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Chapter 346: Child Abductor
"This is Dankwood planet," Old Jalopy introduced the brown-gray planet on the holographic screen, being the only one who had ever been there. After days of continuous flight, everyone was in a state of high tension. Now that there were no more inexplicable things around them, they finally heaved a sigh of relief.
"It’s best if we land at nighttime. The aborigines there are very sensitive to starships and the like. Once they identified us as outsiders with a starship and mechs, we’ll be hunted down," Old Jalopy warned, "Don’t underestimate these aborigines. They can be very scary in some ways."
Old Jalopy looked at Ye Chong and Rui Bing and he spoke. Only the two of them had mechs here. Ye Chong nodded. It pays to listen to the expert.
Night came, and Cornerstone made its silent descent into the sea.
They boarded a landing boat and headed for the shore. This was where Old Jalopy and his crew had landed last time.
Once the landing boat returned into the sea, back to their starship, Old Jalopy turned to everyone and said, "Make sure there’s nothing conspicuous on any of you, like dimension keystones or communication devices." These words were actually all directed towards Ye Chong, since he had destroyed everything that the young boy and his bodyguards had on them.
Rui Bing was wearing her snow white training garb. To Old Jalopy, she looked like a native the most. The Guardian ring on her finger was made to look like a dull ring, a design that Gu Shaoze had favored for some reason.
Ye Chong hesitated for a moment before placing Han Jia’s dimension keystone and comms device into his bag.
"Shoes too." Old Jalopy pointed at their shoes, all of them made of strong and durable material. He explained, "The shoes on this planet looked similar to hers." He pointed at Rui Bing’s pair of white, traditional shoes that she was wearing.
Ye Chong took off his shoes without argument, and threw them into the sea. The rest of them exchanged uncertain looks before throwing their shoes into the sea as well.
It was quite an experience, having all of them barefoot. Old Jalopy carried Fei Si on his back as they made their advance single file. Old Jalopy elaborated as he walked, "I remember that there’s a village not far from here, not sure if it’s still around though. They are villages around here, big and small, but no cities. The bigger villages are not that much different from cities, though. Usually outsiders are not allowed to enter a village easily. The Hundred Tribes Village, however, is friendly to outsiders, just like our cities.
"Please also keep in mind not to say anything, let me deal with the talking. Be careful not to simply attack people. These people protect their own. If someone is treated roughly, you’ll face the anger of the masses. However, please do what you have to when necessary. There are no laws here. Killing and being killed are common. Sigh, I once thought this was a utopia, but it’s actually much more chaotic than our world. There is however, one thing that you must not do, and that is rape. Anyone who disobeys this rule will be on the kill list of every villager on the planet."
Ye Chong listened carefully, taking in every detail. In this unfamiliar territory, every bit of information was valuable. Scarface showed the same level of attention as Ye Chong, while the rest of the people only looked interested. "Looks like Scarface is the only one who’s seen real battle," Ye Chong thought to himself.
They walked for roughly five hours before reaching a small village. This village was meagre, made up of just some dozens of families. The houses were all dilapidated. Everyone but Old Jalopy watched in surprise. They had never seen anywhere so backwards and impoverished before. Even the free accommodation provided at relief centers were much better than these houses.
"Is this a primitive society?" A bodyguard muttered.
Another bo

dyguard with disbelieving eyes said, "Seems to be."
Old Jalopy explained, "They have very low material productivity here. They place great importance on pushing the limits of the human body, and are extremely averse to technology. But don’t look down on them. Growing up in this society, these people are determined fellas. Besides, they are all good in combat, so don’t try to get into a fight with them.
"Hold it there!" A male voice yelled angrily.
Two people in clown masks came out of the village, running, each of them carrying a child in their arms. In just moments, they were already far away from the village. Behind them, a few men were in pursuit, yelling angrily. These men all looked physically robust.
They’re strong! Ye Chong and Rui Bing exchanged a look, seeing the surprise in the other person’s eyes. The two people in clown masks and the men in pursuit of them were all very strong.
The two masked men were slower because of their burden, and were soon caught up from behind.
The two masked men looked to each other. One of them threw the child in his hand to the other person and turned back, running towards the pursuers.
The masked man was excellent in combat, keeping all five pursuers occupied without losing ground.
"Child abductors!" Old Jalopy gasped in surprise turned to Ye Chong. "Quick, stop them!"
"You’re sure?" Ye Chong tilted his head at Old Jalopy. The two masked men were strong. It was not a good idea to fight against strong opponents like them when they had only arrived here.
Old Jalopy replied urgently, "Yes, of course I’m sure! This is important, you …"
Before he could finish, Ye Chong was already running towards the masked men, together with Rui Bing. Ye Chong was in a black combat suit, approaching the escaping child abductor with small, irregular steps like a ghoul. Rui Bing was in her white training garb, advancing gracefully like a swan in flight.
The two of them used completely different styles, but they both reached the child abductor at the same time.
"Who might you be, do you know the consequences of interfering? …" Before he could finish, Ye Chong made his move. He darted forward like an arrow towards the child abductor.
The abductor was shocked and was about to fight back when he found that he could not move at all!
Rui Bi was at the side, her eyes vividly bright! The Rui Family’s mental attacks were unconventional, and Ye Chong’s information on the mentalists’ skills had helped her greatly. She had improved again without knowing it.
The blue lines crisscrossed in Ye Chong’s vision clearly. Ye Chong gripped his hand into a fist and threw a seemingly light punch on the child abductor’s throat.
Crack! A clear sound of breaking bones. The child abductor watched as Ye Chong stepped back with two children in his arms. The blue lines in Ye Chong’s vision were stimulated when he last fought with Rui Bing, with desirable results. Now, they would only appear when Ye Chong was in a highly focused state.
This made Ye Chong overjoyed. If the blue lines continued as they were before, Ye Chong was afraid that he would ultimately turn into a mad killer.
The child abductor was not weak. In a one-on-one, he would be able to defend himself at least for awhile. However, he never imagined himself facing two Jie experts at the same time.
Ye Chong never understood the concept of one-on-one battles. He always went for the fastest way to end the battle. On the other hand, Rui Bing did not like fighting with someone else in combat, but what the child abductor did was horrible. To her, these two masked men should die for their actions, and so she acted as she did.
How could the masked man win against two Jie experts working together? He died almost instantly.
The appearance of Ye Chong and Rui Bing was encouraging for the five pursuers, while the other child abductor began to panic.
When he saw how Ye Chong and Rui Bing easily killed the child abductor, he was distracted momentarily and nearly received a punch from one of the pursuers. What an unlucky day. They had chosen to strike at dawn, when most people were still asleep and less vigilant. However, they still awoken some villagers in the end. Now, these two capable fighters suddenly showed up.
"Why are so many strong people who like to interfere in other people’s business?" He thought to himself in amazement. However, there was no time to ponder further. If he did not leave soon, escape will be impossible.
With that, the child abductor disentangled himself from the five pursuers. He was about to leave when he saw the man and woman coming towards him.
He ran away in fright.
Ye Chong would never allow him to escape. Since he had decided to do this, he must be thorough. This was Ye Chong’s principle. He passed the two children to Rui Bing. Ye Chong immediately picked up speed without them.
The child abductor thought he had fled in time, but then he heard a swooping sound from behind. He looked back, only to see the man in black following him closely like a ghoul. He was closing in quickly. The child abductor was scared as hell, and ran as fast as he could.
"The forest is right in front," the child abductor thought to himself. Once he entered the forest, he would be safe. Just then, he felt a sharp pain on his back, and nearly blacked out. He could hear the sound of his bones breaking. He gritted his teeth, biting into his tongue until it bled to remain conscious.
With this determination and strength, he ran even faster and entered the faster.
Ye Chong followed the child abductor into the forest, but quickly lost sight of his target. He was surprised by this, and searched around to no avail. There was nothing he could do about it but return to his group. At least that punch he delivered would be painful enough.

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