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Chapter 250: The Chase III
"Grandpa! I never asked you to touch him!" said Qiu Man, making a rather cutesy rant like a little girl, contrary to her mature self. Her face reddened in adorable annoyance was somewhat appealing.
"Hmph. That fella wanted to touch my granddaughter? I think he wanted to die, that’s why. You have never been touched by anybody ever since you were young, and this damned fool actually snapped your hand? I don’t feel right if I don’t grind him a thousand times." Inside the projection of a communicator on the wall, a white haired elderly was throwing a demonstration to his precious.
This was Qiu Man’s grandfather, known as Qiu Yuanlie. His beloved granddaughter lost her parents in an accident back then when she was much younger. So she had spent her childhood, her adolescence, her adulthood with her grandfather. It took him a moment of consideration before he accepted his granddaughter’s proactive request to head out to work. And that research center happened to be her practice zone.
Seeing her grandfather throwing such tantrum, Qiu Man was silent, knowing the temper of her grandfather. This man whose name was Takano would probably be a part of the deceased record soon. No one else recognized the actual power of her grandfather as much as she did.
Seeing his granddaughter’s ignorance, Qiu Yuanlie displayed ignorance. His granddaughter had been rather rebellious these few years so it would be a good opportunity to let her taste her own medicine.
But that did not mean that Ye Chong would be spared. How dare that ignorant kid fractured my girl Man’s hand! This is barbaric! My beloved Man had never been hurt since I had been in charge! Not even a scratch! And this is what I am proud of. And now, despite all my efforts, there’s this someone who jumped out of the bush and make things happen. This is disgusting! I felt my heart wailing when I imagined my granddaughter having her hand cracked! Ughhhh!
It took quite some time for Qiu Yuanlie to cool off. Sitting in his own office, he wondered how he would handle that bull in a museum whose name went by Takano!
Wait, Takano? Flinched Qiu Yuanlie, as the name rang a bell. I seemed to have seen this name before. My beloved Man seemed to have requested me to investigate on someone, was it this fella? But I did not really take note of her request, I just passed it to my men. So who exactly is this Takano? For he could snap my Man’s hand? I understood the captivating charm of my granddaughter, that even those boys from the wealthy family went constantly mesmerized over her. And he actually was able to do that to Man?
He took a glance at Takano’s profile, his face tightened as he saw nothing peculiar about this man. Takano seemed to be just like the others. Everything was clear and straightforward. "But too straightforward…" he whispered. The elderly, being one who had been working as the intelligence of the leading organization, how could he not see the oddness in this profile?
It was too perfect, a concise and concrete flawlessness, no one would have suspected the profile, not even Qiu Yuanlie himself if without experience. And that was his concern, the profile was unquestionably too perfect.
This person, was not like the others at all…
He quickly browsed for the recording on the day Man got her hand broken. He could not have Man by his side forever, but with his capabilities, Man could be under his protection 24/7. As long as he was willing to do it for his granddaughter, Man could remain in his vigilance for the rest of his life. Qiu Yuanlie stared at the hologram projection. The happening was only a record of about 20 seconds but it took Qiu Yuanlie 10 minutes to watch it, as he continuously readjusted the angle of view, trying to grab as much details as possible.
His eyes lustered.
This man, is indeed, not a simple person.
It was a speculation from him out of intuition at first and now, from the visuals, h

e could confirm his belief. This man had demonstrated his combative skills through that snap. He must be an expert of it. And what gave him a sense of danger was the eyes of Takano’s eyes the moment when Man approached him by her hand. The shrinkage of his pupils exerted a powerful bloodthirstiness. I had seen a person like this before. Only those men who had experienced wars and had gained the fighting intuition would wield such eyes.
And he had only met a few persons like this in his organization.
So a man like this must not be as simple as his profile had stated. That sense he gained from wars was not something that could be replicated easily. He knew his men well enough. To be honest, the fact that Freedom Alliance was able to fight equally with the other 3 forces was merely because of a majority aid provided by the intelligences. So he believed in the capabilities of his men. They should have identified such a simple fraud within the profile itself since the beginning. But they did not, which could only mean… the information from the residence center itself was already a fake from the start.
Hmm… this is getting really fun. Though Qiu Yuanlie as he laid his hand over the table, with the index finger tapping the surface, he smiled coldly. He could basically confirm that this man by the name of Takano was up for something when he got into the research center.
But… that research unit was a mere training ground for Man. It was empty and acted as a living stage for Man’s career from the time it was founded. So the elderly felt strange.
Assuming this man with the name "Takano" was a spy sent by the other 3 forces, well… he seemed to be a little too foolish to be a spy. The elderly shook his head, as he discarded this ridiculous thought. He had talked to his colleagues countless times, he knew the ounces in each force well enough.
Then, which side do this fella belong? What’s his plan? Of all things, out of his habit gained from his occupation, Qiu Yuanlie actually thought these at first.
Oh wait, should I be asking these first? Realized, he laughed, for labelling himself being overthinking. Well I would meet that fella soon enough, everything would open up itself when I asked him in person. I had sent 20 pilots for him. I mean if those pilots could not even capture a single man, they could be flushed down to the blackhole, especially when none of the information on Takano’s profile indicated him being a pilot, he seemed to be more likely a martial arts practitioner to me.
Well, even if he was in fact a skillful pilot, he could never run away. Thought so, he connected his communicator and requested all war units to undergo Level 2 Security protocol.
Am I doing too much? Yuanlie, you are a little hot-headed sometimes. Hah… Teased himself as he giggled. But his smile froze soon after, as he thought of something.
It was a problem … a potentially fatal issue! Okay, given that the person has the ability to alter the database of the residence information center itself, that person could very much be a top Maverick. Qiu Yuanlie staggered, as nobody knew the capabilities of a top Maverick more than himself, since he was in fact, a Maverick himself.
Only the Maverick could understand the Maverick.
A knock on the door resounded in his room.

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