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Death Legion was annihilated silently. Despite Kyaji’s menacing reputation, it still ended up destroyed, without even a body to show for it. Ye Chong had no interest in Kyaji or its pilot, of course. He just wanted to make sure that the guy was dead.

Since he had made his move, there must be no loose ends. This was always Ye Chong’s way of doing things. He absolutely would not believe that any person could survive an attack like that.

On the starship, Mi Qi and family were white as a sheet. The Death Legion was an infamous organization in the He Yue galaxy, and now it was annihilated in just minutes. No one would believe what they had seen. Death Legion pirates had been around for years, making enemies wherever they went, but still they lived ever so easily, powerful as they were.

However, the formidable Death Legion was now being casually erased from living history, under the hands of the mech squad they hired.

Mi Qi and the family felt goosebumps all over, and a chill running up their spine.

Anti-detection mechs!

That was their first thought.

Anti-detection mechs were not a new idea. Back in the days, the Three Aristocratic Families were infamous for their anti-detection technology. They had relied on anti-detection mechs to spread their power, rising to the forefront of technology in the He Yue galaxy.

However, as technology improved, holographic scanning systems became more and more advanced. Early anti-detection mechs could now be easily scanned through normal holographic scanning systems. On the other hand, anti-detection technology had reached a bottleneck and stagnated, a problem that was shared by all the Three Aristocratic Families. All these years, none of the aristocratic families have had any breakthrough.

To many, anti-detection mechs were slowly becoming a relic.

Now, however, Mi Qi and his family had just witnessed true anti-detection technology at work!

The multicolored mechs suddenly became an object of mystery to them. It was like seeing an old, scraggly beggar suddenly killing a Jie expert without breaking a sweat. The contrast was too strong for them to accept.

What was happening to the world?

The mysterious Papatte Mech Squad was now increasingly mystical to them. Such a powerful mech squad had deployed so many elites just for 10 million credits. Mi Qi suddenly felt that he had a stroke of luck.

Old Chief Guo was also feeling a little dazed. He had seen them fight before, and it was bloody, but this time was completely different. This was weird! This was scarily weird! Anyone who saw what happened on the holographic screen would be shocked, Old Chief Guo was sure of it. To him, what happened could be shot into a movie worthy of an award, even if he knew that he was no movie director.

In fact, right after Ye Chong issued his orders, he was soon aware of this anti-detection issue. However, he soon frowned again, not because there was a problem with Sang Tie’s commands, but because Ye Chong had thought of another problem.

Full-skeleton mechs were entirely suited for stealthy attacks, but this unique feature also made them too eye-catching. Hence, they were not suitable for normal transportation. It looked that he needed to make some normal mechs for the Sang tribe members for normal use.

"Sigh, more spending!" Ye Chong sighed to himself. Just how much was 5000 mechs worth? Ye Chong’s heart ached.

Sang Tie’s face appeared on the holographic screen. "Squad Captain, the enemy is destroyed. We have 23 injured and 11 dead." Sang Tie reported solemnly to Old Chief Guo. With outsiders around, they treated Old Chief Guo as the leader, when in fact, they were always reporting to Ye Chong.

Old Chief Guo shuddered inside as he recalled the way they killed emotionlessly, but he braced himself and said, "Alright, get some rest."

Ye Chong was a little surprised. Despite their advantage, they still lost so many. The pirates were indeed as powerful as rumored. He had watched the entire battle, and saw how the desperate pirates fought like a cornered animal - dangerous and vicious. If Sang Tie’s commands were less effective, they would have lost more people.

It was Sang Fan who consoled him from the side, "Don’t mind it too much, sir. Loss is inevitable in war." Back at the Sang Family Village, this level of loss was all too common. Before they had proper weapons, their hunting troops would often leave and never return. This was one of the main reasons the village size quickly shrank to its current form.

Mi Qi also commended, "Your squad is excellent, defeating even the infamous Death Legion so easily, it’s truly amazing." Uncle Yun and Mi Su agreed, with Mi Su stealing glances at Ye Chong time and again.

Ye Chong took a glance at them and said flatly, "You’re too kind! However, please keep our squad’s little trick a secret." Ye Chong was straightforward.

Mi Qi and Uncle Yun exchanged looks. They could clearly feel the threat coming from the tactician called Yang Ming, fleeting as it was. Uncle Yun took a step forward and said with a serious expression, "Please rest assured, we who know the power of words will always speak mindfully."

Mi Qi quickly added, "That’s right, we’ll never reveal anything about your mech squad." What a joke, Papatte Mech Squad was far stronger than they had anticipated. To think they were rated as half a star! They would never believe it now. The Mi family had always been inferior in terms of military prowess, and cannot afford to make enemies with such a powerful army. Besides, since Papatte Mech Squad was in need of funds, it was an opportunity for them to forge a good relationship.

Mi Qi and Uncle Yun had already given up on recruiting the tactician. They knew that the squad was too powerful for the Mi family to handle.

Mi Su’s expression was unreadable. She lifted her head to look at Ye Chong for second, and quickly bowed down again silently.

Up next was the cleanup. This was the most exciting part of the Sang tribe members. Mi Qi and his family watched in disbelief as the Papatte Mech Squad’s members did their thing.

Mech fragments, scraps and parts were all hauled into the starship. They could hear a thunderous voice yelling occasionally, "Look carefully, open your eyes wide, don’t miss a thing. Sir has said to find the dimension keystone for every mech, it’s good stuff!"

Mi Qi gulped heavily. Just was were the pirates now?

Uncle Yun sighed inside. Poverty could bend the strongest warriors. These excellent mech pilots had been forced to do something like this due to their extreme lack of money. When he gets back, he must lecture those blissfully ignorant mech pilots of the Mi family.

Mi Su covered her little mouth with her hands, watching the growing pile of trash on the starship, muttering, "How pitiful!"

Unlike Mi Qi, Uncle Yun and Mi Su, every Sang tribe member was all smiles. Old Chief Guo was embarrassed to death. He noticed the Mi family’s reaction and felt even more embarrassed!

Ye Chong looked at the pilin mountain of trash, his eyes gleaming with excitement. It reminded him of his time on the trash planet. Rummaging through the trash for nuggets was routine, and a job he was very familiar with.

He thought of old Winnie, and his excitement when he found Mu and Shang …

That was how Mi Qi and his family saw something quite odd. Papatte Mech Squad’s tactician came every day to the trash pile, surrounded by a few people who listened as he taught them about all the mech parts he found. The tactician had also disassembled the parts using the tools onboard the starship.

Dimension keystones, holographic scanning systems, communications systems …

As they watched him explain each mech part with ease, they could not help but wonder if the tactician had actually worked as a trash handler before.

Ye Chong had never minded the way others looked at him. For now, he was actually quite excited. The pirates’ mechs had wonderful equipment, a pleasant surprise for him.

He did not know, of course, that the Death Legion pirates were all battle veterans. While they did not exactly splurge, they were still willing to spend good money on equipment that could keep them alive.

The most interesting parts came from the mech, Kyaji. While they were only fragments now, Ye Chong could still see that the mech was well made. His eyes gleamed as he found its equipment, like the relatively intact Wintervision-III scanning system. This was a high class product from the Xue Lai clan, rarely found in the market. Ye Chong did not recall seeing it sold at the mech parts store in Foundation city last time.

However, its performance was the best that Ye Chong had ever seen. Ye Chong installed the holographic scanning system model in Sang Tie’s mech, which made everyone else very, very jealous. It was a long time before they stopped hearing Sang Tie’s foolish giggling behind his mask in the starship.

It was too bad that the Collisions attacked with too much force. Not many mech parts were salvageable. However, dimension keystones were hard to break, so most of their loot were actually the keystones. Even so, out of the 2000 pirate mechs, they only found slightly more than a thousand dimension keystones. They came in a large variety of models, and it took Ye Chong quite some effort to set them up.

These 1000 dimension keystones were an unexpected haul. "Hmm, robbing is actually more efficient," Ye Chong mused to himself.

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