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Chapter 335: Fate
They kept silent. Only their heavy breathing could be heard clearly in the cupboard.
Rui Bing felt like her whole body was burning up. If she looked in the mirror now, she would see her skin all red and burning hot.
Ye Chong smelled a distant but familiar and sweet scent once again.
It was like setting his belly on fire. Ye Chong could not help but lower his head and did the exact same thing he did that day - he homed in on Rui Bing’s exposed neck and gave a gentle lick!
"It’s the same vague but familiar sensation …" Ye Chong thought to himself, his memories of that past incident now rushing back to him.
Rui Bing’s whole body tensed up like she was struck by lightning. Her hands held tightly onto Ye Chong’s hands.
Half a minute later …
"Your hands are very soft," Ye Chong commented objectively.
Rui Bing quickly let go of his hands, her heart racing like mad.
Just then, Ye Chong heard two people coming towards them. He immediately shifted his attention and focused on eavesdropping.
Old Xu and the middle-aged man entered the archive room.
Old Xu sighed, "So it really happened. I knew that the Gray Valley people will not just stand by and watch. They’re too reckless."
The middle-aged man’s expression turned grim as he said, "Yeah, these people, they’re too ambitious. Now that something went wrong, they all vanished just like that."
"You better leave too," Old Xu said this with a helpless sigh and waved his hand, "Everything they took is fake. The core information is still here. You can find them, the serial numbers are ZX7868076, SD7865468 and RM087655. These three chips hold the core information. I always knew that there’s a mole in the organization."
The middle-aged man shook his head and said, "I’m not running away too. Much of this is our fault, dying here would be fitting."
"You’re still young," Old Xu sighed again, "You still have a long future ahead of you."
"What future?" The middle-aged man laughed ghastly, "I still don’t know who spread the virus. What an evil b*stard! I’ll never be able to live in peace, so why not just end this now. Sigh, if not because of this, those people inside would not have noticed us so soon."
Old Xu took a glance at the holographic screen and said plainly, "They’re here."
"Well, I have no complaints dying in their hands," the middle-aged man said calmly, "They must have killed all our experiment subjects."
His expression turned into one of pride. "Humph, if I have another half a year, these experiment subjects will definitely be on their level. It’s a pity … Sigh, perhaps this is fate," the middle-aged man said this with waning interest, "Back then, they chased me out of Gray Valley. I thought that one day, perhaps I could … Sigh, in the end, I’ll still die in their hands."
"The ones coming must be Sentry and Graycrawler. Sigh, just two of them is enough to bring us to our current situation. The ones in the know must have been wary of us, to send them two here. Humph, we would not have been forced into our current situation so easily, if not for that mole." Old Xu took another glance at the holographic screen, still furious with the mole.
When Old Xu mentioned the names of the two mechs, the middle-aged man jerked slightly.
Rui Bing did not hear them at all, her attention still focused on Ye Chong. Seeing Ye Chong focusing on something else made her calmer, for some reason. She could feel Ye Chong’s heartbeat, and wished that this moment would last forever.
Ye Chong finally understood something from their conversation. These two people must be deeply connected with Gray Valley. Ye Chong suddenly recalled the two Gray Valley people he met on the starship before, and thought again of the two mechs he encountered earlier. Just how were these people connected to each other?
Two mechs entered the archive room. They were the two mechs

that Ye Chong and Rui Bing fought against earlier.
Old Xu and the middle-age man faced the two mechs with calm faces.
The middle-aged man looked to the black and white mech and mocked, "So? Is the great Bei Guang and his Sentry, Gray Valley’s top fighter, unwilling to meet an old friend?"
A short silence followed.
Suddenly, the black and white mech’s pilot cabin opened up, and a man slipped out of it. The other mech pointed its weapon at the two men, warning them against any tricks.
If Ye Chong were seeing this, he would be surprised to find that the mech pilot of the black and white mech was actually the middle-aged man of the two from Gray Valley that he saw on the starship.
"Moyan, I never thought we’d meet under such circumstances," Bei Guang said after much hesitation. Ye Chong recognized his voice from the mech pilot of the black and white mech who spoke to him earlier.
Ning Moyan’s expression was unreadable. He was silent for a full half a minute before mocking himself, "Yes, fate is truly unpredictable. The once penniless dull man is now the top fighter of Gray Valley. Me, on the other hand, once a genius, was kicked out of Gray Valley. Haha, now, I’m even brought down to this miserable situation. Fate is cruel."
"Moyan, I know that you’re not responsible for what happened back then," Bei Guang said this sincerely to Ning Moyan, "I only have one question for you."
"And that is?" Ning Moyan lifted his eyebrow sarcastically.
"Was it you who spreaded the virus?" Bei Guang asked in a low voice.
A great anger rose within Ning Moyan. He wanted to return a few sarcastic words, but he saw Bei Guang’s expression. Old memories came back to him. The image of two little boys playing together touched the softer part of his heart, and that great anger vanished without a trace.
He could not help but spoke the truth, "Guang, it was not me! I swear it."
Bei Guang looked meaningfully at Ning Moyna, and Ning Moyan did not avert his gaze. After a while, Bei Guang nodded and said, "Moyan, don’t worry, I will find the person responsible for spreading the virus."
Ning Moyan knew that his once friend always kept his word. He nodded, and did not say more.
Bei Guang turned to the other man and said with a hint of respect, "Old Xu, I don’t understand at all why you would be involved in this!"
"You’ll find out later," Old Xu said calmly, "I’ll just warn you a bit, those people in the know, hehe …" Abruptly, Old Xu stopped there, and it was a long moment before he sighed again, "I won’t tell. For you, the lesser you know the better."
"Guang, don’t investigate further into this matter. It’s more complicated than it seems," Ning Moyan advised, but he could tell from the light in Bei Guang’s eyes that his words did nothing to convince him. He knew this man inside out, being his very close friend. Once his eyes lit up like that, there was no stopping him.
Old Xu sighed softly and looked at Bei Guang. He said calmly, "Do what you have to. I’m not going back to Gray Valley to meet those people. It’s simpler to just die here."
Ning Moyan showed the same calmness as he spoke, "Yeah, if you’re really trying to help me, then do it. There’s only suffering back there, and you know it. Hehe, and they might just not get what they wished for."
Bei Guang knew that if he brought them back, they would probably be greeted with endless torture. His expression dimmed as his eyes betrayed his pain and sadness. He looked to Ning Moyan meaningfully, and Ning Moyan looked back at him with acceptance.
It was as though they were back to their youthful days of fun.
Bei Guang gritted his teeth and turned around. He waved his hand in a sharp jerk.
Two red beams shot through the dead center of Ning Moyan’s and Old Xu’s foreheads.
As he turned back around, Bei Guang was already in tears. He walked to Ning Moyan’s corpse quietly and kneeled down. Bang bang bang! He kowtowed three times, leaving his forehead bloody.
His face was still covered in tears as Guang Bei stared silently at Ning Moyan’s body on the ground. Ning Moyan’s face looked calm, without any trace of pain.
After a full three minutes, Guang Bei finally stood up and slipped into his mech.
"Squad Captain, this place …" Through the comms, his comrade asked carefully. Anyone could see that Guang Bei was now greatly devastated.
He knew of the friendship between Bei Guang and Ning Moyan. They had grown up together. Guang Bei was honest and a bit rigid, while Ning Moyan was hailed as a genius. They shared a close friendship, akin to brothers. Guang Bei’s rigidity had made him a bullying target, but Ning Moyan had always defended him.
Guang Bei’s current achievement was closely related to Ning Moyan. Guang Bei had always trusted Ning Moyan since they were young. His training schedule was completely designed by Ning Moyan. When he first met the squad captain and before they began receiving official training, he remembered seeing the squad captain still training according to Ning Moyan’s suggestions.
Later on, for some unknown reason, Ning Moyan was exiled from Gray Valley. Guang Bei might be rigid, bu he was also extremely hardworking and reliable, so he continued to rise through the ranks. When he was finally given Sentry, he became one of the top mech pilots in Gray Valley.
"Destroy this place. All the useful things here have already been moved out," Guang Bei said solemnly. He was still deep in pain.
After rapidly setting up the ultra-strong explosives, the two mechs quickly left the archive room.
Just after they left, Ye Chong rushed out of the cupboard. He remembered the three serial numbers that Old Xu mentioned clearly.
He ignored Rui Bing and quickly searched for those three chips among the other chips in the room.
When Ye Chong went out of the cupboard, Rui Bing felt a momentary loss, but quickly gathered herself.
He had a blue, yellow and red chip. After double checking their serial numbers, Ye Chong felt overjoyed and quickly deployed his mech. "Let’s go," he said as he slipped into his mech. Rui Bing also deployed Guardian and resumed her position on Han Jia’s shoulder.
Down in the underground sewer, Han Jia carried Rui Bing and accelerated to its maximum speed.
Ye Chong and Rui Bing both knew that time was of the essence! They had to reach safety before the bombs exploded.

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