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An expert!?

That was the first word flashed in Ye Chong's mind. He dodged the attack and made a giant swing. The lance knocked the back aggressively.


The part of lance shattered as the specks scratched Ye Chong's body. Ye Chong could feel the ending of his lance being chomped away. He was swinging a wooden lance after all.

The technique of the foe sent chills to his back. That was quite the strongest foe he ever fought since the Battle Royale. But he did not have that grace to give compliments, the assassin was clearly striving to slow him down!

The reason why Ye Chong could travel in the crowd seamlessly was because of his speed and unpredictable steps. But if he ever got bogged down by something, like an assassin for example, he would be sieged at any moment, conflict would happen, a crowd fight would occur, he could not be confident enough to presume he would survive from another wave of that.

Ye Chong exerted forces on the ground and backed away speedily, with his lance directly impaled with his greatest strength!

The lance vibrated vigorously as it transformed into a stack of afterimages which frightened the assassin who was unable to react in time and took his dagger to block.


The wooden lance broke, as specks showered the surrounding. Wails were heard everywhere. Ye Chong also was wounded by the broken pieces, he felt the aches with few pieces stabbing in his back. The flowing blood was chilling his back. And he began charging forward.

The assassin was... pretty much done for. Ye Chong's attack came in like a wrecking ball that whammed right not his face. Blood was spilled and he was sent flying, crashing down a few people.

Ye Chong was able to take grasp of that assassin's appearance for one second. It was a young man, of age about Wang Zishi's, with a plain appearance.

"Get him!" He instructed and let off a few painful coughs.

The villagers then realized what that line meant. That line also inevitably put Ye Chong into danger. The villagers had been attacking brutally, though their flow of attacks was highly disorganized, that was why Ye Chong survived. But thanks to this combat order from the assassin, the situation changed as the villagers nearby all aimed at Ye Chong, not an attack but a constant clinging.

Ye Chong was stuck.

Above the Victor Tower, the elderly looked down. He seemed confused, "Who's that young man just now? He does not seem too bad compared to Wang Zishi, while being fairly intelligent."

The village owner, the mistress pondered, "Odd. I don't think I have met this person before. Very odd, how could no one be aware of such a great fighter?"

"Hah! Mistress, my fair mistress." Chuckled the elderly, "You too have that moment of blindness being unable to see talents." The mistress was embarrassed as it would be her mistake on her job if she missed a talent like the boy down there.

"Well, sometimes I-" She was going to cook up some excuses but the elderly's enlarged eyes stopped her, "Wait."

"Why? What's wrong? Did you see something?" asked the mistress.

"He's not from the Wang family!" he stated gravely.

"No?" The mistress obviously was still out of the situation, "But he's wearing a cloud robe?" The cloud robe was the apparel exclusive to the Wang family, specially for combats.

The elderly denied her reasoning with a shake of his head, "The sword technique he used was not of Wang family." The elderly was the authority at this so his statement could not be wrong.

The mistress was astonished, as realizing the oddity - a person not from her family, wearing the robe of her family in the crowd of her village - what exactly would that person want?

The place had gone chaotic. The assassin had vanished. The mistress's worry intensified.

Rui Bing sprinted, with one hand holding the little boy, the other lifting Fei Si, striving to get back to the spaceship with the folks before anything happened. She got to slow down however, not because of the weight she had to carry, but the speed of the other folks. At least they were still a little competent in combats even though they were trained to do ranged attacks, that included the scarred man who possessed the richest experience in combats. His sense of timing was the most accurate that he utilized well the 3 pieces of Night Enchantment Ye Chong gave. The timing he tossed the pill, the spot he aimed to toss the pill, both were impeccable, that the chasing villagers were getting cautious the more they were bombarded with a massive stunning spell. Rui Bing had also demonstrated her skills that convinced the villagers to not blindly bump ahead.

They were fortunate because Ye Chong was the main target in the village so the flock after Rui Bing and the folks was small to begin with. Plus the scarred man shrunk the crowd further using the Night Enchantment to keep the crowd always at a distance with the group. Well, the villagers did expect aids to come joining them soon to pin down the target.

Unlike Rui Bing's fun runaway, Ye Chong was having an epic fight. He was in a dangerous situation. The villagers grew more intelligible n their moves after the reminder of that assassin - to not attack but to hold Ye Chong up! He started slowing down and he had lost his only weapon ever since that speck attack.

On several occasions he almost used the last 3 Night Enchantments in his possession. Those were his trump card, the last resort to his survival. He held the pills inside the muscle of his right arms. The technique of Lan of the September had given him masterly control over his muscle, that he could always launch one pill from his right arm to his palm right away on demand.

The 3 guards chased Ye Chong at a horrendous speed. Ye Chong felt puzzled. He was already troubled enough with those villagers and now 3 obviously experts came after him.

So he launched his first pill and flicked it to the crowd.

Then, as if a scene of a horror movie, the villagers, hundreds of them within the proximity of 45 meters, passed out to the ground. And Ye Chong ran through the smokescreen caused by his pill.

He panted... Ye Chong was wetted by his own blood and sweat. The moisture passed by his scratches and openings, it felt like a torture that was going to dissemble him in any second.

His lips were clipping the bufferleaf, so he was unaffected by the effects of Night Enchantment, unlike those rash villagers who charged through the smokescreen and joined the fainted crowd.

The others who just arrived by the scene held their steps, as they realized the other identity of this terrifying person - he was an alchemist, an alchemist who did not need to do a thing to stop the entire crowd. They hesitated and stood by the proximity of Night Enchantment.

They were waiting for the moment to break in, and swore that would be the last moment of Ye Chong. The weather was fine however, so the duration of Night Enchantment could be very much maximized.

Ye Chong was feeling drained, hoping that Rui Bing and the folks would come and pick him up in the spaceship right away. A spaceship could have shown these primitives a taste of the avant-garde. It was such a shame that he forgot to bring the dimensional keystone of Han Jia or the twist would have been fun.

Everything just happened so quickly that he did not have the time to get things right.

The fatigue was real. It was shocking for him to be still able standing there.

The guards were getting more aggressive the longer they waited by the smokescreen, as curses were heard along with the sound of weapons brandishing. Ye Chong prayed his break could last till the spaceship came back. His tired eyes fell upon one of the collapsed villagers. He picked a lance, just to calm his nerves.

He lifted his head again, to see the empty sky.

Time felt extremely slow for him at the moment.

"They are not from here!" The leading villager's face tightened the moment he saw the sinking spaceship to the sea. An outsider? Outsiders were the biggest taboo in the entire natural space zone, including Dankwood planet!

Well? Good. The villagers seemed very much relieved by the conclusion. They no longer had that slight guilty on their faces. That would be the perfect reason for their committed murders to the authority of the village.

Outsiders would deserve none of their mercy.

"Few of you, head back and report to the mistress," said the one leading. "The rest of you, stay here and guard the sot with me."

The leading villager's expression seemed complicated as he saw the few villagers running away.

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