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Xiye was completely flabbergasted. The Shi Family! It’s the Shi Family! None of the mech pilots around him dared to move. They were also shocked by the turn of events. With the exception of the Three Aristocratic Families, the Shi Family had the greatest military strength, and was the strongest of all the aristocratic families. Everyone knew not to meddle with the Shi Family.

This soft and fragile looking young lady was actually the Shi Family’s Second Young Miss! Mi De and Fatty gaped at her. Of all the young masters and young misses of the Shi Family, only Shi Xin appeared in public more often; the rest of them were lesser known.

Just then, a large fleet of mechs appeared in the sky. They covered the skies like a huge, dark cloud, numbering no less than a thousand. Everyone looked up at the mechs. In their current situation, a thousand mechs or more was a formidable combat force.

Xiye began to feel hopeful. Was this the reinforcement that his father had sent for him?

This final hope was dashed into pieces.

"Mi Moxin, Consulate General of the Mi Family on Zhou Jian planet, here on orders to protect Young Master De!"

"Tuo Ge of the Bibiqi Family greets the Young Master. Please forgive our delayed arrival!"

Xiye felt his vision darkened as he slumped to the floor.

Xiye’s full name was Hanmen Xiye. The Hanmen Family was also an aristocratic family, but his father had told him more than once to stay away from the Shi Family. Who would have thought that he would be unlucky enough to meet the Shi Family’s Second Young Miss, who had never shown herself in public? Xiye paled, knowing that he was doomed.

Mi De and Fatty looked at Xiye and smiled gloatingly. There were many unwritten rules in the world of aristocrats; open humiliation was one of the greatest taboos. Be it intentional or not, such as act was unforgivable. They did not have to lift a single finger. The Shi Family will not let Xiye get away with it.

Xi Ye was doomed! His father was but one of the elders in the Hanmen Family. Given the situation, even the Hanmen Family Patriarch’s eldest son would be handed over to the Shi Family. If they did not, it was highly unlikely that the other aristocratic families would side with the Hanmen Family in their inevitable war against the Shi Family.

Xiye and his 500 underlings were all subdued. The Shi Family mech pilots eyed their captives with hostility. They bowed to Shi Fuyin in shame, and herded Xiye and his 500 men to the side without showing any emotion. Xiye and his men would suffer physical punishments for their mistake.

Bi Bo watched everything from the side. He noticed that the mysterious young man had shown not even a glimpse of nervousness through it all. Did he not feel afraid at all?

Shi Chongming quickly calmed down. He reported everything to the Lord of the Shi Family, Shi Tiancheng. Shi Tiancheng was furious, and began to plan the Family’s reaction to the incident. All of their forces around Zhou Jian planet were diverted towards that planet to protect Shi Fuyin. On the other hand, they took up the matter with the Hanmen Family.

It was right then that the unspoken agreement amongst all the forces from the Three Aristocratic Families to reach Zhou Jian planet together was broken by the Xue Lai Clan, which sped up their flight towards Zhou Jian planet. No one knew why they accelerated their travel, but the fleet from the Ye Family and Xi Feng Tribe followed suit, keeping up from behind.

"This is?" Shi Chongming looked at Ye Chong, and asked courteously.

Rui Bing said, "He’s my husband." She said this easily and calmly. However, the sharp Shi Fuyin saw clearly that Rui Bing was beginning to blush from her neck again.

Ye Chong took a glance at Rui Bing. She seemed to be at ease with the man. He then looked to Shi Chongming and nodded, introducing himself, "I am Chen Mu, pleased to meet you." He was not dumb enough to contradict Rui Bing.

Chen Mu was the name. Mi De, Fatty and Bi Bo searched their memories for a certain strong character called Chen Mu, but came up empty.

Rui Bing stood silently beside Ye Chong, saying nothing, but her eyes betrayed her happiness. Beside them, Fei Si felt an inexplicable sadness in her that she felt like going outside for a breath of fresh air.

"Rui Bing’s husband," Shi Chongming thought to himself, surprised. Rui Bing was beautiful, and not weak like the average member of the fairer sex. She was decisive in her words and actions, and was highly skilled in combat. He had never seen such a mysterious woman before in his life.

Unlike her, this ugly man before him did not seem to have any redeeming qualities. He did not match Rui Bing at all. He looked horrible, and his body seemed weak. Aside from his calm eyes, nothing about him seemed particularly outstanding.

However, since he was Rui Bing’s husband, Shi Chongming dared not be disrespectful. After all, Rui Bing had saved the lives of the Second Young Miss and his own. This was a debt that he could never repay.

The ultra-micro analyzer was located at the lowest floor of Engradie Academy’s alchemy building. This building had over 800 levels, and stretched over a large area, proof of Engradie Academy’s financial prowess.

The Director of Teaching Affairs introduced with a careful tone, "This here is the ultra-micro analyzer. This is the person in charge of the machine, Old Xu. Any usage of the machine must be done under his supervision and guidance." The Director was awakened from his blackout through no gentle means.

Old Xu looked quite energetic. He was a friendly person, and welcomed them all into the lab. His skin was well kept, looking fair and smooth despite his old age. He had stubby fingers that made it hard to imagine him utilizing the complicated machine.

Even Ye Chong was impressed by Old Xu’s control of the machine. His stubby fingers moved easily and swiftly across the controls due to his familiarity with the machine that it was hard to keep up with what he was doing.

Only Fei Si was able to understand what he was doing with the machine. Old Xu seemed to notice Fei Xi’s professional observation of him, so he continued working even more seriously.

After a full half an hour, the results of the analysis were finally out.

Fei Si studied the results, and her expression turned grim. Everyone else including Old Xu looked to her for answers.

"This heterogenous body is probably created with the H virus as base, cultivated using specialized techniques. It’s definitely artificial," Fei Si concluded with confidence.

The term "artificial" made everyone squirm. This meant that everything that had happened was the result of some mastermind. This was no natural disaster. There was a human perpetrator behind this.

Old Xu looked at Fei Si, his fair-skinned finger rubbing against the bridge of his nose.

"This virus is easily transmitted between animals, humans can also be infected, mainly through contact with blood. It uses Variant 890 of the H virus. The virus is highly compatible with other viruses, and can be easily combined with other viruses of choice. My teacher had discovered mutated variants before, but we were not ready to apply this knowledge for applications yet. I never imagined that someone else has begun to use these mutated variants." Fei Si’s words brought a heavy atmosphere to the lab.

Old Xu’s finger paused for a moment as his eyes flashed with excitement. His reaction was noticed by Rui Bing.

"How do we cure the infected people?" Ye Chong asked the one question he was most interested in.

Fei Si looked to Ye Chong meaningfully and turned away. "I still don’t know how to completely cure them yet, but we can use Batong liquid to synthesize a suppressor for the symptoms. It should be quite effective."

Old Xu’s finger trembled slightly on his nose.

"Do we have Batong liquid hre?" The Director asked Old Xu. Old Xu nodded and said, "Yes, a lot of them."

"Then let’s get to it, some of the students are not looking good!" The Director urged hurriedly. Engradie Academy might be better of than Ze Xi Academy, but there were still many casualties. The conditions of the injured students were worsening.

Fei Si’s research into the H virus was extraordinary. After drinking the Batong liquid, the infected students all felt their symptoms relieved. The Director immediately offered a position for Fei Si at Engradie Academy, promising wonderful benefits, but was turned down by her.

It was only a temporary measure, but now that they found a way to ease the symptoms, Ye Chong and company must quickly return to Ze Xi Academy.

Rui Bing followed Ye Chong from behind like it was the normal thing to do. Knowing that she would now part ways with RuiBing, Shi Fuyin smiled gently at Rui Bing and said, "Be careful, Sister Bing. Uncle Ming, assign 300 people to Sister Bing for her protection. Tell them that they must obey Sister Bing’s orders at all times." The spoke the last sentence with steely determination. The fragile young lady seemed to gain a tough quality in her.

Shi Chongming nodded to headed outside to carry out his orders.

"Mo Xin, assign 300 people to this man here. They must all obey his words," Mi De gave the order to his subordinates.

Fatty gave the same orders, "Tuo Ge, assign 300 people to this man for his protection. Whoever dares to disobey will be disavowed by the family."

Mi Moxin and Tuo Ge looked at their young masters, full of questions themselves. They exchanged a quick look between before leaving the room to execute their orders.

The Director of Teaching Affairs was shocked. Just who was this young man, that Mi De and Fatty would each send 300 people for him, just when manpower was a precious resource? His wife was not a simple woman as well, for the Shi Family to send 300 people for her protection.

Heavens, with this, the two of them had 900 people who would fight for them!

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