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Chapter 300: The White Streak
Greda's heart flooded with spite, as few days ago he finally met a lovely lady which struck his heart hard, while being heavenly fortunately single and alone she seemed on the street. He was excited as he headed over, decided to tease her to grab her attention. No doubt, the lady, being as embarrassed and introverted she was, struggled with blushes and twists, which were the trigger to his libido. Gulp! He certainly enjoyed the catcher-and-catched game with pretty girls like her.

The downer was... spectators were gathering around him, like a real dramatic crowd of them where there were literally three circles surrounding the crime scene. The passersby knew who Greda was and of course they would not have the courage to interrupt his enjoyment. He was just surprised that his routine of flirtation was getting so much unnecessary attention.

He was in desire of withdrawing himself. Yes, he was the big guy in Guilar that no one would dare to offend thanks to his father, but anyone with a common sense would know that it was always a risky ride to tour in Guilar everyday, since you would never know what kind of hideous character hid in the crowd as you were teasing a fair lady at the roadside. Greda just feared his daily routine would become a tragedy that even his father would be unable to handle.

Greda was known as the man who was born with a silver spoon, he could have abused the rules using the name of his family but he, like all other Aristocratic members, held that caution to not breach the unwritten rule in the dark.

The situation was awkward, as it would be embarrassing to just eject himself from the place, he was bewitched by the lady too. "What the hell!" There was a loud curse coming from the crowd, with two waves of thunderous roar followed, which nearly frightened him to the ground.

Like seriously? Could human produce waves like this? Greda remained astonished even from reminiscing it. He was unaware of the happening till he was informed about the appearance of 20 Jie experts in the field. Perhaps... speculated he, the thunderous roar was from these 20 Jie experts who seemed to have caused more harm than hurt.

Well, those are some dorks. Who would want to pick a fight with Jie expert? Do they want to die? Commented Greda in disgrace regarding the victims. Sighs, and that was when the pretty girl disappeared from my sight. Life could not be perfect, couldn't it?

Greda's father knew his son well enough, that he employed a group of bodyguards for him, fearing that deafening news of his son's perish. Guilar forbade the flight of mechs, so these bodyguards all fought with fists and kicks rather than fancy gadgets.

And that was how Greda wrote a tale of him being the center of formation of a seeming gangster, as he strolled on the street. He lifted his steps proudly, knowing those truly the danger would not bother about him while the enemies he had made in the past would fear his father.

Sighs, it's life after all. I still could not forget that lady. I could not be bothered with the other ordinary girls on the street ever since. They were so ordinary while she... was otherworldly.

Wait what! Shocked Greda was, as he jerked his step in front of a hotel.

Was the God sympathizing me? His heart raced seeing that one lady. He had viewed countless women but this particular one made his heart race faster than ever. Was she the goddess? The goddess of Venus? The epitome of beauty itself?

About 20 meters in front, a slender silhouette was swinging the curve left to right, with the fine face leaning back and fro - an adorable treat to his eyes...
The hair was glossing as expressively as her eyes, telling a saddening tale he would love to know.

Such naivety! His heart felt hammered.

And that girl was walking towards him, oh, that girl of his mem

ory, of his thoughts day and night. She seemed troubled as ever! She did not notice Greda apparently!

Greda was overjoyed, he tried holding his horse as he signaled his men, who were well-aware of this young master's style. Stampede! Stampede! They marched to her and circled her.

"Oh?!" The girl returned from her mind wonderland as she was shocked seeing Greda's face.


"Yawn..." Fifth floor of the hotel, few men were squatting near the window in daze. Sang Fan, Sang Tie, Hai Lan and Guo were having a men's talk to each other. They were absolutely bored, thanks to Ye Chong who seemed to have been engulfed by the room three days ago. They dared not to head out without his permission, since they did not have a proper task to work on either.

"You know those days, I actually hunted down a few Gigadas barehanded."
"Really? Man you're good, it took me forever to kill one... Could you teach me the trick to do it?"
"Well, you're still a boy, this is something only a man knows how."
"Hahaha..." Hai Lian was missing the good old-fashioned slice of life conversation...
"What are these men doing down there?" asked Sang Tie.
"What else?" Hai Lan gave a glance and replied in dismay, "Flirting in public, duh?" Chatting with Sang Tie and Sang Fan was more consuming than he thought. Well if you were to chat with a bunch of butchers from the slaughterhouse you would feel the same too, the topic always revolved around "Battle", "Combats", "Slaughter", "Bloodshed", "How great their blows were". What? Slithering Steps? The conservation and utilization of momentum? Could anyone lend me a dictionary? I need subtitles here. Those gazes, would you stop looking at me and Guo like that? We aren't some ancient tribe who was born to kill animals to survive okay?

My He Yue galaxy, who would dare to challenge insanity like both of you? Cursed Hai Lan in his mind. Oh wait, I should lecture them something on life as well. "So... ever heard of Hitting the Home Run? No it's not about you running back to home!" You could at least say if it was a baseball term, but that's not what I meant! You guys are cavemen for quite a reason I see... "Playboys? Ever tried one?" Tsk, tsk, what happened to good old elementary culture of life? You don't even know the famous brand? "Okay, okay, how about Tomcats?" Added Guo, "It's famous you should have watch- No? You guys never watched it?" Get a life man! Hai Lian and Guo joined forces and hurled back insults at the two Sangs.

"Fine." Concluded that conversation, "So could both of you tell me, what 'flirting' is?" Sang Tie looked confused.

How in the He Yue do I explain you the terms without getting the hideous **xplanation censored? See they even censored hideous' ---explanation! No I do not intend to type the naughty word!

"Hmph." Sang Fan gave a disdainful remark, "Such tiny circle yet they actually have 3 major loopholes there, look, my brother, those incompetent fighters there."

Hai Lian somehow saw Guo nearly falling out of the window...

Certainly Greda was unaware of the 4 uninvited guests on top. He would not care too.

"Such fateful encounter! We are still fateful entities I see! The fate between you and I had been determined in our past life." A passionate pick-up line from Greda.

"Shush!" The four men on top shuddered harsh, as Sang Tie looked at Sang Fan in fear, "Don't tell me that you said the same thing when you confessed to Ling..."

The focus was on Sang Fan now and he was noticeably blushing even under that mask of his, "N...nope! Don't be ridiculous!"

Hai Lian and Guo were laughing mad after exchanging glance, "A-anyway!" Sang Fan quickly redirected their steed, "Who are those people down there? Especially that disgusting guy!"

"Greda," stated Guo, "the son of Jin Guo tribe, who seemed to have been enjoying flirtation with the authority of his father."
"Jin Gui?"

"Yes, I had heard things about the tribe," nodded Hai Lan. "They aren't as many as most tribes, but they were fortunate enough to start their family at a strategic location, which contained a rich source of Lithium Gold, they were as rich as you could ever imagine. And I heard about how men in the tribe are more passionate in relationship, that they would - with the strong sense of loyalty of theirs - fall in love with a woman once in their entire life... although I was unconvinced upon seeing Greda, he was the exception, being the typical playboy around."

"Heh!" Guo added, "Everyone of them was extremely wealthy, while being loyal in relationship, which made them the best bachelor for the unmarried women. There's even a saying, 'Don't work, don't hide, find a Jin Gui, you go sky high.' I guess the women would work their entire life hard enough to get the Jin Guis' attention."

"On the more serious note, the fighters of their tribe were very capable, known for their sturdiness and determination. I would say that's annoying," elaborated Hai Lian.

"Hmmmmmm..." Both Sang Fan and Sang Tie were very intrigued. The moment when Hai Lan mentioned about the fighters got Sang Tie all pumped up, that he would love to jump right off the building and land with a taunt to fight.

But there was a plot twist to their script, as a new character came into the scene. It was another lady, around her early twenties, with a body of a well puberty, her short hair emphasized her character, the hook of her nose expressed indigenous pride.

"Greda. This lady is mine. Would you please excuse me?" she stated.
"She Xin, I don't see the need of you in this." Greda, seemingly avoidant about this girl, replied.
"Why, why? Greda, can't even give your way to a lady?" She knew what kind of character Greda was, that he would not anger anyone he should not.
"Oh my great, great lady!" Shouted Greda, holding his hands courteously, "Of course I would give my way to a fair lady like yours. But I really love this pretty you have there, please, with your kindness, spare me. I would do whatever as you pleased."

Wow, did Greda really fall for this girl? Flinched Shi Xin was, since she was also well-aware of this playboy's well-doings around. He hardly had promises and now he actually makes one...

Shi Xin, hesitated, took a look at the girl behind her, who was in all fear, fright and surprise.

"Nope!" Declined Shi Xin right away. She just realized her response acted faster than her brain...
"Oh Shi Xin..." Responded Greda, his face darkened, "Are you sure you would not spare me for this?"
Okay, something was wrong. Sensed Shi Xin, "Greda, I guess you know what could happen if you did something to our fellow Shi. Like how your father would see this for example..."
Greda could not care less, "Go! Get the girl!"

"TRY! If you want!!" Shouted Shi Xin as she guarded the girl behind, she could even sense the girl quivering. I must protect her - Shi Xin asserted to herself.

The men were stoned by her shout, being hesitant, "What's wrong? Now all of you are under her command eh?" Greda's tone was calm, yet cold, colder than the blizzard. The expressionless look was telling bloodthirstiness.

"Lady Shi! Our apology for this!" The guardsmen reluctantly seized the lady.
Seriously? I should have brought my own men too! At least I would not be the passive one here! Shi Xin was regretting...

The four men on top were still enjoying the show. Guo and Hai Lian had grown numb over this drama, as they had seen enough brothers of the Aristocratic families doing mischief everywhere on their will. Sang Tie and Sang Fan were new to this, that they were stunned, unable to comprehend even the words. Well, they did not have permission to move from the great sir either...

"Ahhhhh!" The clothes were torn...
"White Streak?!"
"The White Streak Tribe?"

In the midst of fight, the sleeve of the girl was torn, there revealing white streaks like the moon. Oh no! Panicked Shi Xin upon seeing this unfortunate addition to the setting. She shifted her eyes to Greda, I knew it! His eyes were shining bright! The White Streak tribe was known for their beautiful descendants, a treasure some men called them, that the owning these angels would be the most heavenly thing a man could ever do in his life. And the White Streak tribe suffered different tragic tales over their beauty...

The white streaked lady was showing despair...

Hai Lian's body shuddered upon seeing the streaks, as he sprung from the ground, which shocked the fellow men near him. His eyes were changing...

Hop! He jumped off the window.

"Wow when did he get so brave?" muttered Sang Tie, they were five floor tall, any layman like Hai Lian would at least break a bone or two jumping down recklessly like that... The remaining three men stood up and watched in position. They would not move unless with order.

Thump! Hai Lian landed like a falling angel as he jumped off from a fifth floor. Of course he was not as overpowered as those Sangs who trained at 20 times heavier zone daily. The moment he landed, UGH, blood spilled from his lips.

The location he landed though, it was perfect, being right next to the poor girl.

He grabbed the girl without hesitation and did a quick tumble, breaking through the circle. The sudden change n situation confused everybody. They only understood the situation after the boy had left the scene.

"What the hell!" Greda's face was darker than abyss, as he was jumping mad.

Hai Lian did not wish to spare his potential last few moments of his life on viewing how the reaction of those men, he kept running with the lady in her embrace, all the way to the hotel.

"What the hell are you guys doing! Did my father pay you to just stand there? MOVE! UGHHH!" Shouted Greda, as the men hurried their ways towards Hai Lian. It would be embarrassing if the people outside knew they actually let a feeble lady out of their grip that easily!

Hai Lian ran madly, his eyes glued on that gate of the hotel.

Sang Tie was standing by the gate. Yes! I knew I have great brothers! Overjoyed Hai Lian was. The Sangs were short by nature, even Sang Tie the tallest with a height of 1.7 meter seemed like a potential dwarf actor in the crowd. However, when Sang Tie stood there, it just felt so reliable. When Hai Lian was getting to the entrance, Sang Tie tilted his body to the side and let the prince run in.

*Thank you* Through the mask, his eyes was expressing that countless appreciation while Sang Tie's eyes were firm, Hai Lian then rolled his way into the lobby.

Sang Tie repositioned himself to block the entrance. The bodyguards gradually slowed down upon seeing this strange masked man standing by the door.

The same mask! They were together! Speculated Greda right away. His usual self would not allow him to go further as he knew how deep and dangerous Guilar could get with unsightly men like these. His family, as well as himself, being the leading group in the town feared shady characters like this. How shady? Greda would say, anyone with a mask and an unknown identity would be the most dangerous as they hid themselves either because of their superhuman ability or because of their sensitive status in the society, none of these would be in the mess-with list of Greda.

But Greda had lost his usual self minutes ago. He felt he had saw the real nemesis of his life, "Move!" Ordered him to initiate a fight, he had lost his rationality.

Heh! Sang Tie gave a cold smile in his mask, if you want a fight, I'll give you a quick fight. It would be a sin if I alarmed sir for this.

Sang Fan was right behind and he knew what Sang Tie was thinking, "Remember to hold back, hurt them, don't kill them," he advised.

Sang Tie gave a nod of understanding. The group of bodyguards was swarming upon him, so he lifted his leg and prepare to deliver his soccer. kick.

Those men were still bodyguards, as they knew what awaited them, their expression changed and the leading one clumsily avoided those afterimages of Sang Tie's moving legs.

The guard fell to the side while Sang Tie maintained his left feet moving, lifted his right leg and whipped directly on the guard.

"Youchhh!" Shrieked the guard as being sent to the air and whammed upon the crowd behind.

The crowd collapsed.

People were gasping.

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