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Chapter 252: Counterstrike I
Ye Chong deployed Guardian. Before he came to this wall, the territory was difficult for Guardian to move about. The black-and-white vision would make it hard for Ye Chong to study his surroundings, hence he had chosen to withdraw Guardian. However, with this wall in front of him, Guardian would be more suitable to break through. Besides, Ye Chong did not want to be defenseless without Guardian when he reached the other side. Who knew what was behind this wall?

As long as he was piloting Guardian, he would at least not be completely helpless.

Guardian shone with a dazzling gold, its black-white eyes looked like they could see through a person’s soul. Ye Chong was wearing a tight fitting spacesuit, his balanced and slender figure apparent from the outside. The soft metallic mask fitted perfectly on Ye Chong’s face, showing his facial expression clearly. The golden mask and black-white eyes had steely angles, giving Ye Chong a cold and eerie look.

Ye Chong moved without hesitation, withdrawing his two daggers. Every second was precious to him, a matter of life and death.

Swish swish! Ye Chong’s hands were so fast it was hard to follow with one’s eyes. Silently, a square hole was carved out of the alloy door.

Ye Chong looked at the hole in the alloy wall, impressed. The daggers did not disappoint him, with such astonishing sharpness!

Du Yun leaned against the door, yawning lazily as he looked at the Aren mechs outside on full alert.

"Tsk tsk, these days, you can see all sorts of people out there," Du Yun sighed to himself. Today, he heard that a man had broken Lady Qiu Man’s hand. In fact, he did not quite believe the news at first. Lady Qiu Man had a fragile body, it was not impossible that she hurt her hand. However, if the news said that it was caused by a man, then it was only natural for him to feel suspicious.

What an extraordinary beauty! Her flawless features and lively eyes were so enchanting, no man would dare to hurt her. Du Yun’s heart raced. A woman like this was every man’s dream lover, and Du Yun was no exception. However, he knew that it was impossible for him to win her over. Besides, backing her was the old man Qiu. The old fellow’s terrible temper was enough to dampen Du Yun’s fantasy of that beautiful woman.

Best if he kept to his own business. However, it seemed that Lady Qiu Man was really injured … He turned back to look into the house. The woman was as obstinate as her grandfather, choosing to stay at this kind of place. While security measures were taken, this place would not guarantee her safety. However, looking at the swarm of mechs outside, he realized that there were mechs patrolling everywhere outside the house. There was also him guarding the house. There should be no problems.

He had just received orders earlier to be here and protect Lady Qiu Man.

To him, it was definitely a golden opportunity. Du Yun imagined that should something happened, he would be able to prove himself. If he could win Lady Qiu Man’s approval, that would be most wonderful. However, looking at the tight security outside, Du Yun did not think anyone would be foolish enough to make trouble here.

"Perhaps, today’s only going to be routine work," Du Yun mocked himself inside.

Suddenly, Du Yun froze. His cynical attitude earlier was all gone, his expression turned serious as he tilted his head like he was listening for something. As the Freedom Alliance’s advanced mech pilot, he was much stronger than the average mech pilot. This was the reason he was assigned to be here.

He heard a faint but dull sound. If it was some other normal person, they would have thought they heard wrong. However, Du Yun knew better. True experts were confident of their own abilities.

What followed was utter silence.

Du Yun’s expression turned grimme

r still. He quickly deployed his mech.

Du Yun’s mech was silver with a dull, matte surface, giving off a rustic and steady feel. Compared to Aren’s 15-meter high build, this mech looked more compact. From the exterior, it looked like a close range mech, complete with a shield and laser sword. The only eye-catching feature was a blood red chain wrapping its upper half body. It looked like red chainmail on the mech. At the ends of the chain were two metal spheres covered with barbs. On the bulging parts of its shoulders were two concealed shooting chambers, storing powerful energy weapons. This allowed the mech to be capable of close and long range combat.

Du Yun’s mech was quite famous in the Freedom Alliance, with the pleasant name Windchime. The mech pilots around Du Yun saw him deploying his mech, and were all curious. They did not notice anything amiss. However, with Du Yun’s reputation, no one doubted him. Since Du Yun made his move, everyone instantly felt a sense of foreboding.

However, the absence of a target made them all nervous and confused.

Du Yun had no time to waste on explaining. He quickly climbed up into Windchime’s pilot cabin. From the mech’s weapons, it was clear that the Freedom Alliance’s mech pilots were all trained in close and long range combat. Close range combat was compulsory for all their mech pilots. As an elite member, Du Yun’s strength in this field was apparent. Climbing into his mech’s pilot cabin was the quickest way to get there.

Once he was inside, Du Yun hesitated no further and rushed inside the house.

Windchime may be a lot smaller than Aren, but it was still over 10 meters tall. The room’s door would not fit the mech. However, Du Yun had no time for such trivialities. That faint sound he heard did not bode well. Suddenly, he realized where the enemy might be escaping to.

D*mn it!

Even the reinforced walls could not stand against Windchime’s impact. Bang! The wall crumbled into pieces, and Windchime swiftly made its way into the room. All the mech pilots standing outside stared at Du Yun’s baffling and crazy reaction, unable to grasp the situation.

The people inside the room were also alarmed by his actions.

Standing behind Qiu Man, Guang’s hollow eyes now shone brightly. He quickly stepped before Qiu Man, moving too fast for the human eye to follow. Qiu Man only heard a thunderous crash and almost immediately, Guang was already in front of her.

Windchime’s impact had caused the many composite and alloy pieces to fly towards Qiu Man.

Du Yun groaned. He was too focused on the enemy that he had forgotten Lady Qiu Man was defenseless. Before he could react any further, Guang was already standing before Qiu Man, reaching outwards with his hands, easily deflecting all the wall fragments flying towards him away to the other corners of the room. None of the fragments hit Guang, and Qiu Man, standing behind him, was unharmed.

Du Yun heaved a sigh of relief. He now knew that the man with hollow eyes, following Lady Qiu Man around like a puppet was actually an expert. Even he was impressed by the middle-aged man’s moves. While he could have deflected the fragments as well, he would not be able to do it so easily.

Just then, the situation turned for the worse!

Wham! It was another loud crash. The wall to the right of Du Yun crumbled into dust, as the fragments flew towards him.

Du Yun was at least a veteran, and did not panic despite the surprise. With the middle-aged man here, these fragments would not harm Lady Qiu Man.

Du Yun’s did not leave the controls. In fact, when he first stepped into the room, he was already in a high state of alertness.

Suddenly, Du Yun’s eyes widened. A two-meter square of metal plate was mixed amongst the fragments, and was flying straight towards Lady Qiu Man. This was a huge metal plate, moving at high speed. If anyone was hit by it, the victim would definitely be reduced to broken flesh and bones. Even if he was confident of the middle-aged man’s abilities, Du Yun dared not take the risk.

His hands danced across the controls.

The blood red chain that wrapped around Windchime’s body like a poisonous serpent suddenly raised its head and struck out! It moved swiftly, overtaking the metal plate. The barbs on the metal sphere’s barbs shone like a snake’s poisonous fangs.


The sharp clang of metal against metal was painful to the ear. The metal plate was hit, and diverged from its course, flying off to the side. However, with her ears unprotected, Qiu Man’s face writhed in pain.

Du Yun was intensely alert. Up until now, the enemy had not showed himself. However, when he saw his metal sphere hit the metal plate, he felt a little relieved.

However, just 0.1 seconds after his barbed metal sphere hit the metal plate, Du Yun saw a shadow move past him. A golden figure suddenly appeared behind the two-meter square metal plate, moving so quickly that Du Yun only caught a blur of a shadow.

Du Yun was shocked! That was fast!

The golden figure suddenly pressed against the wall. At that moment, a minute pause in its movements allowed Du Yun to finally make out the golden figure clearly.

This person was wearing a weird gold-coloured tight suit, that covered even his face. The odd metallic gold luster seemed like soft-textured material, showing the wearer’s facial expressions clearly. The black-white eyes on the gold mask were a striking visual contrast.

Du Yun felt a sudden chill in him for no apparent reason! He did not know that those black-white eyes would carve themselves deep into his memories!

The gold figure suddenly stopped moving, and adopted a strange posture. It bent its legs and pushed one hand against the wall, looking like a tightly drawn bow.

Not good! Du Yun immediately gauged the enemy’s intention. His expression twisted as he moved quick as lightning to prepare himself!

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