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In the main chamber of the Ye family, an elderly was gazing at the visual. His tussled hair was as white as his beard, looking ordinary especially with those wrinkles on his forehead and those murky eyes pondering. No one would have figured that this was the current master of the whole Ye family if it was not for the chamber he was in.

A visual of Ye Chong was projected, apparently from his participation in the competition at Blue Ocean academy back then. His speed and sharp mind, those clear eyes of intelligence, all captured in this visual. It was the only visual with his clear appearance available on the virtual networking world, but somehow the Ye family found it from another galaxy. And it was also this visual that helped Instructor Hak to track Ye Chong that year.

This mysterious young man kept changing his name. Was it Mu, or was it Ye Chong? I have no idea which his actual name was, although I feel strongly that it would be Ye Chong, since the surname gave more significance to us.

"Ye Chong... are you really the descendant of our Ye family?" the elderly asked. The questions fogged his thoughts. He looked through the information, of the effect and properties of the silver liquid, as well as its negative effects... and how Ye Chong just so happened to survive. He knew it well, that only one with the purest bloodline of the Ye family could overcome the controlling effect of silver liquid naturally without any form of medication.

Ye Chong was the only one user who managed to do that amongst the Black Covers. Then very likely he would be a descendant of the family, especially when his physique also depicted the exact characteristics of Ye. The elderly had been ordering men to capture this young man, as everything would reveal itself once he got this man. Nevertheless, Ye Chong was hard to get hold of, due to his extreme caution and growing strength. The order of capturing him alive was not giving much help as well. The efficiency was depressing.

The elderly would not want to risk killing him. The underlings could be killed as many as circumstances led, but Ye Chong could not be deceased as long as he held the very possibility of being the descendant of the family. It would be a shocking news if every other core member was informed of this missing descendant, even though he could not remember any instance which involved an unnamed child.

The sole reason that the three aristocrats managed to be in a leading position, was absolutely their bloodline, which all three families possessed unique characteristics not the ordinary folks would be able to compete. Because of their extraordinary bloodline, their forebears expanded their forces slowly, forming the foundation for aristocrats today. "But there was a curse, sadly," muttered the old man. "Somehow there just is. Not only Ye family had unique bloodline, many families out there, at a galaxy far, far away were different in their own way, but they somehow disappeared at some point of history. There was a family... a tragic one I heard, the Sang tribe was it? Once in their glory centuries ago, and now nobody has ever heard of them..."

The bloodline was once the sole factor to glory, but it was now history, as technology was developed over the centuries. The 3 main aristocrats were competing against each other in aspects of intellects, skills and a balanced unity. These were not something doable by all descendants innately. If Ye family were to include all of the branches of their kinship, it would hit a figure about 3,000,000. The core family however, was hardly 2,000. It had been an ongoing issue on methods to preserve the purest bloodline for the next generation.

The trump card of all three aristocrats would no doubt be their strongest pilots, whom also happened to be their best descendants. Practically speaking, taught students and descendants would share a significant difference in terms of their physique that would determine their capability being a pilot. And obviously the direct descendants of Ye family would be way stronger than a taught outsider.

That was why the elderly found Ye Chong suspicious, because that young man was clearly having the blood of Ye family, the purest one too, but he could not find any record on any of their daughters leaving the house in the past 15 to 50 years.

The puzzlement was, only both the purest blood of Ye family could give birth to a descendant with also the purest blood. He looked through the birth record of their family as well, and yes, the Ye family was rather strict on birth control, moreover, he was the leader of the family the whole time, no way he would have missed out anybody.

Well, only one possibility remained then... there must be one of our families who left the family and had intercourse with a female out there, thus the birth of a descendant of our bloodline... ... hopefully... That would mean a breakthrough of the stiffening status of their bloodline preservation to the old man, since they had been told to mate within the family to ensure bloodline purity.

It would be a major discovery if it has been proven with this person! It is all for our Ye family. I will get this boy! Thought the old man, his murky eyes lustered. He was not worried about the Jie experts following Ye Chong, any Jie expert would be smashed with the mighty firepower of mechs. His worry, was on the other 2 aristocrats though, who seemed to have noticed Ye Chong's existence.

Meanwhile, Ye Chong, being completely unaware of becoming Ye family's main target, was getting drowned by the packed schedule of his.

Ye Chong was greatly inspired by the ancient mech model. And he had just completed the blueprint of the improved version of Collision. The tweaks he made allowed better control and efficiency while having lesser likelihood of breakdown.

Collision-II project would be on hold for the moment nevertheless, as the production must not be done by barehands. It would require a refined craft with the aids of those new apparatuses he purchased.

But no one else in the base knew how to operate these apparatuses than himself. And he got to make 5000 of them from scratch? Fortunately he had the necessary experience on operating these that he was able to code a tutorial to be launched at the Sangs. Well... if they still had no idea what they were doing, the galaxy had this very place called "school", but only after they knew how to control their ambience.

Collision-II aside, I am doing an overhaul on my Han Jia. Yes, you heard it, the modification this time is pretty much going to be a remake, since every part would require to be redone. The materials, were certainly those skeletons I obtained from Archipelago.

Every piece of skeleton is different from one another, so I have to pick carefully while altering the blueprint from time to time, it feels like piecing the puzzle together. The process is smoother this time, thanks to the stay at Sang Family village in the past, I think my sense has improved.

The blueprint is looking good! Well, maybe it *is* a very unique model. Look at the originality...

Ye Chong was excited and the excitement had pushed him to his limits, he was very engaged during the process, that he enjoyed every second of it, as he was making his own mech, which every piece came from his own hands, finally.

"Okay, one two three, smile."

"Yes, keep it natural."

The Sangs were desperately trying to inhibit their fearing ambience so no one would disturb Ye Chong.

"Madame, have you seen the Papatte lately?"

"I haven't, Mrs. Morrison, they have been inside their base all day and all night."

"Right? Madame Peach, I was shocked awake by their clinking sometimes at night. I thought I was hearing things, even my husband was complaining."

"They haven't been taking any request either. Such strange group."

The housewives exchanged their thoughts outside with their baskets of vegetables.


"I am done!" The mech was completed, but Ye Chong was too lazy to come up with a new name, so the mech remained as "Han Jia".

Looking at his new toy, Ye Chong was pumped, his eyes were lustrous!

The new Han Jia was much smaller than most mechs out there, with a height of about 7 meters. Its wings however, were very broad and mighty-looking, which gave an impression of a butterfly. Those wings were made out of gelatin of the bones of one animal on Archipelago, while being also able to glow in blinking gold magnificently. They were perfect defense against energy-based weaponry, while being highly flexible, able to cover up the entire main body of the mech, maintaining stability in air.

The frame of the wings were in the shape of fan, which were made out of the backbones of Steelbats, with the pointy end being the tip of Edgehog - an animal exclusively found in Archipelago, which had a whole body of spikes, the toughest spike was known as the "tip" being at the tip of its nose.

The wings could be withdrawn, while the skeletal frame could disengage and become 12 offensive tentacles - a radical design if you would say. The attack of the tentacles would be with peculiar flexibility while having high demand on the skills of the pilot. Similar to the winds, the tentacles could also be kept in the back of the mech.

Of course, Ye Chong would not forget his trustworthy dagger. With that installed, the joints were adorned with spikes, which certainly would be the eye-catcher if he were back in 5 major galaxies, but apparently such design was very common in He Yue, so with excitement, he incorporated it.

And there was a new cartridge launcher for new Han Jia, which was specially designed to store compression explosives, and possibly Beauty's Secretion, "Now only if I have that..." Sadly Ye Chong was unable to find something more corrosive than Liquid of Shang.

The engine of the old Han Jia, which the Teardrop was stored in, was removed. Yes, he eyed that Teardrop, the precious energy infinity.

The combination of a variety of skeletons gave bright colors while being not as eye-catching as he imagined. There was something charming about this combination. The butterfly wings were exuding elegance, the tiny body of the mech felt like a gorgeous lady, while the spikes seemed to be reminding the foes that this girl was a tough one. Somehow Han Jia had changed its gender overnight.

It was uncalled for Ye Chong to have produced such a mech. Regarding the feminine, "unmanly" design, Ye Chong did not seem to really care. He only wanted power and performance. "Though I must admit that, this mech is too beautiful that everyone would look at it. Not because of the color, it's just too beautiful," frowned Ye Chong.

Well Ye Chong forgot about this issue the moment he boarded the new Han Jia. It felt like a breeze that Ye Chong would scream in overflowing joy. The body was smaller so it was more dexterous, and much faster too. And it sailed stilly in the air.

The tentacles were the lovely addition, for they were unpredictable, especially with that inhuman speed of his hands. But it would take a few times of practice to get used to the control.

My Han Jia had been transformed into a beauty.

My beautiful new Han Jia, would be surely one of the top 10 beauties among all mechs. And right when people mistook its beauty as fragility, they would soon be convinced that it was not beauty the only thing it could offer...

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