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Chapter 328: Frightening Deduction
Who are these people? The Director was very perplexed, yet he did not have the courage to ask, since he was rather fortunate for both of the mysterious figures to stay silent after the happening.

Everyone of Ze Xi academy, including students and teachers, was baffled by the scene where Ye Chong, with a white lady by his side, led an entire pilot team of 900 and returned. There were crazy amount of deductions on his actual identity, "He has got to be from the aristocrat!", "No! He must be some leader of a secret organization!" were the entertaining classics back then.

Both Fatty and Mi De were no longer there, while Bi Bo finally turned on his camera after being disconnected from the entire galaxy, which was exploding with agitated worries as the customer service of Green Planet channel seemed to be overwhelmed by the incoming calls begging for more. The leader of Green Planet Media Corp. also almost had a heart attack. It was an intensive exercise as the staff got to catch their breath at last.

Ye Chong was relieved only after seeing Old Jalopy taking down the entire bottle of Batong liquid. Meanwhile, Fei Si was very much occupied being the doctor among the infected students, "We have to do something or their health would only worsen," muttered her as weaved in and out of the crowd. Rui Bing had no idea how alchemy worked so she would stand by Ye Chong's side instead. And apparently, what Ye Chong knew of the alchemy studies was literally different compared to what Fei Si was doing.

After much reunion, both Ye Chong and Rui Bing remained silent, where one of them was just standing there, the other was... just looking at the crowd.

People would be very much confused if they saw this pair of typical Beauty and the Beast elsewhere, but they were in Ze Xi academy, where people would not consider Ye Chong being the beast appearance-wise, for he had demonstrated the strength of a beast, skill of a legend. The imagery of he holding his lance as he stood in the midst of death had long replaced that plain appearance of his.

He was not the beast, he was the hero. A hero in a relationship with a beauty, that was more than typical. Nothing strange, it was reasonable.

The audience exclaimed upon the close-up at Rui Bing. She was not that absolute beauty, nor she could be the definition of beauty itself, there were beauties out there who looked more amazing than Rui Bing, like Feng Su or maybe Qiu Man. However, the audience exclaimed because her less-competent appearance had been enhanced by her charm - the sense of coldness while retaining a hint of chivalry - which was already bewitching enough.

This very lady was in her white grab, while her gaze wafted around the unappealing man.

It was a man's dream to have such a beauty staring at him dreamily.
It was a woman's dream to be pure as her white garb to be able to stare at man with a chivalrous spirit like hers.

The imagery had conquered the generation, as it became a fantasy, an ambition of the younger folks.

"And I'm here..." Muttered Fei Si, wiping the sweats over her hair. The job was a tough one, as she had to go through every single patient at the ward to see the level of impact of Batong solution on the patients with different dosage.

She gasped and walked to the couple on the show, "Get over here," said Fei Si expressionless, "I have something to talk to you." And she stormed to the school's building.

Ye Chong raised his brow, and quickly followed. Being somehow connected by soul, Rui Bing also lifted her steps the moment the man did.

Bi Bo knew something was happening but he knew he was a journalist, not a paparazzi.

Inside the empty classroom, the three of them stood silently.

Fei Si gave a glance at Rui Bing and turned back to Ye Chong, "I have not finished my w

ords back there," said she indifferently.

Rui Bing and Ye Chong looked at each other. They then awaited what Fei Si was going to say.

The gesture of rapport pinched the heart of Fei Si, "If I was right... the design of this particular heterozygote is actually..." Fei Si halted, she took a breath as if mustering her last bit of strength, "It is actually meant for humans..."

The statement had blown both of them away.

If the zygote was meant for human from the beginning, then ...

That would be horrible... any other lifeforms be the rodents or the insects, they would absorb the incompatible zygote and mutate- So that was why! That was why the raid occurred... "If the code would cause such boost on the creatures, while being meant for humans... then!!"
"Then those who created the codes in the first place, they wanted to create reinforcement, an army of inhumanity!" Whispered Rui Bing, her eyes were wide.

"Are you sure?" Asked Ye Chong grimly, his eyes glaring at Fei Si.
She took a deep breath and were very much affirmed to her answer, "Yes, I am."
"But then..." Ye Chong figured out something, "If the heterozygote genetic code in the virus is meant for humans, why aren't the infected trainees mutating yet?"
"Apparently, the virus seemed to be a failure since it appeared to have a very poor compatibility with the human body. From what I have observed thus far, the virus would cause more likely a negative effect on the body. If there was no aid given, the virus would eventually lead to death of the host because of heart dysfunction, capillaries rupture as well as oversized muscular system."
"Is there a way?" asked Ye Chong.
"Assuming..." Hesitated Fei Si, "If you could find their own subject, maybe I could try."
"What do you mean by 'their own subject'?"
"Subjects of their experiment on this virus in the first place." And Ye Chong immediately understood the meaning of it.
"Old Xu!" Rui Bing suddenly broke into the conversation, "Something seemed fishy on him. His eyes were odd when you mentioned about the H-virus."

Preposterous. Thought Fei Si as she gave a frown. Old Xu was one with such amazing hand on the control panel, she respected him. Furthermore, judging someone merely by their eyes was just ridiculous.

Ye Chong, however, was on Rui Bing's side, as his expression tensed up, knowing that Rui Bing could never be just seeing things.

His schemata ran, ran wild and bright, as within seconds he had predicted the forces behind all these. It could never be a work done by one or two people. Ugh... goosebumps seized him. He seriously hoped he could just grab Rui Bing, Old Jalopy with Fei Si and leave this cursed planet at once! This is a terrible, dark place! Realized he.

Beep. Ye Chong's communicator rang.
The screen was projecting a warning from the patrolling airforce.

"They are coming."

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