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Chapter 249: The Chase II
The Guardian launched itself forward soundlessly. The sound of striking of where it landed, as its right arm tightened, the strength mustered, began stirring a storm while it waved heavily. Ye Chong put his ounces of strength in it, hush… the air around started streaming towards the center of the gale he stirred, which then transformed into a high spinning cut. Shush… The sudden pull coming from his spin defogged a tiny area around him, a blanked zone in the dusty storm, The scenery near Ye Chong had been cleared up temporarily.
The monochrome vision became much clearer as few crossing white lines had defined Ye Chong’s view.
His left arm moved once more, with neither hesitation nor distraction, without either inaccuracy or unnecessary gestures, he smashed upon the hurricane he formed, before the dust had fallen. The violently torn air splashed upon the area, as dust once again camouflaged Ye Chong.
The technique he used was part of the inspiration he got during his practice of unarmed combats, as he realized such movement could produce a powerful conglomerating effect upon the air in the surrounding. Well, he did not expect it to be this effective when he carried it out on the Guardian.
The loud sound was obviously from a mech. No time to waste, as Ye Chong tipped the mech on his toes and fired himself backwards. He did not care if he was heading into a wall or whatever, as he knew the foe was a done for within a glance, since he had destroyed the engine of the foe just now with his blow.
He sprinted again, desperately running towards the outside. The landscape had always provided him additional aid when he needed it, ironically the current landscape was nothing more than an obstacle course for Ye Chong’s runaway. He would need to get as far as possible before…
Boom! The thunderous explosion occurred behind Ye Chong, as the strong momentum raided the place in waves. Ye Chong, not managed to get into a safe zone, was lifted by the shockwave caused by the explosion. The Guardians body was petite and light, Ye Chong inside it only felt a brutal force tossing him to the far corner.
Fortunately his fleshes were coated by the Guardian, he remained intact despite the heavy fall. But the explosion gave him a shocker. Man… this guy’s explosion was a little bit more than I expected…
Ye Chong got up from the ground, feeling a little disappointed of the long-anticipated first battle he had with the mech. It seemed like the mechs from Freedom Alliance weren’t something compared to the 3 forces, the energy stability was poorly developed. From my experience, there won’t be such dramatic explosion even if the engine of the mechs of the 3 forces were shot. Commented Ye Chong in his mind, being a mech expert himself.

Ye Chong had his mouth open when he saw the huge dentation on the ground. The explosion had wiped out the surrounding residence. That was not the reason for his opened mouth, rather it was the mechs that appeared right next to the dentation, around …
Nineteen?! There were 19 mechs? Including the one I smashed, there would be 20 of them.
They actually sent 20 mechs to finish me? This is too much… Or did they discover my true identity, that’s why the hassle? Or mechs on this planet were actually this cheap?
He had seen this model on primary planet. Those broad muzzles and combative weapons over the body, there were even ancient lances, magnetic blades… some were too weird to be recognized by Ye Chong.
They were cool on designs but they seemed rather graceless at the moment as being alarmed by the unforeseen explosion, which they remained confused of what had happened. The Guardian’s anti-detection system had done a brilliant job in this situation. Judging by their reaction, those men were unaware of Ye Chong’s existence, yet.
This was the first encounter with the Freedom Alliance and within the first 5 minutes Ye Chong could already see

the lack of experience of fight against an actual mech as well as the necessary anti-detection mechanism. Those were the basics and if it was one of the three forces they would have changed to Photon Mode and seen Ye Chong immediately.
With its barely 2 meter height, being in an area with such complicated landscape while utilizing its superior anti-detection mechanism, the chance of it being discovered would be drastically low.
And Ye Chong did not intend to remind them of his existence. This is obviously a good chance to run. I would be a fool if I stayed here and waved at them, saying "Hello I’m here!".
What he had done was evidently horrible. It felt like he had poked the wrong beehive as he saw the alarming situation after he scurried out of the residence zone, with flocks and flocks of their mechs flying in the sky. The mech seemed to be the unmodified, standard model for Freedom Alliance. The number though, it gave Ye Chong another shock, which convinced him why the Freedom Alliance, despite its lack of experience and technology, would not shun the war with the 3 forces. Are they playing the number game? But from where they could get pilots this many? Mechs are a mere issue to be resolved by manufacturing, but you can’t manufacture pilots! Ye Chong understood the fact well.
So who Qiu Man really is in the Freedom Alliance? I’m not buying the fact that the hassle they took was merely because of a random employee’s broken hand.
There were always time and place for this but not now.
Ye Chong, after observing the situation, deduced his defeat if he were to run to the opening now, as being swarmed upon by the mechs. He would be so dead even if the Guardian was godly.
Ye Chong quickly dialed the modified communicator.
"Ye. It seemed like you have caused something?" Mu’s flat voice sounded a little teasing for some reason but Ye Chong felt very much relaxed as judging by his tone, Ye Chong was not at a dead end yet.
"Yeah, I must admit, that woman is a nasty one to handle," confessed Ye Chong, with his expression illustrating helplessness. "I swear Shang would enjoy doing this if he was there." Thought Ye Chong to himself so suddenly for some reason.
"As statistics had shown, women have a significantly higher pointer of danger than men. Probably only Shang would be very interested in this. Mhm, Ye, this would be the optimum escape path I planned based on the situation just now. You only have 10 minutes at most. The probability of our communication being decoded by the enemies is very high," reminded Mu.
Ye Chong quickly memorized his escape path. It took him 10 seconds to do so, well the scouting he made in the city for the past few days was not for nothing, as every street and alley had already been imprinted in his mind. Since he was informed of the threatening existence of a super Maverick, he was pressure to be very, very well-prepared, although he did not really expect all these preparatory works would come in handy this soon. Even though…
Runaway? I’m running again? Am I going to run for the rest of my life? Sighed Ye Chong, as he leaped his steps, going for another runaway.

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