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Chapter 247: I Had Gone Too Far!
Qiu Man was unable to see through the man standing before her, as the man had always been displaying a kind of indifference while retaining the same expressionless features whenever she saw him. Even his eyes were not wavering at the slightest bit. Qiu Man was not the pompous and conceited kind of woman, but at least she knew herself well enough to tell where to stop and which part of her would work most likely. The man was never moved by her words and gestures however, as he stood there, immobile like a sculpture. It was certainly demotivating for her.
That was the first time she actually doubted her own charm as her curiosity over this very man named Takeno grew. She could tell from her observation that he must have some kind of unspeakable motive to be here, although Takano had yet taken any unusual action to justify her intuition. It could be her overthinking, but she trusted her intuition deeply.
Very well, it's not like we have the super top-secret here. It could be interesting, Takano. Thought Qiu Man, intrigued.
"Takano, I have been hearing compliments from the colleagues on your works recently," she let off a brief smile, as the fleshy cheeks of her formed two sweet-looking dimples, her alluring stare suggested otherwise. The air in the room felt a little sugary out of sudden. It was refreshing and warm, except for that Guang who was exerting his iciness through his lack of expression and soulless eyes.
Ye Chong felt nothing towards her tease. He had been through the same situation for countless times, that he was able to fully control himself from reacting over such level of teasing. He did not let out a word as in his eyes, the woman in front seemed to be emanating a kind of danger, which kept him alert all the time.
Qiu Man, as if expected Ye Chong to stay muted, chuckled briefly as she got up from her seat and did an outrageous stretch on her back. The perfect curve of blood-surging proportion was waving before him. If there were other men in the room, they would probably be dead by now, due to the excessive loss of blood through the nose.
Ye Chong did not see the curve as he had shifted his entire attention to the surrounding instead. He looked at Guang, the lamp, the window, this was one of the ways Ye Chong could think of. His brain had identified Qiu Man to be none other than a mere humanoid mutated species, like which man would be aroused by a mutated lifeform?
She skipped her step, a swing as she moved to Ye Chong’s side. Her enchanting smile was magnetic, her eyes were electrifying, every part of her body was speaking.
Her expressive eyes stared right into Ye Chong’s eyes, her body tilted forward, with the deep fissure over the hills sneaking through her buttons.
Ye Chong still remained unmoved. His expression was frozen, as if he was staring the air. His damned eyes were unwavering as before.
Dammit! Ughhh! This little… Qiu Man started to get agitated, although her smile grew far more gorgeous than before. "Hmm~?" She raised her chin slightly, exposing her neck, the gesture held the same effect towards the opposite gender. Qiu Man was very much convinced that this could be her best performance ever since she was born.
Being so close, she could discern every detail on Ye Chong’s face. Other than the occasional muscle contraction due to his profound respiration, she saw nothing else. His eyes, contrary to her expectation, were not reacting to anything she did.
Qiu Man did not intend to give up just yet, as she further reduced the distance between them, with her tender lips almost onto Ye Chong's cheek while her lifted arm gently approached the man’s cheek. The scene was suggestive at all angles. The only thing that felt off was Qiu Man’s loyal Guang who stood there like a lamp stand.
Ye Chong was not sparing attention at the inching lust, as his eyes were on Guang who began approaching towards him. This man, he is very dangerou

s. Commented Ye Chong.
A moist, warm breath of the wild sprayed upon his face.
Ye Chong flinched.
Teehehee… it’s working! Qiu Man was excited over her first achievement on this man for she finally broke the petrifying spell of the man.
Ye Chong had always been maintaining a certain distance away from people. He would react even on a man’s approach, let alone a mutated lifeform. He would not be Ye Chong if he did not take any action.
His pupils shrunk drastically. "Ouch!" Ye Chong’s curved left arm rocketed high, seizing that strange thing invading his proximity.
"Ow Ow Ow!" Qiu Man could not help but to wail pitifully, which did not seem appealing to Ye Chong at all. Never once he would have a soft spot for a mutated lifeform in a disguise of human. The seize was a really forceful one. "Owww!" Qiu Man could feel her wrist shattering, as her beautiful face squeezed into something indiscernible.
Crack. The sound of bones cracking rang throughout theroom.
The attack, habitually by Ye Chong, also came in a set. Once the first blow was successfully delivered, the second would follow. His eyes had spotted all the critical points on this mutated puppet which had lost her balance. And of course, he aimed the throat of Qiu Man, as his right hands, having its fingers slightly curled, zapped towards the target!
"No. No… No…" Qiu Man’s expressive eyes were dramatically expressing her bottomless fear and astonishment. "No!"
Wham. A hand blocked Ye Chong’s launching hand.
The strength was so much greater than Ye Chong’s expectation. He then felt a gale swaying his left hand, which he immediately loosened as he backed off.
He raised his eyes and saw a pair of eyes with luster of war. Guang made a fancy turn on his arms and held the falling lady.
Wait what? Ye Chong only realized by then, that he had been facing Qiu Man and not some humanoid mutated lifeform.
Guang remained in his stance and had not taken any action.
"My hand… Ow…" Ye Chong gave a glance at the tearing lady, "Please do not get too close," he said and left.
Guang did not hold Ye Chong back, as his searing eyes were cooling down, soon returning their usual soulless expression.
Great. The moment Ye Chong left the room, he felt bitter of himself. I had gone too far… I was not sure who Qiu Man actually was in the company but she led the tasks of the entire research unit, that even Donald the elderly had to listen to her opinions before every move. She seemed to have a strong background, which could have been having millions of instances with the authority. And here I am, breaking her hand. No way I would ever be infiltrating the core of the company…
The situation was bad, really bad, as Ye Chong wondered if Qiu Man would be enraged and the security would be called. Once he left Qiu Man’s room, he started sprinting, like a falling meteorite. He ran against the inertia and tried getting away with his misconduct. Running away would be the best option.
Ye Chong had always depicted an indifferent character to the other researchers in the center. But that very scene where he sprinted like an animal in a forest fire had attracted the surprised look of his colleagues. They tried greeting him, sometimes asking him what had happened. There was no answer from him, only ignorance and an increasing velocity of his steps.
People were astounded, as they never expected the assistant to be such a runner. A really fast one too.

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