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Out of the enraged waters emerged an obelisk of a head, a terrifying creature. If not for the three large eyes at the top of this mountain of a creature, Ye Chong would have thought it was the riverbed pushed up by some tectonic shift underneath the waters.

Even the 10-meter tall Han Jia looked tiny compared to the creature. This was the largest animal Ye Chong had ever seen.

The three black eyes were arranged to form a triangle, and they were staring angrily at Ye Chong.

Then came a screech, like the sound of metal brushing against metal. Ye Chong watched the creature calmly. Aside from his slightly pale complexion, a sign of the severity of his injury due to the creature’s attack, he looked like his usual self.

Usually, Ye Chong would have been shocked to see such a massive creature. However, he was strangely very calm now, not even perturbed in the slightest. The place was filled with too much strangeness that Ye Chong was getting used to seeing unusual things.

He was already on land. The creature was obviously a marine animal, probably not too difficult to handle. What Ye Chong wanted to avoid the most now were flying beasts. He knew from when he first saw the herbivores that the animals here could move very fast despite the strong gravitational force. It the herbivores were already so impressive, the animals that can fly must be even more so. More importantly, Han Jia’s advantage of flying would be for naught. If he had the advantage of flying, Ye Chong would at least have the option of retreating if he could not win against his opponent.

The creature in the river seemed to know that it could not threaten Ye Chong. It did not come closer, but continued to stare angrily at Ye Chong while screeching sharply.

If Ye Chong were to have a bird’s eye view of the plain right now, he would seen an extraordinary spectacle. Animals of all kinds were running away from the center that was the huge creature in the river.

Ye Chong took another glance at the creature in the river, and immediately flew away with Han Jia.

He had no intention of fighting with that creature. It was obviously at the top of the local food chain. Besides, Han Jia was not suitable for long range combat, making it difficult to fight against the creature. Just the 10-meter thick tentacle was enough to cause great destruction.

This sudden attack also led Ye Chong to be even more careful. However, to his surprise, he did not encounter any other animals as he flew on. There were a few times when he saw on the holographic screen that some animals very far away from him were running away.

This was curious to Ye Chong. While he could not understand why this happened, the lack of any animals in his way made his journey faster.

After another full day, still nothing happened. The flat plain was slowly beginning to show some contours. Ye Chong even found three mountain ranges that were about a thousand meters above ground level. However, this did not obstruct Han Jia’s advance.

It was not just the geography that was changing. Here, the animals came in greater variety, much more than at the plains.

This astronomical body was far larger than Ye Chong had anticipated. Until now, Han Jia still could not detect the edges of this continent.

Suddenly, the holographic scanning system began to ping.

A group of humans in weird clothing were attacking a wild animal that was about 7 meters tall.

Humans? How could there be humans around here? Ye Chong was startled. His surprise quickly turned into uncontained joy. No one would be able to stay composed after experiencing loneliness for so long, and finally finding other members of his own species.

However, why were there humans here?

Ye Chong suppressed his happiness for the moment and studied those people.

There were seven in total, all wearing a light purple shirt, probably woven out of the local vegetation. As an alchemist, Ye Chong had a keen understanding of plants. They were all small framed, probably due to the gravity. However, their movements were agile and quick, even quicker than the herbivores that Ye Chong had seen.

Ye Chong could not help but be surprised at their physical strength. With five times the usual gravitational force, even Ye Chong himself could not manage their speed. However, their weapons were too shabby - they were all using pikes made out of some unknown type of wood.

Were they primitives? Ye Chong was stupefied. His joy was considerably dampened. If these were primitive humans, communication would be a problem.

Ye Chong did not expose himself, but continued to hide behind a rock from afar, watching them.

The wild beast did not seem to be faring well against the primitives, already wounded in a few places. An experienced hunter like Ye Chong could see in an instant that the animal would yield, sooner or later. The wild beast had antlers shaped like tree branches, sharp as knives. Its four thick, hooved feet could stomp down on a person with fatal results. Its tail was long and strangely curled into a bunch, like a woman’s hair bun. However, from the holographic screen, Ye Chong could see that the tail could electrocute like an electric eel.

The primitives must know this as well. They attacked faster and harder, hoping to end it soon.

Just when they thought victory was close, the wild beast dimmed eyes suddenly lifted and saw Han Jia. Ye Chong saw its eyes clearly, and was very surprised. Abruptly, the animals’ eyes showed horror. The beast let out a growl of hopelessness and began to fight back stronger than before.

This sudden change threw the primitives off, and they struggled to react. They did not expect the animal to suddenly go crazy.

There was a terrifying shriek. It came from a man, injured by the beast’s antlers. The strong impact had thrown him far back, blood spilling all over him. However, the animal was absorbed in its violence to care about the attacks coming from the other primitives. It lowered its head and charged, antlers pointing straight ahead while its four hooves thrummed the ground, heading straight towards its fallen victim.

The seven-meter tall beast came charging with terrifying ferocity. It seemed to have decided to kill the man, uncaring of the pike stabbings from the other primitives.

Cries of fear and surprise filled the air.

Ye Chong stayed where he was, frozen, as he continued to stare disbelievingly at those primitives.

Sang Ling bit down on his lips, watching as the reinvolt charged towards Sang Fan. The beast had suddenly gotten into a frenzy, wounding Sang Fan with its antlers. It ignored all their attacks and had escaped from their surrounding formation. Sang Ling dared not hesitate. He tightened his right arm, pike close against his arm, and threw hard. The pike flew straight towards the renvolt’s head.

Shunk! The pike embedded itself deep into the reinvolt’s rump. "Aaa-oooh!" The reinvolt howled in pain, staggering for while before steadying itself and continued charging towards Sang Fan. The reinvolt’s eyes were spitting fire, filled with manic rage.

The primitives quickly aimed with their own pikes. Swish swish swish! The pikes all hit their mark, stabbing deep into the animal’s rump. The reinvolt howled painfully again! "Aaa-oooh!" It was filled with anger and despair. The animal ran even faster.

Sang Fan struggled to get up. There was a long, deep gash starting from his upper left shoulder, going down to his chest. Blood was gushing out, and he could see the bones underneath. Sang Fan braced himself against the pain, his face white as a sheet as he watched the reinvolt coming closer and closer.

The reinvolt’s antlers shone with a dangerous, chilling glare.

"No …" Sang Ling shouted helplessly.

Ye Chong’s eyes widened. His hands swept across Han Jia’s controls, light as air.

He understood that word!

Just when everyone thought Sang Fan was dead for certain, a silver figure came from behind Sang Fan and blocked the reinvolt’s terrifying antlers.

They only saw a blur of movement.

The reinvolt’s hooves stopped moving.

In that abrupt shift from horrified screams to utter silence, no one understood what had happened.

They watched in a daze as the reinvolt howled pitifully and regretfully, then dropped into complete silence. The whole place was silent, and everyone was confused.

When they finally recovered, they found that the reinvolt was pinned to the ground with a huge, silver dagger, and its antlers were sliced through.

The dagger was sharp! Everyone inhaled sharply. Sang Fan finally could not stand it anymore, and sat heavily on the ground.

However, Sang Ling’s eyes quickly looked behind Sang Fan. As the clever one, she recovered the quickest.

She could finally see clearly the huge figure standing behind Sang Fan.

"Heavens! Isn’t that …" Sang Ling could not believe her eyes.

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