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Chapter 358: Battle III
Once the folks got into the spaceship, they carried on running. No time to waste. They were well-aware of the situation - if Ye Chong got into anything, they would be that part of it too. Even though most of them came only under Ye Chong's threat, they worked hard, striving to help out their fallen ally, including the little boy who was biting his lips stonily.

"Everyone. Get ready in your positions," commanded the little boy. "Sister Bing, the main processor." And she ran to the processor with her maximum speed, as the stack of afterimages traced her sprint. She then placed little boy in front of the main processor.

The little boy then quickly booted the system, while the remaining folks got to their steerings.
"All air ventilation system: normal."
"Engine system: operational."
"Detection system: operational."

He received the few notifications on the screen, as his fingers clumsily fiddled the program.

"Spaceship Pre-departure Program: Activated."
"Calculating energy remained. Performing optimized calculation. System is ready to take off."

The last task before taking off had been completed promptly. Everyone was concentrated in holding their steerings, as taking off could get as complicated as one could imagine a plane would do. It required coordination across the ship. The tasks had been completed flawlessly thus far. So it would be fine to take off.

That was not a good word to hear.
"Warning. Remaining Energy Level is less than 8%. Remaining Energy: Insufficient. Remaining Energy: Insufficient. Request unable to be completed," said the angelic-voiced system.

Rui Bing's face was drained.


Pant Pant...
Ye Chong was catching his breath. The air filled with Night Enchantment was slightly sweet, yet it scorched his throat every time he breathed. Sweat rolled over his bloody body. He was breathing heavily. His expression was still, yet there was blood at corner of his lips, along with scratches over his body. People were amazed by his vitality - that was the only they could do anyway as they were blocked off by the mist of Night Enchantment.

"I have an idea!" Right when they felt helpless of the situation, a genius gave an idea, "Throw your weapons at him!"
Oh no.

Ye Chong recognized the voice of that mastermind! The voice was the assassin's. He quickly reacted with a tumble on the ground right after the statement was shouted.

He got to run, he got to run fast.

But his stamina was below the safe level and he was surrounded by a swarm of attackers. He suspected if he could last even a minute if they launched their attacks again...

The villagers started lobbing their weapons at Ye Chong. Sharp clinks could be heard all over the place as the weapons showered upon the ground.

Ye Chong pressed the ground with both his hands and knees, rolled and bounced off like a pinball.

Weapons penetrated the sandy ground.

Ye Chong was glad he acted fast or he would have been turned into a dead porcupine.

Ye Chong made another tumble to reposition himself and discerned that one blank spot, he tossed his weapon that flew through the very gap.

Ye Chong's arms were pumping dramatically in rhythm, then an indiscernible wave flew along. The handle of the lance suddenly shuddered!

The crowd enveloping the flying lance felt a force slammed upon them, as they fell onto the ground.

"What the hell!" Curses were heard again.
And Ye Chong had made an opening for himself. He then flew into the angry crowd, grabbed the lance and zapped away to the other side of the street - the direction opposite

to where the guards were.

Ye Chong knew the right moves in a crowd fight. The more complicated the environment, the better he could act. His brain and body allowed him for the best survival. He picked the most crowded area and moved unpredictably to make sure that he would not be stuck again.

The blue lines appeared in his eyes again, they danced as his eyes moved.

His potential was rose again as the situation pressured.

His eyes were soulless. He looked at the targets expressionlessly. The blue lines were forming the best angle to attack for him. He had already lost his humanity, it was all for survival or nothing. The complicating geometrical visual of strategy, the crude yet impeccable attack, the overly logical calculation, these had made Ye Chong a killing machine as the wildness and inhumanity engulfed him. Logical yet illogical.

"Are you sure you aren't making a move?" asked the mistress in a shaky voice, as her strained eyes looked upon the dying villagers. Her heart was aching, she had never experienced a massacre like this. She thought Ye Chong would still be a human, that he would fall at some point but he had just lost control.

The elderly was indifferent, "Keep your sanity there and not spend your time here with me. You do not have much time. You should be heading down and try regaining control of the situation, not negotiating with me."

The mistress bit her lips, as her eyes were then filled with disappointment. Few seconds lapsed in silence and she stormed out of the building.

The elderly then stared at Ye Chong. His eyes were somehow burning with an indescribable passion.

Ye Chong was fast, while he was agile. He would only need that little space to perform a surprise burst attack. His speed made him more unforeseeable, uncontrollable. With a lance Ye Chong was typically a bull in a Wang shop, that people would probably shatter upon contact.

He was strong and merciless. His moves were painful and homicidal. The crowd was no longer as maniac and bloodthirsty as before, their body tightened as they started holding back.

How many men had he killed? Ye Chong had already lost count. He only felt the growing weight in his arms along with his hastening breath. His body was getting worse and he was not seeing a spaceship coming to him anytime soon. It felt so hopeless that he might have lost hope at some point if he had not experienced the dead-or-alive before.

Ye Chong did not give up. He would not give up till the very last moment, so he would raise the chance of his survivability to the maximum! The ship was not coming, but it did not mean the ship would never come, probably Rui Bing and the folks had encountered some problem...

That would be the worst case scenario, undesirable yet the most possible. Rui Bing would still come for him anyhow... a mech could have been good enough.

Then, should there be an accident!?

Ye Chong started calculating the remaining time he could stand up.

No time, he would have to get out of here!
In 0.1 second, a decision had been made.

His lance impaled throat of one villager, whose eyeballs popped in pain with hushes of his dying struggle as he waved his weak limbs.

His throat exploded.
Ye Chong disappeared.
The blood splattered upon the frightened expression of the people.

Ye Chong sped up to the maximum and overcame the crowd. He ran, towards the street of houses, leaving the few tens corpses on the ground behind.

Another runaway, another dead-or-alive. He was that greenhorn who did not know how to run away at first, and now he had become the adept of runaway.

It seemed like he would be running away forever. The talented could never go unnoticed huh?

Once he got to this street, he could escape the fate of being sieged from time to time. Well, at least, a siege consisted of smaller amount of people, that was more manageable. He had stayed long enough to know the geographical layout of the place.

And that was when a roar was heard behind, "Where do you think you're going?"
The piercing voice impaled his soul.

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