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Chapter 248: The Chase I
Ye Chong tried collecting his thoughts afterwards. He must admit that it would be too far-fetched for one to infiltrate the insides of the company. He knew himself well, that he would be the last person on Rainbow to be assigned with this task. And among Mu, Shang and he himself, probably only Shang could do it well. But it certainly was not the right time to contact Shang, he was unavailable at the moment. And they could not switch just yet, Mu had an important task on the table. If without Mu’s guard, fearing the super Maverick in the dark, Ye Chong would not be able to conduct anything.
It was clear that an assassin who could deliver a deadly blow upon you would be a nuisance to deal alone. It felt as if he was in the dark, with his eyes coveting the time to make the strike. You would be fully exposed, head to toes, the pressure would be something unimaginable.
Ye Chong had never worried about this before, since he was given Mu Shang’s assistance, which happened to be the trump on his deck. Ye Chong could now feel the potency of Mu Shang as the actual fearsomeness of a super Maverick was defined in his mind. He was glad that Mu was there, along with Little Rock. He could at least ensure his own safety even though they might be underwhelmed in front of a sky walker. He was confident over Mu, as always. No way he would dare to travel to Planet Rainbow if Mu was not there.
Planet Rainbow was the lair of the foe, which was reinforced throughout the years the foe had been running on the planet itself. It would be ridiculous if the foe claimed to not have infiltrated every corner on the planet.
It was not a wild goose chase for Ye Chong over the past few days anyway. He managed to take a good look at every spot in the research center. There were occasions where he even paid a night visit, rummaging every drawer and folder, even though he ended up discovering nothing. As far as Ye Chong had observed thus far, the only valuable thing would be that developing new engine model of Donald the elderly.
Donald the aged was facing problem making a breakthrough on his development apparently.
At Ye Chong’s current level he could not really tell the meaning behind each detail of the engine’s design, but that would not prevent him from appraising it. Just like most thefts happening out there, the thief might not be able to perceive the beauty of a well-known masterpiece, but he knew the fact that a drawing would not be called "masterpiece" for no reason, his senses were great enough to justify his judgement.
The security of the research unit was nearly non-existent. It was as effortless as sneaking into your own house as Ye Chong made it through. Obviously the company showed little concern towards Donald’s research, judging by the lack of proper security facilities, which was a nice setting for Ye Chong. He eventually copied down every information related to the engine. He knew, if he passed this plan to Lian Yue, it would not take long before the newest engine model had officially showed up in this world. Ye Chong would be ridiculed if he never fully utilized the master craftsman on his ship.
Well, the unfortunate part was, Ye Chong did not take the hassle to travel for this uncompleted engine or he would have been calling everyone in the ship to prepare for departure and leave this menacing planet already.
There had yet clues on papa this far, while the plan for infiltration did seem unpractical. Did someone say invasion? Are you joking?
There was no clue. And it was something that happened 20 years ago. Thinking of the possibility to actually acquire something, Ye Chong was in a blank dismay.
Ye Chong sprung up from his seat, his eyes grew intense, as he listened to the surrounding carefully. Now that Mu was not by his side, without those fancy super detection he had to rely on his senses in order to survive. Fortunately, his senses did not weaken throughout the

Ye Chong was currently at a residential area. Technically, whichever planet it was, the residential area always seemed to be the most chaotic area in the place. The people might have gained their happiness living on the planet, while being provided free residences by the government as part of their citizenship. However, anyone would have moved away from the area the moment they had gained additional disposable income, since in reality… this was the place with the worst safety and outdated facilities while illustrating the lowest standard of living on the planet.
Everyone here had one simple wish, that is, to leave this damned place as soon as possible.
Nonetheless, such place would be perfect as Ye Chong’s hideout. No way that Qiu Man would take no action after today’s incident where Ye Chong snapped her hand. So he remained highly alert for the time being.
What’s coming will come.
Ye Chong did not have any form of regret over what he had done. Even though he had degraded his position in the situation through that unthoughtful behavior of his, regrets would not do any help. What he could do was to figure out a way to overcome this issue and have a good session of repentance so that he would not repeat the same mistake in future. But… will the same thing not happen again? Will I be able to prevent myself from doing that? Ye Chong gave a bitter laugh.
He deployed the Guardian in stealth.
The Guardian would perform better than Han Jia in the concrete jungle. He went into the cabin, with the welcoming vision of monochrome.
Boom! The walls fell into debris, the dust flew up high.
The materials used to build these residences were of rather tedious quality. At least the dusty scene gave Ye Chong the best camouflage he needed.
The daggers had already been withdrawn. Ye Chong sometimes wondered what mechanism formed these daggers. The twin daggers of the Guardian remained as a mystery to him. The Guardian - the result of Gu Shaoze’s brilliance - had never failed to surprise him again and again.
And the twin daggers were displaying a sharpness that Ye Chong believed to be the strongest among all weapons he had seen before.
Ye Chong made his move before the dust subsided!
Whichever brand the hologram detection system was, its accuracy would always decrease with the complication of the area.
And within such a crammed area, the jumbling system did not seem to be more reliable than the primitive senses of humanity, especially for Ye Chong who possessed an astonishingly sensibility.
A tip to his toes, Ye Chong did a gesture to initiate his run, as he fired himself off like a golden cannon ball, dashing right into the endless sandstorm.
The information was overloading the visual system of the Guardian, as the projection was utterly disordered. The refreshing data was flooding the intercourse, which refreshed at a speed that Ye Chong could no longer distinguish. It just looked like a plain white milky way with intensive motion.
He decided to close his eyes instead. There was no panic as he remained as calm as the falling snow. His breath was inaudible as he set his focus upon his hearing.
Ye Chong was naturally acquainted with amazing hearing, which was further developed ever since he began meditating. The chip given by Lan Yixing also included a very detailed guide on the application of the sense of hearing in combats. Legend said there were practitioners whose hearings were so great that they could literally fight with their eyes closed, as they could hear the flow of the wind to help them make the judgement.
Well, that would be something Ye Chong could only be envious of. He relied on his hearing anyway. It seemed reckless yet he had already sorted it out in his mind - his hearing might not be as great as the legendary practitioners, but he did not fight unarmed, he was in a mech where people could hear the clearer happening inside. That would be more than sufficient for me to make an accurate judgement.
Klink, klank, thump. The falling of the debris…
Hoo… Ha… Hoo… The sound of my own breath…
Hush… Hush… The sound of the wind…
Wham! It was not loud but Ye Chong could hear that sonorous sound coming at the front off is left. 12 meters away!
Ye Chong’s hands which had been laying over the control panel began to move!

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