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Mi De whistled and said casually, "Ah, isn’t that Peng Pengcha? I say, bro, I don’t think we’ve offended each other, why’re you accosting me?"

Peng Pengcha yelled angrily, "Mi, you b*stard, we’re not done with that matter with Miss Tan!"

Fatty was curious, and asked, "Mi De, I’ve never heard of you dating any Miss Tan."

Mi De waved it off. "He’s only referring to Beibei."

"Wow, you’re actually interested in that kind of woman?" Fatty was surprised.

"Don’t you dare sully her name!" Peng Peng Cha was furious, and flung the brick in his hand towards the two youngsters.

"Hehe, bro, you really looking for a fight?" "Yo, it’s the Brick, a long range weapon of mass destruction!" The two of them laughed, but they also avoided the attack easily. Fights in the academy grounds was only limited to bricks, sticks and the like; no one dared to use mechs. Fighting with bricks was an entirely different from fighting with mechs.

The usage of bricks as a fighting tool first began when a student studying ancient history found out about in the textbooks. The weapon soon became widely used in almost all academies. Bricks were a kind of building material from a long, long time ago, and no longer used. It was, however, easy to make. Since there was a demand for bricks, many specialty shops began to pop up in the vicinity of virtually every academy and school. After centuries of collecting dust in the forgotten hallways of history, bricks finally had their comeback in the form of a fighting tool used in schools.

The brick flew past the two and straight towards Ye Chong. Ye Chong heard it coming, and frowned. He took a step to the right, narrowly avoiding the attack.

Ye Chong stopped in his tracks and began to listen in.

Fatty was still reasoning with Peng Pengcha, "Sigh, I say, brother, you’ve really fallen for it this time. Tan Beibei’s a real slut, she’s notorious in our school …"

"D*mn you!" Peng Pengcha saw red, and threw another brick at them.

Fatty might be overweight, but he was surprisingly agile. The brick was once again easily evaded. However, the brick was heading straight towards Ye Chong again.

Ye Chong was listening to them, and did not avoid the brick this time. He threw his fist at the brick, shattering it into dust.

Everyone else looked in Ye Chong’s direction. They only heard a loud "Bam!", and saw a white cloud of dust spreading out before him.

Everyone was caught off guard. Even Fatty and Mi De, who were fooling around, were startled. The white cloud of dust was blocking their view of the perpetrator. Even so, the strength in the punch had surprised everyone.

Punching a brick into pieces was easy, but crushing the brick into dust was extremely hard. This white cloud of dust was obviously the result of the brick being completely pulverized.

Could this be a combat expert teacher? Peng Pengcha felt a chill in his heart. Attacking a teacher was a serious matter in every school.

Ye Chong’s expression grew more serious. Suddenly, his eyes glowed sharply. He looked up and around, and found a streetlight at the center of the field. The streetlight was made in vintage fashion, reaching five meters tall, with a 2-centimeter diameter. The pole was made of alloy, and carved with various motives.

Ye Chong moved, and reached the streetlight in a flash.

This was the time of day when the academy grounds were most crowded. When Ye Chong pulverized the brick into dust, people began to notice him. Now, his astonishing speed made everyone gasp. Peng Pengcha was already drained of blood. Mi De and Fatty were also gulping heavily.

Ye Chong’s leg kicked, striking out like a lightning bolt, not even leaving an afterimage of motion. No one around him could see his movement clearly.

Wham! The alloy-made streetlight was forcefully broken off from its base. The students around him stared in shock. Ye Chong picked up he streetlight pole, handling the heavy alloy with ease.

"No way!" Peng Pengcha thought to himself, horrified. Sweat rolled down his forehead as he mumbled, "I - I - I … I only threw … Threw a brick …"

Just when everyone thought Peng Pengcha was done for, the shrill school alarm disrupted the silence in the academy grounds!

No one reacted to it. The alarm had never rang for the last 50 years, so no one had ever heard it before. However, the sharper students quickly realized its significance. Mi De and Fatty exchanged a look and gasped simultaneously, "The alarm!"

With that, the people around them recovered their senses. What was going on? They looked to each other, discussing potential causes of the alarm. Could it be a large pirate crew attacking them?

Mi De and Fatty signalled to each other, and made the same decision - they deployed their mechs!

Later recounts of the event would reveal that their apparent over-reaction had actually saved their lives.

Ye Chong’s expression twisted. He struck the pole deeply into the ground.

The year 5087 of the He Yue calendar would come to be a particularly memorable year for everyone on Zhou Jian planet.

Ye Chong moved so powerfully that the alloy streetlight pole in his hands became a terrifying and deadly weapon.

Rumble! Soil sprayed outwards as the streetlight pole was struck deeply into the ground.

An eye-piercingly sharp and terrible cry came from beneath the earth. The upper layer of the ground rippled like waves, an eerie sight to behold.

Suddenly, the academy’s broadcast sounded, "Special alert, special alert. All students with mechs, please get into your mechs now. Students without mechs, please make your way into the buildings around you for your own safety."

The broadcast was repeated over and over. Above them, mechs began to appear, while the students without mechs rushed to the nearest building they could find for shelter. However, many of them were still in daze, paralyzed by the situation.

Ye Chong ignored the broadcast, his attention focused entirely on the unknown attacked underneath the ground.

Boom! The earth before Ye Chong exploded, soil spraying everywhere around him. The academy had used real soil instead of some kind of flooring in its attempt to create a more primeval feel to the school grounds. The soil flew out and hit the paralyzed students standing nearby, and they cried in pain. However, this also shook off their paralysis. Those with mechs quickly deployed them, while the rest quickly scattered away.

The soil exploding outwards did not bother Ye Chong. He stared fixedly on the ground right in front of him. He had targeted the other party from their breathing. The five-meter pole was struck into the ground before him, half of its length beneath the earth. Ye Chong’s hands held onto the pole lightly, and felt a strong vibration coming from it.

Sensing the energy coming from the pole, Ye Chong was slightly taken by surprise, but he quickly reacted. He yelled loudly and pulled out the streetlight pole straight out of the ground.

Squeak! Another terrible cry was heard from beneath.

The bottom half of the streetlight pole was covered in blood, and a strange smell wafting from it. Ye Chong had seen all sorts of blood, but this was the first time he saw one that had such a sharp smell.

Ye Chong held the pole horizontally in front of him, and stared at the dark hole before him with wary anticipation.

Squeak! A black shadow rushed out of the hole and charged straight towards Ye Chong. He noticed a much sharper smell coming from it. The black figure moved so quickly that the people around him could not even see it clearly.

A woman’s sharp cry was heard from behind him! The fact that a black figure had suddenly came out of the hole was really terrifying.

Others may only see a black figure, but Ye Chong saw it clearly. It was a rat. A rat! However, the rat was large, almost Ye Chong’s size. Its crimson red eyes had blood vessels crawling all over them. Its thin and long tail was like a whip, and it had strong legs. Ye Chong could see the muscles bulging out of it, enough to make bodybuilders blush in shame. The rat had claws that reached 10 centimeters long, looking like knives attached to its feet.

"It this really a rat?" Ye Chong thought to himself in disbelief.

Ye Chong’s expression remained calm, however. The thing moved fast, but was no match against someone as fast as Ye Chong. Ye Chong launched himself sideways, moving along the streetlight pole. His hands were still gently holding onto the pole, so he looked like he was just sliding along the pole, and the effect was simply quite abnormal. Besides, with his speed, he moved just like a ghost!

Another girl screamed in the background!

Ye Chong was not distracted. He tipped the pole upwards to meet the black figure.

Crack! The 2-centimeter thick alloy pole was bitten in half by the creature!

Ye Chong was surprised, but did not miss the opening. He took a quick step forwards and planted a kick on the rat’s belly!

Ye Chong used all his strength in this kick. Fighting against a creature he had never seen before, he could not afford to hold back!

The kick was executed with the September Lan family’s special technique! Ye Chong’s right leg expanded and shrank in a very short time!

Wham! The force on the rat came like a mech’s attack, throwing it 20 meters back! Ye Chong still kept his eyes on the rat. If it survived this attack, the it must be even more terrifying than the wild beasts on Archipelago.

Fortunately, the huge rat only twitched a few times before it lay motionless for good. Ye Chong finally calmed himself down. All around him were terrified people. Only half of Zei Xi Academy’s students had mechs. The rest of the students were still running to the nearest building in the academy they could find.

The rat’s huge body interrupted the frenzy of the students running for their lives.

Ye Chong was about to head towards the school building in front of him when a woman’s sharp cry came from behind him.

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