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Chapter 253: Counterstrike II
In truth, Ye Chong never expected to see Qiu Man behind the wall. While everything had happened because of this woman, Ye Chong did not hate her. To him, Qiu Man was only a woman, albeit more dangerous than the others he had met. Now, she was probably his enemy.

Nonetheless, Qiu Man was not so dangerous a threat compared to that silver mech.

Ye Chong was no longer as oblivious as he was before. When meeting enemies, Ye Chong would study them closely. In just a split second, Ye Chong understood the situation.

These people were protecting that woman!

Ye Chong came through and reached another wall very quickly. However, in that short time span, the silver mech’s performance was enough to catch his eye.

The other party was obviously an expert. Whether it was his skills or predicting his own movements, the man was capable. That sphere-on-chain weapon was the first Ye Chong had ever encountered, but that did not stop him from admiring its dexterous usage.

Ye Chong was not the only one. Few could actually name the weapon today. The morningstar was a lesser known weapon even in ancient times, and it looked strange in the hands of a mech.

Since it was difficult to master, requiring special maneuvering techniques, not many could actually use the weapon today.

Fortunately, Ye Chong never underestimated his enemies, much less when facing a weapon he had never seen or heard of. Flexible, fast, unpredictable - these were Ye Chong’s immediate conclusions about the weapon.

Ye Chong had innate talent in the battlefield.

In that moment when he broke through the wall and saw the silver mech, Ye Chong knew that Mu’s escape route would not work out. Mu’s plan depended on him not drawing any attention. Now that Qiu Man was here, and this silver mech, Ye Chong knew that it would be impossible to run away unnoticed. Besides, there were many other mechs guarding outside.

Fortunately, Ye Chong was adaptable. The best option now would be to get to their leader. With an important figure in his hands, the enemy would not dare to touch him. With this thought in mind, his eyes wandered to Qiu Man, wearing a flustered expression.

The woman was the perfect hostage in all respects.

Ye Chong crouched near the wall like a golden frog, eyeing Qiu Man intently. His bent legs gave him power to launch him forward like a golden arrow, heading straight towards the woman!

Du Yun’s eyes went red with tension! Just as Ye Chong left the wall, he issued the commands to attack. Another morningstar flew towards the space between Ye Chong and Qiu Man, the sharp barbs on the weapon looking menacingly bloodthirsty.

Ye Chong saw a blurred movement, and the morningstar was already in front of him, covered with some frightening looking barbs. Ye Chong was flying too quickly. If he crashed into the morningstar, even Guardian would not keep him alive.

However, he was now suspended midair, with no physical support to redirect himself. Impact was inevitable. Besides, this was his chance. Once the mechs outside came in, his plan of capturing Qiu Man as hostage would fail. This meant that his chances of escaping would diminish to an insignificant figure.

Even against an enemy, Ye Chong could not help but comment on the silver mech’s pilot for this clever attack.

However, Ye Chong was not one to give up, ever!

Ye Chong was flying too fast! The morningstar grew larger and larger in his eyes, until he could see the chilling light reflecting off its sharp barbs. The more dangerous it was, the more he should stay calm. Panic would not improve his situation, but hasten his death. Ye Chong’s numerous close calls allowed him to stay calm in this deathly situation.

As the morningstar came closer and closer, Ye Chong grew even calmer!

Yes! Now! Ye Chong’s eyes shone brightly. His right arm lifted from the side, reaching towards the barbs on the morningstar!

If one could watch this moment in slow motion, it would be a wonderful spectacle. Just before Ye Chong hit the morningstar, his right hand gently grabbed onto one of the bards on the metal sphere. Unlike Ye Chong’s crude entrance earlier, he now moved softly and elegantly like a dancer. Just as his right hand touched the barb, Ye Chong’s shoulders and arms expanded as he pulled in his abdomen. His upper body became an upside-down triangular shape.

Every barb on the morningstar was as thick as an adult’s arm. Ye Chong’s right arm did not seem to push very hard, but his upper body was not bent into an S-shape. Ye Chong pushed gently and flew towards the ceiling.

Du Yun was already shocked to the core! He had thought, right until the point the morningstar met the enemy, that the enemy would not be able to escape. Whether it was the timing or the location, his attack was perfect. If he was the one attacked, he would not be able to avoid it himself.

However, the scene unfolding before him was too shocking! Du Yun was never so surprised before in his life. To him, the golden figure was too intriguing!

To grab onto the barb at such a high speed, and to escape unharmed - heavens, what visual acuity and accuracy it would take! He saw every detail of that moment, how the enemy had held onto the morningstar and bent his upper body strangely into an S-shape. "Just who exactly am I dealing with?" Du Yun could not help but sigh in dread.

He had fought in many battles, but never had he seen something as extraordinary as this.

In fact, one cannot blame him for his shock. Anyone who saw it would be shocked still. Ye Chong had actually exercised some kind of muscle control technique. To strengthen his arms and shoulders, Ye Chong tucked in his abdominal muscles towards the shoulders, a unique muscle control technique of the Lan family of September. However, Ye Chong had done it so quickly that it created the illusion of his shoulders and arms expanding and his abdomen shrinking.

Under normal circumstances, if he had on his clothing, his muscle transformation would not have been visible to observers. However, since Guardian was malleable and tight fitting, that strange transformation was completely seen by Du Yun.

The transformation was a visual shock to anyone who had never seen it before. Even a veteran like Du Yun was momentarily distracted.

Just as Du Yun paused in distraction, Ye Chong had already reached the ceiling. Ye Chong dared not try any direct attacks again. He now knew how dangerous a long distance direct attack like that was, himself suspended midair without any way of changing course. He was essentially defenseless. He pushed his feet lightly against the ceiling towards the wall and returned to the ground.

This was Ye Chong’s specialty - short distance direction changes. His trajectory was mind bending to watch. A golden figure with black-white eyes moved in a blur, approaching Qiu Man like a golden lightning strike.

That short burst of muscle transformation had already pushed Ye Chong beyond his limits. His muscle control techniques had not yet reached this level of proficiency, so he was unavoidably injured from the move. Right now, he was no longer as strong as he appeared to be!

The silver mech was already behind Ye Chong. Being so close to Qiu Man, the mech pilot would not dare to use his chain weapon again, not without hurting Qiu Man.

From the moment Du Yun appeared in the room, the middle-aged man, Guang seemed to come to life, blocking in front of Qiu Man. He glared at Ye Chong intently, eager for battle!

However, Ye Chong did not want to fight him. Time was precious for him right now. Ye Chong took a step to the side. He moved in a blur, and was beside Qiu Man in the next moment. Ye Chong was good at changing directions like that, and with Guardian’s strength, he reached Qiu Man easily.

Du Yun was growing anxious and furious. With the enemy so near Lady Qiu Man, he could not interfere. Besides, the opponent was cunning, moving around here and there even faster than before, making it difficult to aim at him. If Lady Qiu Man was not there, he would have used heavy fire, but now he could only watch and wait.

The only thing he could do was pray that the middle-aged man with Lady Qiu man could handle the enemy.

Guang’s eyes were full of life, a strong contrast to their initial hollowness. He seemed to finally and truly come into existence! Ye Chong did not want to fight Guang. While he did not know who Guang was, their few encounters earlier made Ye Chong aware that the man was a combat expert.

Guang took a sidestep, and Qiu Man was once again behind him.

Ye Chong switched positions a few more times, but Guang was always able to stand between him and Qiu Man. Ye Chong was growing impatient. He realized that if he did not go pass this middle-aged man called Guang, he would not be able to achieve his goal.

Ye Chong no longer hesitated. He lunged forward towards Guang!

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