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Whatever that was happening, that had happened, that was going to happen on Planet Zhou Jian struck in the eyes of everybody in He Yue galaxy. And as the mass had demanded the specific broadcast, all entertainment channels - be them talkshows, musical channel or adult program - had their schedules cancelled. The streaming of Zhou Jian had occupied every single channel online, with countless hologramic cameras capturing every single tragic moment at every single corner of this commercialized, advanced planet.

The whole galaxy seemed to have joined the historical moment, as they spectated the greatest catastrophe of He Yue galaxy in the past 500 years.

All forces available in the galaxy had been gathered, as soon as announcement was made at each faction. The leading aristocrats also sent out their best rescue team, where the Xi Feng clan had a team of 10,000 registered pilots heading to Zhou Jian straightaway under the leadership of Huang Jiming, the ace pilot; while the Ye family, having also a team of 10,000, was marching their way with Ye Yin at the head; Xue Lai clan had offered 8,000 of their best forces, as they held hands with an unconventional leader choice, an unknown lady whose name was Xue Nuolan, causing the crowd to wonder at her actual identity since the public had been expecting Brahmara the great to lead such significant operation.

This should be the most major military operation ever in He Yue, with all the 3 main aristocrats running simultaneously.

The fountain was there, yet fire was afar. They had tried to travel at their quickest, still Zhou Jian would take a 30-day galactic travel, what would remain at this poor planet after 30 days? Would the greatest army be welcomed with ruins and dead bodies?

The misfortune of Zhou Jian did not end here! The planets nearby were too weak to provide any proper assistance. Only a handful of major pilot squads attempted gathering as much forces as possible. Technically, Zhou Jian had been quarantined at the moment with a severe order coming from all rulers from the surrounding planets of forbidding entry of any escaped of the Zhou Jian episode. Certainly, people were displeased by such inhuman decision as noises swarmed upon the government the moment it was announced.

Speculations had been given by the experts, revolving around the instance of viral mutation. Given that the experts had taken the right direction of their prediction, the virus would soon cause another apocalypse the moment the population of Zhou Jian leaked their way to other places of galaxy.

There was a need for quarantine, emphasized the government, as a solution to block the escape path for the Zhou Jian residents, even if it would extinguish their lives, it was the cruel regulation of humanity.

The virologists of all known establishments including hospitals and academies had been summoned promptly to gather up at the safehouse guarded by the aristocrats, to perform research to find out that very hope to salvage humanity.

The world was cruel, so cruel that it would shatter every last bit of faith, sympathy and kindness of humanity. But that did not mean humanity should forsake their tenacity in pursuit of hope.

On the screen, countless men, women, children were engulfed by the mutated lifeforms. The public was tearing up, as they once again recognized the fragility of humanity, while the camera in high-definition, as if a punishment, delivered every frame of bloodshed to everyone out there. The flying limbs, the fleeting blood, the piercing scream, the pound of flesh, they rolled, they fell, like a play of reality taken place in front of the public.

A hellish nightmare, a nightmarish day.


Ug.. Ugh...

Bi Bo woke up drowsily, his tiresome eyes found a girl nearby, while his ears discerned the fiasco out there. "Finally!" The girl was pleased, "You have waken up!"

"Where... are we?" Muttered Bi Bo, as he took a careful look at the girl, who had a short hair, a fine curvy brows with a pair of frightened eyes, in the uniform of Ze Xi academy - she should be a student... Bi Bo was an experienced journalist, so he could tell.

"This..." The eyes of the girl darkened, "This is the school's building... and you were knocked out by a piece of rock, those dirty mice had appeared so I dragged you all the way here."

"Thank you very much!" Sincerely Bi Bo replied, he could imagine what a hassle it would be for a feeble girl like her to drag him away from the occurring danger, and she never thought of running away, still thinking of saving people while she could. Such kind heart. Thought Bi Bo, who had seen enough dark side of humanity.

"It's... nothing..." Blushed the girl, "Really..."

Bi Bo gave a brief smile, "So how's everything out there?" His bag was still by his side, which he quickly took a look inside - phew, the camera was inside.

"Not looking good..." Frowned the girl, "A lot of injuries."

Bi Bo took out the camera and performed a transmission to the HQ, at least he brought a super advanced hologramic camera that could transmit visual and communication directly to the HQ.

At the HQ of Green Planet Media Corp., in the midst of depression, one shout from a staff broke the silent spell, "Sir! We had caught Bo's signal! He's still alive!"

"Great! He sure is tough!"

"Oh my gosh... thank god..."

The office had regained its liveliness in the older days.

A good news finally, after the whole day of distressing reports...

"So what are you doing!" Urged the director in a shaky voice, "Get it on already!" His mind was interpreting this as a golden opportunity to get more profit, as all other channels had been playing the visuals from the street cameras, now if Green Planet had an exclusive report from a local journalist itself...

Bi Bo's handsome, well-proportioned face was then projected on the giant screen, his eyes remained expressive with his edgy brows, although looking all worn out and weak.

"Bo, you fine there?"

"Bo, take care!!"

Those words from his colleagues were more than comforting.

"Ahem..." Began the director, "Bo, are you hurt there?" When the director cleared his throat, it would mean everybody else should keep their mouth shut.

"No, of course not." Bi Bo did not really like this director to be honest.

"Well, good..." The director continued, "Forget our former plan, now you only need to capture everything happening there. You could add in your own content, all to your liking, I would not interfere with your decision, on one condition : your camera, must be on the *whole* time. Simple isn't it? How do you think?" The former plan between them was to have an interview of an important function at Ze Xi academy, which was also the whole point of Bi Bo traveling there.

The director then paused a moment, pondered, "Bo, if you did your job well, and could come back alive, I would hand over my place."

Bi Bo was quiet for a sec, his hologramic lips then lifted, "I understood. I would do my best." Wow this director sure knows how to make empty promises, "come back alive"? I seriously wonder if I even could see the departing port at this point. I'll do it anyway... I am a journalist, an ethical journalist who loves his job after all. I would abide by the truth and tell everybody what exactly had happened here. Even if the director never made his promises, I would still do the same.

"Wait what?" The girl was shocked, "You're a journalist?"

"Yeah." Smiled Bi Bo as he turned his head to her. "I got to go." He got up quickly, "Take care." Holding his camera, Bi Bo walked to the outside, the camera was as tiny as a man's palm, but it was mighty.

"Ah..." The girl got up too, biting her lips as she saw Bi Bo leaving the building. Out of bewilderment, she followed.

It was a horrendous scene when Bi Bo headed to the outside. All practitioners were holding all sorts of weaponry as they fought desperately against those mutated insects, as they crawled in aggression with their wriggly, disgusting appearance. "Kiassssk!" Their cries were echoing in the ears of the men, as the stench of blood followed.

There was one particular figure which caught Bi Bo's attention. He was standing at the center, the top position, with an ancient lance in his hand dancing wild, protesting against the brutal raid of the insects. Obviously, he got hold of the situation, which explained why the frontline had not been intruded successfully.

Bi Bo was amazed, as he mustered the last few words he could mention on a formal journalistic stream.

"Welcome to Green Planet channel, we appreciate your attention as no matter who you are, what your occupation is, where you are and what you strive for in life, I believe... that you should be watching this very planet now on the broadcast. And we, Green Planet channel, shall bring you the latest information on the incident from another perspective."

The scene was then switched back to the studio, "Our Journalist Bi Bo was on a plan of interviewing one academy on Zhou Jian planet, while fortunately being the survivor of the first wave attack. Now, he is trying his best to present us what exactly is going on in Zhou Jian. And by here, we, the Green Planet Media Corp., show our highest respect towards his profession."

The visual followed, with an intensive war apparently, of humanity against the primal nature. The lance-wielding man had become the center of attention.

The war was hideous.

"Based on the information we have gotten from Bi Bo, he and another survivor are currently located at one building in Ze Xi academy, "The situation was bad," they say, as they have yet to find any rescue team around. These warriors on the field were the students and teachers of the academy itself. Let us applaud the bravery they had gathered, for they would not simply let their head down to violence...," said the hostess with her sweet voice, grimly.

The audience rating of Green Planet channel skyrocketed as it was the only channel with an on-the-spot report. The director then received countless sharing request from the other channels, which he, without hesitation, accepted promptly.

The audience stared at the screen, showing immense concern on the fate of Zhou Jian.

A lance-wielding boy? Of course we know who that was. Apparently, Ye Chong, your skill had caught the attention of the public once again.

A flashy move by a potent impaler, with a cold expressionless face, sweeping the wave away, Ye Chong had ascended as the idol of every youngster out there immediately. When the world needed a hero, a nameless one had appeared with his impeccable skills.

"Wow, dude, look at this."

"I never knew a lance could be this great."

"I am going to be his apprentice."

"So where do I sign up?"

The replies flooded the forum board.

"As far as we have observed, judging by the apparel of this bright young man, he should be a student of Ze Xi academy. Certainly, he had demonstrated us what a fatal attack and an absolute defense are! The situation remained under control with his contribution. Thanks to this hero, again!" Said the hostess intensely.

"Well, well." Began one of the invited guests, "Ze Xi academy has some great students there, hasn't it? Such skill from merely a student, I am very amazed. He is the real deal of the martial arts, maybe he is a Jie expert, if you would excuse my crazy speculation. He's really talented for his age, I don't think it's a sin to call him a genius." He was a martial arts practitioner as well.

"Yes I must agree. Ancient lance has been a long-forgotten weaponry for years. Not many practitioners knew the correct way to wield it, probably he's the only expert remains in our galaxy. From his techniques we could see what kind of potential an ancient lance possesses, it's all about the swing, the sweep and the impale," added the other guest.

"Please, everyone, do not bother with the lance alone, as this boy has some really interesting movement. You could take a look at his steps, tiny yet precise, I would say he's a very experienced practitioner, too bad we have yet gotten any information on this boy. I am very much curious of his background. Furthermore, as you could see his aiming, somehow he seemed to be fully aware of the weak points of these creatures. It's a cleaving attack from him at all those points to take them out promptly. Bravo! You could also have look at his chest, particularly his breath, it's very calm, nothing unnerving could be seen, which means his vitality is at its prime. I salute thee!" This guest was clearly more knowledgeable than the previous two.

The show went on. The glow was glaring the moment he span tip of his spear. That slender silhouette he formed with the guard of his spear had been marked in the mind of the people, causing a trend of ancient lancing once again. The visuals had been extracted and madly distributed over the galaxy, becoming an analyzed tutorial for every fanatic.

Ye Chong was focused in his fight, being unaware of the craze out there, while the lance seemed to have his soul imbued, which would reach every insect coming to him.

The carcasses of insects piled beside his swings, while his cold eyes were giving off a peculiar glow.

As legend said, once every practitioner achieved the status of a Jie expert, a new unique ability would be unlocked.

That was when Ye Chong obtained his new ability.

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