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Chapter 299: Child's Play
Feng Su on her chair, was zoning out, with Rui Bing resting quietly on the bed nearby. Her move worked flawlessly, which normally should leave the opponent in deep sleep for few hours, unless there was external interference to wake her up immediately. Feng Su never failed to knock her foe out with this technique.

Though... why did the head call? What did the head call her for? It was like the first time she was recalled ever since she was assigned to the Sanctuary in the 5 major galaxies.

And she had already been traveling to He Yue galaxy for the past week. It was tormenting to force herself confined on the seat for the past few days. Her vitality was helpful but did not seem to be helpful enough on this long-term travel. The way from 5 major galaxies to He Yue was winding, long and complicating, it was nearly impossible to perform a space warp to save their time. They were forced to travel the traditional way in the end.

"You have arrived at : He Yue Galaxy."

The moment she heard the system notification, she sighed deeply. The pathway there was not as treacherous as one was informed, there was not many accidents reported, but well assuming if any were to happen, she would be too helpless to do a thing. Say if they hit a black hole for example, she would be directly visiting the death. Humanity... was still that minuscule figure in front of the vast, boundless galaxy.

She was piloting a processed model of miniature spaceship, which its structure had been reinforced. Well, the bulkier the spaceship, the less likely it would be comfy. Feng Su always heard whines and wails coming from every passenger who once hopped on that flying armor. The clan would even proudly bestow it the name "Flying Can", despite its superior performance. The speed was great, the handle was too, the turning ability was very active, the mech was even installed with a powerful processor too. One could basically switch to auto-pilot mode in a safe area.

The spaceship was also supplied with nutrition capsules, tons of them, sufficient to sustain a long-term flight. It was not armed with any weaponry however, one could imagine a flying armor with superior defense but zero attack.

And certainly the miniature spaceship could not perform space warp. She had to first travel to Halo Jade, a planet which one of the clan's base located, to transit to a more advanced model of spaceship in order to get back to HQ.

The current progress... she was near Lunaris... It seemed like she still had to travel for quite some time. Lunaris... it brought back memories, she knew it was a planet of black market, and to be frank, she had been frequenting the place before she was assigned to 5 major galaxies, since it was fun shopping there - you could always be surprised when you shop. Only if she was not traveling by under an order of the head, or she would have stopped by. Sigh, she got to return to HQ as soon as possible.

So what exactly had happened in our clan? Thought she, the suspense scorched her heart.

Jeez, no point being impatient now, hold your steer, Feng Su. A tease to herself, she made a stretch, flaunting one split second of her figure. It was absolutely a kind of torture to travel this far, and she was doing it alone.

At that one second, she felt her waist stiffened. She flinched, while her expression was still, as the ace pilot of the clan she had seen way too much death than risk, so she stayed calm.

Who was that?

An icy-looking face swirled upon her, expressionlessly

Impossible! Shrieked Feng Su in her mind, how did she wake up? This had never happened before! She should have been unconscious! And without our unique technique to stimulate her spine, she would not even lift her eyelids!

"Who are you? Why did you do that to me? Where do you want to bring me to?" as

ked Rui Bing coldly. Her eyes were caught on Feng Su's appearance, that beauty, one has got to admit that it would attract anyone from all walks of life, and she looked far more superior than Rui Bing with those dreamy eyes of hers.

Feng Su ran her schemata in lightning speed. The girl was something, although she had no idea how the girl woke up in the first place, she knew she was doing it right and her move should have left her unconscious at a 100% success rate. Well then, that means the girl probably had some strange abilities to help her break out of the sleeping spell!

Practically, Rui Bing was already at a level of Jie expert by then, while her family's martial arts techniques had always been as incomprehensible to the outside.

"Yikes~~" Feng Su's face twisted, as sweat dripped over her chin, looking pitiful.
"Save your cheap acting. It doesn't work for me," said Rui Bing flatly. Rui Bing knew her strength, and her level of control over it, it would be a joke if a Jie expert like her did not know how to exert the right amount of strength to alarm and not to hurt their opponent.

Rui Bing was firm, and once she got firm, nothing will ever shake her, even when a beautiful lady was wailing in great pain.

"If you like to act so much, just keep acting like someone would care," stated Rui Bing. She took a glance around, and found the shower room. She might be a Jie expert, but she was still a hygienically sensitive lady herself.

She went into the shower room. Tick! Splash... Hush huuussh...

Feng Su withdrew her acting and was feeling wry of the girl. She sure was something. Feng Su had cheated countless men and women with her acting before this. Anyone would have their heart melted the moment they see such a gorgeous woman moaning in pain, like there was once the guardsman of the foe even untied her to check if there was something wrong. She thought it would work always, till she met Rui Bing, who gave total ignorance, rigidly like the ice, sternly like the storm.

Th girl probably had used some kind of binding skill on her. Only if she was facing the one practitioner last time, who fell for her acting and cancelled the binding effect on her. But well, both the personality of the girl and the properties of her skill spelled bad news for Feng Su. She could do nothing else than moving her lips...

30 minutes lapsed and Rui Bing exited from the shower room, with her wet hair slanting over her shoulders and her fair white garb. She washed her white garb too?

"So why? Why did you knock me out?" Leisurely Rui Bing stated.
"I meant no harm. I just saw you practicing on your mech and looking really great. I thought of being your student but I fear you might refuse, so I eventually..." Pursed her lips, Feng Su was looking pitiful.

Rui Bing's face had an avalanche. It was rather common in her field. The mood of seeing an expert while being captivated by the expertise was the frequently occurred emotion in a fighter.

Haha! It worked. Stated Feng Su in her head as she saw the desired expression on her foe.

"I really meant no harm, sister... you are really great. I had never seen any female pilot who was able to perform such technique. Not even the men I supposed, those techniques are really hard to execute," exclaimed Feng Su from her heart, she was in fact surprised, the sisterly greeting was a technique to express respect and favor to her foe.

The lifting voice was exerting some sort of magic, which made people friendly.
It would work even on a girl li-

"Hmph!" And it did not. Alarmed Feng Su.

She thought she had used her best technique, the manipulation of tone, an ability she obtained while she was in the disguise of the well-known singer in the 5 major galaxies. By altering the tone at specific syllable, it would create hallucination to manipulate the foes. Even the mentalist-pilots fell for her, their faces would blush, their controls would go wild. And with her appearance and this technique, of course she had an expansive career.

The girl was totally immune to her voice however, as if she was speaking normal. That was Feng Su's last resort... and it did not work.

That hmph from the foe was clearly a warning, Feng Su could hear it with her ears.

Rui Bing on the other hand was feeling irritated by this magical girl who kept withdrawing new tricks from her sleeves, that Rui Bing feared if she lost her focus for a sec she would be captivated.

"Okay, now I do not want to know anything," stated Rui Bing as she walked towards Feng Su, she rose her palm over the unwilling Feng Su, wham! A blow at the back of the neck. Feng Su fainted.

She lifted Feng Su and placed back onto the bed. She should take around 20 days to wake up. Of course, if she was a Jie expert in dark, it would be less than 10 days she supposed. Though Rui Bing could determine this lady to be rather skillful at combats, she was still nothing close to Jie expertise.

Rui Bing walked towards the control panel and tried pushing buttons sluggishly. Her mind would utterly blank out in the past if she was pushed to a control panel but now she already had the basic idea of mech piloting, that she at least could speculate certain functions on the control panel of the spaceship.

She first prompted the intergalactic map and was stunned by their position. It appeared to be literally foreign to her that she could recognize none of the planets inside, not even a star. And she could not find any of the 5 major galaxies on it.

Where are we? Asked Rui Bing in her, as she glanced at the fainted Feng Su. Nope! She discarded the thought of waking that trickery up to inquire. She checked out the mileage, apparently they would be arriving at Lunaris in a day or so at full speed. Based on the marks on the map, Lunaris was a planet inhabited with humans. Okay then... she tapped the screen and maintained the course.

As long as we have someone there, things would get sorted out themselves.


A day passed and they arrived at Lunaris. Rui Bing repositioned the spaceship to fly low and started seeing the scenery on the ground clearly.

The spaceship decelerated and landed on an isolated valley, particularly the shadow of the cliff, so no one would notice it at first glance.

She went up a slope and looked back at the valley, she smiled. Okay, it is invisible, good.

She walked on, since her mech was no longer around she could only rely on her feet. But before leaving the spaceship, she did a few stuffs - she removed every part found on Feng Su, including the dimensional keystone and even the accessories, jewelries on her apparel. She also - since she could not discover any backup mech in the ship - removed the entire battery of the spaceship to prevent this trickery from causing her issues in case she woke up early. She even broke the battery so the spaceship would be an empty can now.

She closed the gate of spaceship so it would be only possible to get out but not to get in, unless by a brutal force shattering the whole piece of armor of the spaceship. Well of course, even if Feng Su woke up and wanted to have a walk outside, it was not an easy task to open a heavy gate of a spaceship without electrical supply either.

Sadly, Rui Bing could not use the dimensional keystone she took from Feng Su, since it required the biological signal of the owner, unless Rui Bing murdered Feng Su... So this piece of keystone was technically a piece of garbage to her. She strolled to a rushing river and thup! She tossed all accessories into the river.

Nirvana was a sad case as it was thrown into the river like pebbles, despite its capabilities and superiority.

Take that! You trickery! Asserted Rui Bing, now that little bit of work would teach her some lesson. Rui Bing's cold face was melting into a naive joy of a little girl completing a big, big mission herself.

Little bit... of work? Wonder how Feng Su would explode when she knew how briefly this immature girl was thinking.


Ye Chong had already been in his room for the past 3 days. The model of mech he bought was placed on the desk, along with numerous tools scattered around.

The model of the mech was looks unrecognizable as the armor of its back was removed, revealing the refined build inside.

The development of mech industry... well there had been various theories on it, but one significant one stated that at one point, the mech development branched into two aspects - one was the mechanical mech, another would be the circuit mech.

Yes, the very first mech was wholly mechanical, which some would call the armor as "machine armor / mecha" and the pilot as "mechanics". This did not last however, as 300 years ago, after the advanced circuits were invented, the mechanical gearing was no longer heard, the capability of a traditional mech had undergone a transformation, a leap to a new reign, and that was when people finally called it as "mech" instead of "mecha".

And this very model, was the antique from the record of 350 years ago, when mechanical mech was at its prime. As limited by the technological standard at that period, it was unavoidable to not use a certain mechanism to make the machine armor even move. It sounded traditional yet it was innovative, breathtaking to the people that time.

In most men, this model would be merely an antique, an adornment, which might be occasionally useful in the eyes of the mech researchers. But this particularly item, was priceless in the eyes of Ye Chong.

It has been known that skeletons do not blend well with the electrical circuit - Ye Chong learned this fact painfully when he first developed skeleton parts. But after the visit at Sang family village, the Collision he created had brought him a new avenue to figure. As he lacked the conventional tools to produce the conventional mech, the Collision was his unconventional design, being the mechanical design itself. He was not expecting much from the mech in the beginning, till he saw the power of the Collision in the field.

It was more than sufficient in the hands of the Sangs, as they were able to perform outrageous movements on it. Their attacks were simple yet potent, which toppled Ye Chong's initial understanding on mech performance. It was an era he was in, which demanded more variation on the same move, the fancier the flashier the better, while denying the simple movements claiming them to be primitive and obsolete. Thanks to the Sangs, he saw something new.

The catch was however, he had more intelligibility on circuits than mechanism, which led him this helpless situation at the desk, as if a game-stuck when you realized there was actually a hidden path in the loop of dungeons and you did not have the necessary gear to access it.

The model was precious in the eyes of Ye Chong because not only it retained the form of the ancient, it was also the prime form of the ancient. He hoped he could be inspired somehow as he analyzed its structure and designs.

Certainly, Ye Chong was astonished by the inside of the model the moment he removed the cover.

He had spent the next three days performing calculation. At least he was firm with his fundamentals, which greatly sped up his process of figuring out the working of the inside.

It was amazing. He concluded so as he recognized the wisdom of the ancients. The design looked ridiculous to layman but it turned out to be extremely clever, that Ye Chong felt his Collision was merely child's play, a poorly done treehouse by a 5-year-old.

He believed that modification on Collisions would possibly bring a few levels of elevation at least, after he had understood the structure of this model.

As he thought, his focus shifted back onto the model.

The model was reliably the exact downsized model of the actual piece. If Ye Chong had a shrinking machine he could literally get a soldier to pilot this and go for a miniature space war. And he also realized that it was not an easier task to build this thing as well since most parts were handmade rather than manufactured like most mechanical parts today.

It would take efforts and generous amount of time to build even a model like this.

But who, who would actually invest these to build this insignificant looking toy?

Compared to the 7 mechs lay inside the Sang Family Village 5 centuries ago, this was way more advanced, whether in the aspect of the design concept, the structure. It symbolized the prime of the mechanical mech era.

The problem was... there was so many things he had to learn. Other than the basics he knew nothing of mechanical mech, since as mentioned, the two aspects branched each's way earlier. It was two worlds for mechanical science and circuit science. Ye Chong had to unfold a journey in search of the mechanical theories.

A long, long way it was.

On the dimly lit desk, his face was determined, looking at the puzzle left by the past.

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