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Chapter 359: Battle IV
Ye Chong lifted his head and looked afar, his expression changed drastically. The three swords were coming, in A-formation. They zapped towards him so quick and so forcefully that the hushes by friction in air had engulfed the screams of people around.

In the air, the faces of the three guardsmen were dead red , apparently they had consumed every last ounce of their strength on that powerful attack.

Ye Chong could not make it if he were to dodge, but somehow he was calm, as he gripped the pole of his lance and stared upon the incoming swords, ignoring the other attacks surrounding him.

Emotionless, expressionless, toneless and passionless.
No emotion would disrupt his schemata.

His eyes were then wide open, his waist sank, tilting his lance.


Wavelengths were slammed through the air as they began reaching the surrounding. The villagers nearest to Ye Chong suffered the most brutal death, as their eardrums felt hammered inside their blanked head, with blood dripping from some of their noses.

The people afar only felt they were overwhelmed by an unseeable force, as their uproar went settled by the waves.

Ye Chong's sharp eyes discerned the three swords slowing down because of his sound wave. It's working!

Almost simultaneously, Ye Chong's body seemed to have mutated... It was a rather creepy sight, as his muscular cells seemed to be wriggling like countless snakes all over his body from waist to the abdomen to the chest and to his shoulder, lastly his arms. It felt like a seasonal migration of his muscles, as his arms began pumping and grew into lumps and lumps of bulkiness.

It sounded complicated but it all only happened in a few seconds.

Ye Chong had never felt such strength in his arms before! But he was losing his balance as his feet felt light.

The lance felt like nothing in his grip as he aimed and impaled, accurately struck the three longswords.

Klink. The three longswords cried as collusion occurred.

Ye Chong could feel a pressure on his lance. Crack! The lance blew up due to the overwhelming strength, as countless specks it had transformed into. The muscular cells accumulated on Ye Chong's arms seemed to have receive a reorganize-order, as they retreated back to their former positions.

Spat! Splash of blood escaped from Ye Chong's mouth. His legs felt lighter than ever as he fell to his back.

The guardsmen were not having an easier time either as not only the final attack consumed every bit of them, but also the fact that they were sending the swords in the air and took every pitch of Ye Chong's roar. The forces their swords exerted might have warded them, but that would only be a damage reduction at most and it became the last straw to their vitality. They were hurt, both inside and outside.

Ye Chong had been wounded, potentially at a worse state than the guardsmen. The muscular cells did not retreat on his will, but they were actually forced back as their formation shattered by the collision of two attacks. Ye Chong would have lost his arms if it was not for the fine build of his body. He could still breathe but that did not mean he could last longer in the field, as he started to feel his breath getting out of pace, lungs apparently received a considerable amount of damage as well.

When was the last time he had this? The foreign sense of danger was sending shudders to his body, out of fear yet also out of a kind of excitement.

His body felt scorched by the pain. Ye Chong tried relaxing his body.
Breath in... out...

The attack had disintegrated so they were falling to the ground. Ye Chong got to relax his body as in a few seconds he would have been that sandbag crashing the arena.

He suddenly made a twist on his waist, repositioned himself and tipped the ground with his legs, as he launched himself into the houses dexterously.

The guardsmen were shocked by the sudden disappearance of Ye Chong.

"Such horrible monstrosity!" said the leading elderly, as seemingly he was worried. The Wang family had offended an inhumanity, that had got to be the worst case scenario to the village. The steps of Ye Chong were unpredictable, the attacks of Ye Chong were precise, the lance skills were ever-changing, and he knew a sound wave attack while being colder than any merciless beast.
"Right, we had failed the entire family, literally." The second guardsman was angry, very much eager to slice Ye Chong into million pieces.
The third guardsman was silent as he set his eyes upon the tall Victor Tower.

Pant pant...
Hah.... Hah...

Ye Chong ran. Ye Chong dashed. Ye Chong sprinted, over one slope and another, launching himself over one ground to another. Like a wounded beast, he forced his way out, fearing to even spend a split second more at one place. He was running in a primitive village area without any technology, there was no communicator, there was no mech, yet he feared that very trained efficiency of the mighty Wang family force. He was still fighting as one on hundred thousands, his outcome of doing that was clearer than the water he stamped on, it was obvious, blatantly obvious, no deduction and no rebuttal needed.

Most of his wounds had been cured. To be honest, he was not expecting to be given a potion from that person. He did not see the need of the person providing the assistance in the first place. And of all potion, he got the one with greatest effect.

A potion of the village felt redundant, obsolete in the galaxies out there, as the medical technology had expanded to whole different horizon. With an advanced pre-programmed medical machine, nobody would want to use a bottle of suspicious looking fluid, yet that bottle would come falling like an angel to everyone's salvation in the village. It was what everyone dreamed for, since hell knows when you would be skewed by countless specks of wood, where the potion would be a savior.

Salvation it was indeed. The potion made out of Brown Mistletoe Nut was healing Ye Chong at an astonishing rate.

He would remember that favor for the rest of his life.

He had reached his maximum, as he ran on. At least he was starting to see the woods growing denser, that should hinder the chasing Wangs a little.

The frail twigs whipped his body as he ran intensely fast, yet the slight pain was ineffective against his shooting adrenaline. Through the forest, he traveled like an agile jaguar. The shades of the woods should have provided him the perfect camouflage, yet the Wangs seemed to be not losing him anytime soon...

There were 12 guardsmen hunting him down. And the Wang family had only trained 15 best guardsmen in the house. His fate was clear if he were to stop while being chased by 12 superbly trained fighters.

Ye Chong sometimes would grab the vines and swing himself further to preserve his draining stamina.

And he landed, with a stomp that caused the branches to deform, and he jumped once more to the ground ahead.

10 meters ahead there was a broad branch.
That would be a good launcher! And he accelerated.

A few projectiles flashed by.

That was the fifth time he got attacked... He withdrew his dagger and blocked them away.

Klink! Klink! Klink! Klink!
His wrists felt numb as he struck them back. The force was very strong to overcome.

Ye Chong started distancing himself from the raiders again. Apparently this was the fifth wave of assassins awaiting him in the dark. They were extremely skillful in blending themselves in the woods, while the way they treated their prey was brutal. They were highly alert as they would hide themselves again once they had missed. To pursue they would do things slow and steadily.

The first wave gave the biggest shock. If it was not Ye Chong's quick reaction he would have died just there. The following raids were stronger and more sudden than before but Ye Chong had already anticipated them himself, so he faced them not as clumsy as before.

His dagger was his savior. Thanks to the Do-Kun stone enhancement, it was sharp enough to break the incoming weapon at one slice. The assassins noticed the successful counterattack as they fled the scene, back into the woods.

Ye Chong could do nothing else than running.

At first he thought those were from the Wang family, but it just felt different the more he fought. The Wangs would never fight such way. They were not the kind who would finish their foe without a fair fight. If they would, Ye Chong would not be alive by then.

Although in reality the assassins were feeling more helpless than Ye Chong, they believed their attack - whether on timing, the coverage, the way they did it - was flawless and perfectly demonstrated their skills, yet this ugly-looking boy had blocked everything successfully. How depressing.

Most importantly, they were attacking from the dark, which supposedly had given themselves a headstart, yet Ye Chong lived like an annoying cockroach.

That dagger! Dammit! Someone break that dagger! Curses!
The assassins were probably thinking so...

Ye Chong did not decelerate, as being chased by the Wangs and the assassins from nowhere. He just hoped his speed could last him long enough to lose these people, as he sprinted in straight line.

The woods had gotten denser, as the path got engulfed by the darkened leaves The air felt humid while exuding a faint rotten smell.

The light was starting to be engulfed by the trees.

The place got quieter, that sometimes he could hear the insect cries.

And it became dead silent, where breeze could hardly be felt.

Too quiet. Ye Chong was not feeling good on this. But he lacked the experience necessary to judge the forest just yet.

He slowed down at first, as hesitated. Then he made up his mind and kept running.

At far end behind , the bush started rustling out of sudden, with 3 men popped out. Their faces were painted in green stripes, hardly recognizable, while their outfits were strange - stripes of green and yellow, a blend to the forest's color scheme.

"He had entered the woods." The leading one commented, as seeing the shrinking silhouette. His tone sounded relieved somehow.

The other two was also gasping in relief.
"Phew! Finally, we don't have to face that horror."
The third person nodded, "Right? He was such horror, scarier than the specter, faster than the specter too. The leader of Team T almost died in his brutality. And he has that ridiculous dagger, at least we don't have to face him. So does this mean mission accomplished?"

The leading one halted, "...Yes... I guess? No one had ever come out of the deeper woods alive. So we don't have to worry on this. We just have to report as what we saw. Let the authority figure this out themselves, though what a waste of a good dagger." The tone was filled with a great desire towards Ye Chong's overpowered dagger.

A voice rang behind them, "The Wangs have arrived! Retreat." And the shadows vanished into the forest.

Within half a minute, a large group of Wangs appeared right next to the bush, with Furry the fair white creature popping its cherry nose to the ground.

It rose its tiny body, as began roaring madly to the deeper woods, refusing to take a step further, as if something was convincing it to stop moving.

"He had entered the deeper woods, apparently. It looks like our job is done. We should be working on the other outsiders instead." The speaker sounded very much relaxed, this was their most desirable scenario.

Everyone recognized the forces of Ye Chong, that they felt nothing could stop him, other than the greater Mother Nature that is. The deeper woods...
"Hah..." It sounded as if they had broken free form their greatest fear.

The group was wordless.

"Shall we go?" One wave and the group left the fearsome depth of the woods.

The deeper woods, silent as it acted, quiet as it was supposed to be, only had the whispers of the insects ringing in the silence.

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