive.

The air was thick with the scent of blood, and it was nauseating. There were no wounds on the fangwolves, except for their bleeding eyes and mouth. However, their robust bodies were now shrinking from the loss of blood.

The green rain lasted for only five minutes, but none of the fangwolves within its range survived.

Blerggh! Someone vomited, breaking the silence. The rest followed. The warriors who had fought against these fangwolves bravely could not stand watching the horrible sight. Even the usually composed Han Yue looked pale. The Old Mistress looked alright, but her maidservant was already vomiting like crazy.

Everyone looked at Ye Chong with indescribable horror. No one dared to stand within 10 meters of him. Even Han Yue avoided him.

However, it was the alchemists who were truly shaken. They all looked lost.

The fangwolves dispersed quickly. They were not stupid. On the contrary, they could even be smarter than humans sometimes. The green rain had dealt a devastating blow to them. The entire herd of wolves were left with only about 20 thousand of them. It was still a large herd, but no longer as impressive as before.

Hen Yue and his group left the place as quick as the fangwolves. No one wanted to stay a second longer, looking at the ground covered with animal bodies. It would drive them mad.

The entire group left silently, the tension around them thick enough to cut through with a knife.

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