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People flooded the road ahead, with constant cries and shriek of women.

Ye Chong, upon seeing the sight, frowned. The road was already narrow at the beginning, with half of it occupied by the stalls and stands. And now the little space remained was also occupied by passersby. What had happened inside? Ye Chong did not care, he just wanted to head back to the hotel as soon as possible, away from this ridiculous disaster.

Nevertheless, judging by the situation in front, it would be nearly impossible to squeeze their way out. "Is there any other path?" asked Ye Chong to Tanimatsu.

He turned his head over, "There are a few... but it would be a long detour."

Ye Chong pondered... "Follow me." And he leapt! Like an eagle soaring to the sky, he flung himself over the crowd. The remaining mates immediately understood his plan as they followed quickly. Sang Ling grabbed Tanimatsu, while Guo and Hai Lian had also joined the luggage transit.

A tip landed on one shoulder of the spectator, one more fling into the sky, advancing forward, like a group of frogs hopping over the lily pads.

"What the hell happened!? Did someone step on my shoulder?"

"Jesus Christ! You can't do that for f*ck's sake!"

"Manners of youngsters today!"

"Someone just wants to die today, HUH!"


Of course their behavior would be treated as a typical misconduct to be cursed upon. Those spectators were something to have a living here, they were not the one to be bullied; they had seen snobbish behavior but not as shamelessly as this! The people were enraged as they chased after the jumping folks.

"Kek!" Chuckled Sang Ling, as she placed Tanimatsu under her armpit, whistled sharp.

The Sangs switched their positions in the air, "Make it quick." Ye Chong's order came softly but discernible among the disciplined Sangs.

"Yes sir!" The response came in a thunderous flock that the people flinched on the ground. The Sangs were in the air, but they were still capable to dish out something. Conquering peaks and flipping over valleys were the bread and butter of the Sangs back in Archipelago, especially when having a survival race with the beast stampede was their daily chore. Their feet could send them right into the sky, unlike those grounded folks.

Wham! Thup! Thump!

A land crash performed by the Sangs, as they whammed upon the people on the ground.

"The f*cking hell, don't fly your bloody self if you don't know how to!"

"I'm feeling insulted."

Well this move was certainly not okay for Ye Chong and his men. Everyone here knew at least one trick or two in combats. The men were obviously enraged by this blatant provocation. Their blood boiled hotter than the lava, although they had been stopped once after another by the Sangs flawlessly, more and more men joined the forces to hunt those damned fools on top.

It was a typical chase between the chaser and the chased.

Ye Chong and his men were in a blitz of switcheroo as their afterimages intersected repetitively while delivering the land crash like falling star occasionally on the chasers.

The Sangs looked excited upon seeing the chasers tripping themselves like a strike on bowling, Ye Chong was feeling troubled though. He never knew how this would launch such a fiasco in Guilar city, that it felt like a conformity effect, once a man started the chase, the rest followed obediently.

The masked men were extremely skillful in the eyes of these enraged men, they were shocked as they found these masked men striking great similarity with the 8 Jie experts involved in the saga of Foundation city... even though there were obviously more than 8 of them right ahead.


20? Twenty Jie experts? The figure felt unreal in the head. This would be interesting, thought one of them, as they decided to cause more havoc to test the skills of these masked individuals, to determine if they were the hidden Jie experts.

Dammit I just wanted to get back to my room! What is this fiasco about?

The situation grew more chaotic, as Ye Chong began realizing it would only go more off the tangent if nothing was done at his side. He had a team of well-trained troop with forces matching the Jie experts, but two iron fists still could be no match for hundred arms.

Ye Chong's arms vibrated, his muscles contracted and waved vigorously, Inhale...

HAH! A roar struck the place, which the people stumbled upon, knowing this cry meant nothing else than a metamorphosis, where a great martial arts practitioner hit a turning point of his strength and would undergo an pumped status, the cry was very much different than what they heard too... Was that...

HAH!!! Sang Fan and the remaining men screamed on top of their lungs as well. To the grounded men's disbelief, they seemed to have seen the air particles vibrating, as waves surged through the place. Some of the angry men had already launched themselves but they fell clumsily as disrupted by the sudden roar. A handful of them remained in the air pouncing, their vitality warded them from being force-grounded, but one could see their faces paler than paper.

Jie experts. They are the Jie experts!

20 Jie experts screamed and this happened?!

Ye Chong made a tip on one of the Sangs, Zoom! He launched himself right to one of the mechs parked right outside of a mech store at the roadside. A showpiece.

The men retaining their velocity shifted their sight to Ye Chong, wondering what in the He Yue this masked man was doing.

Ye Chong made a flip and dexterously landed upon the shoulder of the mech.

"Wow!" Some of the few experts in the crowd were hurrahing, as seeing the masked man actually repositioned himself in the air without anything to support on. It felt so unreal and magical.

Ye Chong on top of the mech's shoulder gave a cold gaze to the ground. The street became silent. Sang Ling and the others hopped onto the rooftop of the stores nearby.

Is he going to announce something? Speculated one man in his mind, as he lifted his head up high.

Under such a massive crowd of more than thousands, Ye Chong did something spectacular.

He took a deep breath, he turned to the head of the mech. He raised his leg. Wham! He gave a kick right onto the cheek.

The heck is wrong with him? That's a mech you know! People shrieked, their eyes went wide like saucers.

It's made out of metal, alloys! No matter how sturdy one's body is, it's still made out of flesh! He's injuri- Wait, what?!



The sound had just shattered reality for everyone.

The cheek of the mech began cracking, then it got chipped off, and it fell onto the ground.

The men just witnessed a piece of alloy irregularly scrapped off from a mech with a kick.

The remaining specks of the spider-web crack Ye Chong created fell along.

The entire surface of the cheek was destroyed, revealing the circuits inside.

The street was dead silent.


... ... ...

... ... ... ... ...

"Oh my gosh! My mech! My precious!! You monster!" The man ran towards his mech after his brain rebooted from the major crash of reality. He would love to slice that b*stard into a thousand pieces but that person had vanished by the time he got to the front.

The people were overwhelmed, as they set into another round of fiasco, trying to understand what had just happened.

An ultimate warrior had just appeared out of nowhere, as he shattered the entire piece of alloy barehanded after setting off a threatening scream with his disciplined teammates of twenty, demonstrating inhuman airtime under their masks of no expression.

The summary stormed upon the entire Guilar city.

Residents of He Yue galaxy adored the strength, the martial arts. Those who wielded great strength would no doubt be the idol of many, not to mention real inhuman one like the masked man. It had become a tradition, as everyone disregarding gender, age or sexual orientation, would be required to learn combats since young, as long as they were healthy.

It was as if Guilar City was not chaotic enough with its scattered forces intertwining each other, now there was a new masked force, the situation would be more shaky than ever.



Ye Chong was moving... awkwardly. His left foot was naked. Well, thanks to his dramatic kick, the boot could not withstand the force he exerted and just burst like a balloon, even the corner of his pants got torn by the splinters of his boot.

This was another addition to his script he was helpless on. He just wanted to go back to the hotel but things just had to happen. It was as if a mischief from the author to keep him running, when would he ever have the day to settle down and run a noodle store like Grandpa Qian? It was yet another hectic beginning of his runaway, luckily he remembered the shockwave move Shang taught him before. It did not particularly create a real shockwave to drive opponents away, but at least, "It would impose a threat to the fear of the people naturally, once they recognized a greater force was before them. If you demonstrated enough strength from this, it would be as easy as philosophy."

That was why Ye Chong picked the shockwave approach, the surprise was, he never expected the Sangs to join the round. It looked like the scream was not exclusive to the Lan family of September after all. The "Mortal Roar" required extremely expert control over the muscular system as the user would perform dramatic vibration with every piece of muscle deep inside the throat to force the greatest amount of volume.

And Sang actually knew that. Wow... The Aristocrat was sure something deep and profound to be ventured.

Tanimatsu's black eyes shone with worship looking at Ye Chong. Guo and Hai Lian also joined the fandom of submissive respect. Sang Fan and the rest did not feel anything particular though. They had ample experience seeing sir in action, so they knew how far sir could go. Smashing a piece of alloy was nothing new. In Archipelago, the beasts had a way tougher skin than that piece of alloy. Moreover with the reinforcement on their strength via gravity training, their physique was not entirely shabby compared to Ye Chong. In the Sang Family, all were the martial arts elites, nothing new, nothing surprisingly, they did not respect sir for his strength.

But well, under such drastic situation, sir actually was able to come up with such brilliant plan that resolved the issue flawlessly. That was something, as expected from master.

The strength Ye Chong demonstrated was nothing in the eyes of Sangs, but something in the eyes of folks like Hai Lian and those men on the street.

Similarly, the "plan" Ye Chong came up with, was nothing brilliant to educated and strategic folks like Hai Lian and Guo. But it was brilliant to the Sangs.

The Sangs did not admire the strength but the folks did.

The folks did not admire the strategy but the Sangs did.

People would always admire the same person for different quality.

So kids, if you want to live great in this world, you have to have a balance of everything.

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