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Chapter 241
Ye Chong did not expect to see even more people inside. Even with his skills, moving through the crowd was difficult. The main hall was packed with people, and one could hear the occasional greeting between the candidates.

"Old Zhao, you’re here too. So?"

"Sigh, yeah, the world is so messed up now, it’s hard to find a safe place to live. I didn’t want to come, but Mei wouldn’t have it. Besides, if we’re hired, our families will be safer, so I decided to come give it a try. Gotta think about the children," the man said with a wry smile.

"Sigh, that’s right, this world, how did it become such a mess?"

"I know …"

From the people speaking around him, Ye Chong quickly realized the reason the place was packed. Anyone hired by the Prometheus Group would have his or her family protected. This was more attractive a benefit than anything else.

Surviving was the most important thing in a chaotic world.

Ye Chong unknowingly drifted to the front along with the crowd.

"Please show your identity card." A soft voice came from a beautiful lady, giving a slight nod at Ye Chong. The lady wore a working uniform in a neat and simple fashion, with a natural smile on her face that was warm and contagious.

Ye Chong was surprised to find himself at the front of the line.


show your identity card," the lady repeated, this time a little louder. This caught the attention of the surrounding people, who quickly turned to look at Ye Chong. The ones lining up behind him were glaring at his hesitation. If not for their generally refined manners, someone would have started shouting at him by now.

As the people all stared at Ye Chong, he could not help but feel embarrassed.

"Oh." Ye Chong could only acknowledge awkwardly, and produced his identity card for the lady.

The lady received Ye Chong’s identity card with both hands and gently swiped the card on a reader.

An intermediate level modification technician.

The lady paused upon knowing this. This was the lowest qualification she had seen so far. In the eyes of others, an intermediate level modification technician might be high up, but here among professionals, it was only an entry level qualification.

Most of the candidates here had quality expertise in mech related subjects. Besides, even with their industry standard high qualifications, they could not guarantee their entry into Prometheus Group. They must still go through the Group’s special screening process.

Ye Chong had no industry standard qualifications of any kind. The intermediate modification technician status was only something Shang conjured up for him. Having a proper job would keep him inconspicuous. The job was also not too lowly or prestigious, suitable for Ye Chong to remain in the background.

The hiring process this time did not have

have a restriction on the allowed lowest qualifications. The lady disapproved, but her face did not betray her thoughts, a result of her extreme professionalism.

"Please head towards room 303. If you pass the test, please accept my sincerest congratulations." The lady smiled warmly at him.

Ye Chong ignored her completely, only thanking her flatly and turning to leave.

The lady was always confident of her smile - few could maintain their composure when she smiled at them. However, this man was completely unmoved, behaving coldly throughout. She had met all kinds of people due to her profession, and was experienced in reading people. She knew that one should get to know a person by the eyes and not the face - expressions could lie, but the eyes could not.

This young man’s eyes were cold and apathetic. She felt a shudder and quickly bowed her head to mask the unexpected jolt of emotions.

When she lifted her head, the cold figure had already vanished.

Room 303.

The room had only a single photon processor. Ye Chong had a profound moment of realization. So this was it. It reminded him of the time he accepted

he accepted Yang An’s invitation to compete at Blue Ocean Academy. What a familiar sight!

Could these people not think of more creative ways to test? Why were they all the same?

As expected, the photon processor was the first round of tests. Of course, it was much harder than the one at Blue Ocean Academy. Time flew, and Ye Chong suddenly felt like he was worlds away from his troubles.

He was now better than he was at Blue Ocean, and the test was not too hard for him.

However, Ye Chong did not want to stand out. He waited until the last moment before filling out the answers. The time allocated was also enough for him to think through his problems.

The quest to find out more about Gao Shichang, who could be Papa, was difficult and risky. Ye Chong did not expect to succeed in a day or two - that would be unrealistic. The other party had been very thorough, and it would not be easy to uncover the truth in a short time.

The situation was such that he had nowhere to begin with. Perhaps entering this research center would be a good idea. Working from the inside should be easier than breaking through from the outside. This would put himself at risk, but Ye Chong could not think of a better idea.

Ye Chong had already studied every inch of the room when he first entered, ensuring that there was that there was no danger. The room was not spacious. Aside from the photon processor, there was nothing else, also making it impossible to conceal any other people inside.

Making a solitary venture into the other party’s territory was a dangerous move. Ye Chong had no plans of dying from this. The way he saw it, he would not mind spending years to investigate the matter about Papa, but if he were to die from it, then the costs outweighed the benefits. If Papa was still alive, he would not have approved of it too.

If everything he did could revive his Papa, then even his life would be worth it. However, try as he may, Papa would never come back. The thought saddened him.

Surviving was top priority. Dying in the quest for revenge was a foolish thing for him.

His mind was as calm and cold as ice. He understood the risks and benefits of this mission. Everything depended on the combined skills and abilities from him, Mu and Shang. With Guardian and Han Jia with him, he should be able to defend himself. Mu and Shang had also prepared an escape plan. As for the others, Ye Chong could not hope for them to achieve anything, only that they would stay out of trouble.

"Switch the display to room 303." A sweet and lazy voice from a woman resonated in the surveillance room.

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