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"Extra! Extra! The 600 figures of the 3 leading Aristocrats - MURDERED!"

"No one is alive!"

The news came like a deafening blow to the residents, which spread throughout the galaxy as fast as lightning, uncontrollably. The words came from those who came after on their hovercars, who also taped the gory scene promptly. The clip had become the most viewed visual online in the next month.

The hologramic visual recited a tale, of a heartless war and a sadistic leader, convincing every resident in He Yue galaxy, that a new force had arisen from the unknown.

The networking system was then supplied with a visual of Ye Bei against the mysterious Masked Man. Although few seconds it lasted, it had caught enough attention from people. There were comments, a sea of them regarding the expertise of the Masked Man, including one Jie expert namely Cao Wuxu being the most significant one, concisely summarized - "Light yet heavy, feeble yet strong." The statement had evidently confirmed the myth that those 20 men were Jie experts themselves.

Everyone was in panic, while pessimistic ones were making wild guesses that they would lose the peace maintained in He Yue over a few centuries and they shall never have it back.

Stories were filled at the forum board regarding the identity of 20 Jie experts, how the 600 aristocratic members followed them and deceased. And concerning the murder of 600 committed by them, the actual Jie experts demonstrated strong disagreement, "That is just nonsense!" Jie experts were known to be the greatest of their field, a one-on-five or even one-on-ten would sound doable. But one-on-fifteen? The chances were just low, and now this case had 20 against 600, which literally could be translated as a Jie expert facing around 30 people at once and 30 of these people also happened to be an elite fighter and pilots from the aristocrats. "What are the chances to even survive?"

Some argued that the aristocrats were losing standards, but that was not the case in reality. In fact, as far as everyone was informed, the aristocrats were stern on their recruitment, only those whose strength was fully recognized could join them. Theoretically, the 20 Jie experts should not even win.


"Ye Bei! I'm here! I'm... Ahh!!!" Gasped Ye Qin the moment she arrived. Looking at the bloody mess around, she knew she was too late. Her brain jammed, unable to process the scene. The remaining pilots of Ye family who came to the scene - similar to Ye Qin - they were first surprised, then they were angered. No one had once challenge the authority of Ye family over the centuries before.

Ha...hah... Ye Qin tried calming down, as she sent the team to search throughout the valley, and of course, she found nothing. She was not worried though, as she had already set up a group of watchers dedicated to the case this time. They would watch all the spaceships, all the mechs departed from Lunaris.

As long as these masked men left Lunaris, her men would know. She was confident in her family.

The next few days lapsed within twinkling of eyes, yet nothing was found. And that was when Ye Qin's confidence began crumbling. She was not convinced of how a huge group of people could virtually vanish into thin air.

People all over the galaxy had been trying to find out the truth, the hidden mystery. And only the Mi family was the closest to the truth, but they were not that foolish to share their intelligence, especially after their parents had warned them to zip their mouth regarding this. The brothers of Mi family were not scarce in Guilar, but nobody would notice them. They were not pushed to the spotlight unlike the Ye family who suffered most loss. The worry was... they wondered, if it was a fortune or misfortune to have acquainted such a strong ally...

"Regarding the happening, do keep it from the people."

A request from Guo, which they accepted promptly, they had to. Like seriously these masked men wiped out the army of aristocratic members like a moving slaughterhouse. The Mi family would be hardly a threat if the masked men wanted to exterminate them.

In this incident, there was too a case of both parties being in an awkward situation - Jin Gui tribe and Shi family. And that insanely priced fee of 50 billions and those 2 tough conditions to be fulfilled were easily the funnest chitchat topic after dinner.

The reinforcement of the 3 leading aristocrats was sending signal to the people, that something was brewing. It was a chain effect whereby all forces also performed the similar military movement too.

What about Ye Chong? Well, he had already run away safely and headed back to Yi Ju, with a bunch of resources he purchased during his journey.

Ye Chong was rather satisfied of the loot this time. The Lavagold plates he brought were sold for 80,000,000 points, while the squad was paid 10,000,000 points for escorting Mi Qi and his mates. These were not everything, the best thing was the two fees he earned, a whooping 10,000,000,000 points. You should be counting the number of zeroes now. If someone were to interview Ye Chong regarding his feeling of earning a fortune overnight, he would be shouting, "It feels so good to shop!"

Sang Pu's expression was priceless when he received a request of entry from Ye Chong, who was leading a whole transporting fleet filled with tons and tons of resources, including communicative devices, detection system necessary for the army of Collisions. Ye Chong also purchased 5000 units of Blaze-III, a close-ranged fighting model of the lower-mid tier, known for its slightly more competitive engine - a rather plain model one could say, as every other aspect was average. It could be useful for the speedy kind of pilot though. It was still a better mech compared to those advanced models he saw back in 5 major galaxies, while also having a reasonable, logical structure and design.

Other than these, Ye Chong also purchased a ship of apparatuses for mech modification, and a new spaceship literally for storing medication - that ship was for the Sangs from Archipelago since they would be needing proper medication any second being in a hideous place like Archipelago. There was also a variety of daily necessities. The Sangs felt they were dreaming when they were raided by the avalanche of purchases, even Sang Pu the laid-back leader could not help but to smile the whole day.

Guess not everyone could take on a massive wallet in one night healthily.

To avoid being suspected, all purchases were made under the name of Mi family. They were known to be merchants and obviously there would naturally be nothing wrong for merchants to make bold purchases - a better candidate than Ye Chong himself.

The joy did not last long for Ye Chong as he realized he still had a lot of problems to resolve.

He took a deep breath and began his SWOT analysis.

The first thing - control of expression. This is the main problem, if I don't find a way to resolve this, everyone would be looking at the Sangs and no one would even dare to approach them. I might have an experience or two on this, but man... how should I teach them? I did not know how but I just learned it somehow, somewhere, some time ago. "Sang Pu." Well, I'll let Sang Pu to do it, let the Sangs settle their own problem.

"Announcement, sir has a new rule - Anyone who could not inhibit their fearing expression would be disallowed to leave the base."

"What is fearing expression?"

"How do we inhibit them?"

If I know how, we would have solved it alright.

Everyone in He Yue is watching us. I can't let you guys out just yet. It would be bad if anyone found us out, that would be a direct confrontation to the aristocrats, an intergalactic war would just happen. No, I'm not doing this, not risking it.

"Sang Ling, any idea?"

"I saw this dress thingy in the catalogue attached with our medication. I think it helps."

The 5000 Sangs were figuring out a way to inhibit their fearing senses.

"Hey, Guo!" Shouted Sang Fan.

"We can't know if we still look fearing. Come and be our judge."

"You too, Hai Lian, don't just stand there and touch those new units."

The victims... well would be Guo and the "representation" of the convention. They had to judge if the Sangs could demonstrate less threatening aura.

"No, you got to stop glaring at people for no reason," stated Guo.

"Yeah, try smiling. Yes, bring up your corners. I'll do it for you, ughhh. Lend me your mouth for a sec. Relax your muscle, I'll push the corners up," said Hai Lian, who soon realized he made the greatest mistake in his life, "Nevermind, try mayb-"

"HEY Hai Lian! You're done yet? Come and judge for us now?" shouted Sang Pu.

That practically summarized what happened that day, the folks were dragged from one group of Sangs to another. Only Francis Jr. seemed rather eager in this, "I don't see why Hai Lian is ranting, Guo. If we do this, we could avoi doing those hell training." Now that made sense.

The second issue - Collisions. Yes, the Collisions I made were impulsive, but too visually impulsive... I guess no one would forget the appearance of Collisions the moment they saw them. That is why I bought the Blaze-III model, as a camouflage sometimes.

The thing is... how would someone from the jungle know how to pilot via an intelligible glowing user interface from outer space? How should I teach them. Okay, let me try.

"Sangs, gather up. Now let me brief you on using this new mech."

"First, as usual, take out your keystone and deploy the mech."

"Good, next, to move you give a few taps on the control panel, these few buttons to control direction."



"How do we turn on the control pay nail?"

"Why do we have to pay nails when we pilot the mech?"

The next hour Ye Chong dried his mouth, explaining on how to pilot a futuristic mech, but no one seemed to have understood him.

Okay, I surrender. "We would try something else, I have visuals for all of you." Ye Chong prepared copies of visuals for the Sangs. "Tutorial 1 - Launching: To launch a mech, first..." The visuals were playing on each projector.

"Sang Pu." Called Ye Chong again, "Lead them on this as well, okay?" And ignoring that bitter expression of Sang Pu, a new rule had been added, "Anyone who had yet mastered control of Blaze-III would be forbidden to leave the base," announced Sang Pu.

That should be it.

One last thing, which had been haunting Ye Chong ever since they left Lunaris, remained in his thoughts for all eternity.

"Don't YOU too, want to know who your PARENTS- ughh..." Those final words from Ye Bei.

Who are my parents exactly? Why would they dump me at Trash Planet in the past?

Ye Chong had been showing negligence towards the issue, since survival was more important than some non-sensical issue of sentiments. This mystery only flashed in his mind occasionally, as it would be too far-fetched to even begin the search, having no clue, not even the slightest hint on where to start.

And when he thought he would not be thinking of this issue for the rest of his life, it showed up fatefully on its own.

The Ye family, the aristocrat which shared the same surname as his, and those words of Ye Bei, helped him to realize that he could be more closely related to the Ye family than he thought.

Could my parents be the members of Ye family? An aristocratic member? That sounds royal, and plausible as well. A nameless child born on a one-night relationship, what was it again? Shang told me once... "One-night stand"? And due to avoidance on the infidelity and responsibility, they threw me away.

Wait... Hahaha... I'm getting too Shang. I actually remembered one plot of those lame movies Shang introduced me.

He walked slowly to the window, looking at the barren world of Yi Ju. Out of sudden, he missed Mu Shang... He missed his Papa, he missed Grandpa Qian and those days of kneading dough, he missed everything, from the simple days he used to have, which already felt like a luxury.

"I should go on..." Whispered Ye Chong, "Let's just search on." His mind was firm, his eyes were steady.

"But to search on, there's few more things I need to do."

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