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Chapter 311: Makeover
Ye Chong sat at one corner near the window in the spaceship. The columns of nebula were gorgeous and calming to his soul. While enjoying the precious peace and quiet he finally acquired, he looked at the reflection of himself. Mu Shang would probably fail to recognize him at first scan too. His skin was yellowish, a pale banana yellow, while also filled with reddish blemishes over his plain features - rather threatening if you would ask me. The other passengers seemed to have agreed too, as they were very avoidant of Ye Chong, as if he was infected by some highly infectious horrible virus from unknown space. To be honest, Ye Chong was being stalked by the securities and was demanded to have a thorough bodycheck thrice before he even got on-board, well, since he looked too convincing to be infected.

Such drastic approach of makeover he used was from the ancient by the alchemists. And somehow Lunatic Guan was very much into it, as there were rich entries on the stages of makeovers in her writing. Ironically, Ye Chong picked the most despised method by Lunatic Guan, as she found the method to be too substandard, while spoiling her pretty face. That costed too much for a mere disguise.

That was not Ye Chong's concern however. He preferred a stat-boost rather than a decorative-boost. Furthermore, this method was proven to be highly effective, altering his appearance the most - exactly what he desired.

By combining fluids extracted from few strange plants in a prefixed proportion, a reagent would be formed, which would give a yellowish texture and poxes to your skin that would make you unsurprising even when you slept in one of the wards at the local hospital. The reagent was not harmful to the skin and was pretty lasting, waterproof too. Only a particular kind of cleaning agent could remove the coloring effect.

Ye Chong pondered long to figure out a proper disguise as he skimmed through the entries inside the chip given by Lunatic Guan, since he had hardly investigated this side of alchemy before. Quite some time was also consumed on mixing the reagent at the right proportion for his size. The other methods would require a few rare materials so it would be impractical to have all the Sangs discolored, although they seemed to be quite envious of the chameleon show their sir had performed, since it was a hassle to have a mask all the time.

Speaking of the Sangs, as the new rule enforced, they were forbidden from leaving the base as long as they failed to hide their threatening aura. Guo and the folks were also there, as to provide assistance on Sang Pu's works.

Ye Chong also brought a Blaze-III in the keystone for usual transportation.

He leaned against the chair and closed his eyes.

The Ye family, what kind of family it is I wonder... I came all the way here just wanting to know the family directly myself, although Sang Fan and his brothers showed resistance on this, I must.

What also hurried Ye Chong out of the base was his fear of how he lacked the understanding on the entire He Yue galaxy. Practically, he could not name anything he really knew about the place. The virtual networking world was not as common as the one in the 5 major galaxies and it was a stressful experience for him to overcome the paranoia of logging in, wondering if a super Maverick like Mu Shang would be there too. If so, it would be too dangerous. Jumping into action without knowing what you are jumping into, is certainly suicidal!

To make the Sangs less worried, of course he was equipped with a communicator.

Ye Chong was a figure from a thriller now, no one would dare to join his screen time. That would be perfect, he just needed some silence, though the passengers could not stop their hustling whispers. There were passionate exchanges at some spots in the cabin, which were pleasing to his tensed neurons. For on

ce, he felt blended in the environment.

But one particular discussion caught his attention.
"I heard that Kyaji was killed," a blonde young man whispered.
"Good. I was getting impatient seeing him still alive. He's a nuisance to our society." A broad faced man in his 30s was pleased by it.
"Are you sure?" One person was showing skepticism, "Were your sources reliable? Kyaji is still something you know, who would have killed him?" The participants of the conversation were being agreeable to this doubt. Kyaji had established the authority for very long with the brutality imprinted in mind of every person, especially those who frequented the trade market for they had heard various horror stories about the murder of known pilots in the hands of Kyaji.

"Meh." The blonde young man disdainfully replied, "Kyaji was nothing alright? I could simply name a handful of people who could kill him effortlessly. Say... the three main aristocrats, Brahmara*, Ye Yin, Huang Jiming, I swear the family would slice that Kyaji like me slicing my chicken, not to mention we have 3 godly figures I have mentioned. Even Shi Tianlun from the Shi family, Mi He from the Mi family could triumph over Kyaji easily on a one-on-one."

"You have a point, but of all these figures you have mentioned, who would have the time to spare on defeating Kyaji?" Rebutted one person of the crowd, which stirred up a session of agreeable nodding from the others.

This was convincing as those aristocrats had always cared about benefits, they would not even care if the murder involved strangers not belonged to their family.

"Although I heard the one who killed Kyaji was not from the aristocrat," added the blonde man, with a vibe of mystery.
"Who? Who was it then?"
"I dunno..." The young man shrugged.
"Oh... Aren't you that Hu Chui? Man, I really thought someone killed Kyaji at first."
"Hah, aren't you that notorious boy who cried wolf?"
The man's story started to lose its credibility in the crowd.
"Suit yourself. The fact is, Kyaji is already dead. The mech parts had been sent to Zhou Jian planet. The news would be coming up in 2 days. Well, we would know whether I *am* that boy who cried Kyaji soon enough." The blonde young man was not annoyed by the remarks.

Kyaji? Ye Chong flinched, wasn't that the name of the pirate guy whom Sang Tie killed?

Sadly the people thought the boy was blowing his trumpet again and had left the spot with disappointment. Ye Chong, however, was very much intrigued of the story. He got up from his seat and headed to the person, "Brother, greetings." Politely he began while habitually he maintained a 1.5 meter distance away from the young man, which turned out to be the most suitable attacking range of his fist - if anything would go wrong that is.

The young man was astonished as first but quickly he exchanged the expression with a smile, "Ohhh, hello, hello, is there anything I could help?"

"I was very much interested in your story actually," stated Ye Chong. "Regarding these few names you've mentioned, those Brahmara, Ye Yin, to be frank, I begged your briefing on this."
"You gotta be kidding man!" Exaggeratedly the young man reacted, "I can't believe there's someone who did not know these celebs! Are you from the alternate dimension or what?"
"My apology for that," said Ye Chong, without looking embarrassed, "I am from the other corner of the galaxy, please tolerate my lack of knowledge on this."
"Mhm, mhm, alright, as long as you maintain such modesty, you'll be fine! No worries!" The young man was acting like a teacher despite his age.
"I know right. That's what I thought too," said Ye Chong as he got into a posture of listening, with a smile, and a thought muttering - if this fella tried to talk more crap I am so going to drag him to a dark corner and teach him to talk concisely with an interrogating session.
"You sure are quite a learner. Alright then, let me brief you on these celebs." The pride of the young man was fulfilled, that was like the most contented 5 minutes of his life, although those blemishes on Ye Chong's face were pushing him away slightly.
"You at least knew the aristocrats, did you?" asked the young man.
"I had heard of them, were they the Ye family, the Xue Lai tribe and the Xi Feng clan?" replied Ye Chong honestly, well of course he knew them, he just had an intensive dance party with all three of them.
"Good. At least you know something. So regarding Brahmara, Ye yin and Huang Jiming... they are the topmost pilots in the entire galaxy. Brahmara you see, was the name of not the pilot, but the mech itself. It is the ace of the Xue Lai tribe, although no one had seen the pilot in person before. His identity has always been a mystery. Then we have Ye Yin and Huang Jiming being the ace of Ye family and Xi Feng clan respectively."
"The ace? That means they are really great, but how great?" Ye Chong was very curious on this aspect of the story.
"'How great' you ask? Kek, well that would be a little horrifying. They had always been fighting an outnumbered battle, with a conquering victory in the end of course. Imagine you yourself fighting a thousand elites. Yup, that great." The young man was sharing the tale proudly as if he was the witness of the legend.

From the story, Ye Chong knew the person was just cooking up the story. One against thousand? Even if the thousand were piloting a Raven, they could murder the so-called ace pilots by their weight altogether.
"Well..." Sipped the young man on his drink, "Speaking of ace pilots, they were not the only few."
"Who else I wonder?" Ye Chong's interest inflated again, he got to admit that this young man knew how to tell stories despite being a typical trumpet blower.
"Well, brother, you never knew, the world is so vast that there are lots of formidable figures in the dark."
Wow, Ye Chong was impressed for the young man was actually able to spell out such universal law.
"Like... if we talk about technology, of course Xue Lai tribe is ahead of the other aristocrats. But if you mention about physical strength, Ye family would be taking that flag. Tsk, tsk, I wonder with those vitality, how long they could last on bed." An indecent expression coming from the young man, as he began munching the air, somehow reminiscing a past of his.
"Cough." He quickly got himself back to reality, "So, these two families... have their own perks, although I must say the Xi Feng clan fought in quite a strange way. We could say these families are great forces, but does that mean that all the great forces in the entire galaxy were in these families?"

Ye Chong lifted his head and stared at the young man.

"Ugh." The blemishes made the young man nearly choked his line, he swallowed his disgust, "I would say NO to that statement." And finally coughed out his words.

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