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Powership was not that inferior in race with mechs but one could clearly see piloting-wise the two Dawn mechs were much better than the powership, as they were traveling in recurring curves, trying to pounce upon Little Rock.

Yet they failed.

Little Rock’s performance was a shocker.

The 2 Dawn mechs, being unable to finish their prey, tried their deadly best to pin the nuisance down as they attempted several times of neutralizing the ship by smashing from both sides.

The reason Ye Chong got astounded by Little Rock’s performance was because he was able to escape from each grip despite his second-class piloting skills.

Whenever the two Dawn mechs were approaching him from both sides, the powership would act like a little fish on detection as it squeezed out of the tiny aperture it found.

The happening also astonished Zhu Ling, since it was considered pretty rare to see a non-combat member being able to remain unharmed throughout the chase by 2 Dawn mechs.

Zzzzzt! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt!

The projection was then flooded by countless ever-changing data streams. Ye Chong’s face flexed, as judging by that one moment of what he saw, the escape routes of powership could have been completely blocked, remaining one single chance to run away by flight. Shang then illustrated the escape route with a red line on the map, "Theoretically, this is the one and only escape path. Anywhere else the ship would bump into the mechs again," stated Shang and anyone could have imagined the fate of the unarmed ship by then.

Ye Chong understood the fact that it was Shang who added the flooding data streams on the screen, while that escape route was the result of his intensive calculation in the briefest time possible.

Well only Ye Chong understood the intention of the projection, since he was highly sensitive towards data streams after deploying the Guardian for some time. That was why he got it in one glance, while his rapport with Shang affirmed his deduction.

Almost immediately after Shang had drawn the red line, Little Rock started traveling exactly on the line, as he made out from another grip from the two mechs.

This would be a perfect runaway. Ye Chong tried imagining himself in Little Rock’s shoes, he believed that he could not be as perfect as Little Rock if he were to pilot that ship. It was not something he aced in, impeccable accuracy in immediate calculation.

Little Rock was a genius in fact, for he was able to perform such complicated calculation in such short amount of time. He’s intelligent!

The 2 Dawn mechs did not seem to be in a hurry however, as the prey they were hunting turned out to be quite entertaining to their taste. They tried forming another grip afterwards, gently and leisurely.

Little Rock - who seemed to have noticed the Coxcomb at one point - made a sharp turn and flew towards the Coxcomb.

The turn he made attracted the attention of both Dawn mechs over that strange spaceship as its color turned out to be rather refreshing, which they, of course, were unafraid of. Those who probably went jumping around in their cabin would be the real coxcombs upon seeing the illustration on the ship, while the pilots of the Dawn mechs were some bums from some countryside called the Sanctuary. Seeing the silhouette of a person painted on the ship, they were unimpressed.

The two Sanctuary pilots were showing sympathy towards this pretty good-looking spaceship, since it would be eviscerated soon once the powership got there. Well, future plan aside, it would be more important to seize that powership before it went to somewhere else. They seriously never expected the powership to be this peculiar in movements. The pilots once assumed the powership was piloted averagely but somehow it always managed to squeeze out from their grip.

What a weird boat.

The 2 Dawn mechs passed the dark crimson spaceship by. The heavenly appearance of the absolute beauty struck upon them.

It was a relief that the dark red spaceship had yet taken an action. They were already prepared for their next grip, while handing their final salutation towards the pilot of the powership. They could feel the wisdom in Feng Su’s order by then. She was great for she was visionary. Such non-combat member, once seized, would be way stronger than a bunch of mechs if they used him at the right place.

Wait, Feng Su? Hmm… Something seemed to have flashed in their mind. Master Feng Su… the long naked legs sprang in their heads, M-Master… the lustrous wink appeared, Feng… the cherry lips pursed sweet, Su…

… Ah! Both of them screamed almost together as they realized what had been going on!

That damned!! Wrath seared their rationality as they ditched the speeding ship and headed towards the dark red spaceship in sharp curves.

As they were approaching, the spaceship got larger in their sight, the illustration of the beauty grew clearer.

I knew it! It’s Master! It’s our great lord, the wisest Feng Su, the most gorgeous ace pilot in the Sanctuary, the goddess in the heart of all male pilots and ours! This is preposterous! This is blasphemy! How dare this ship tainting our goddess! Both the pilots were agitated.

If they ever had the chance to pull this junk back to the Sanctuary, they swore, upon the innocence of their ace pilot, that no matter how sturdy this junk was, it would be obliterated in the flames of all male pilots!

But they did not have the time for that, as their rages were overflowing soon. They would not want this eyesore to exist, not even a second more!

"Hmm…" Seeing the two Dawn mechs abandoning the powership and heading towards the Coxcomb instead, Ye Chong was feeling weird, "What’s going on?"

"Maybe they were finding the Coxcomb to be too handsome…" muttered Shang. Well those were merely Dawn mechs, something whether Ye Chong or Zhu Ling could have taken down easily.

"Yes, very true," nodded Lian Yue intensively as Shang was so precise at his description. "Yes, yes, yes," Zhu Ling, beside the nodding vanity, stepped to the front and stood up straight in pride.

"Hmph." Zhu Ling glanced at Ye Chong, "You could never imagine in the Sanctuary how popular the Winged Nirvana herself, Feng Su is. Spraying that kind of imagery of hers on the ship is obviously a direct call for war to the entire Sanctuary."

"Ohhhh…" Shang giggled, "I never knew *our* Feng Feng was this loved by the people…" The artificial indulgence was laughing shyly. "Hahahaha…"

Ye Chong gave an eye-on at Shang, "Ha… Ha… Ha." And Shang laughed awkwardly like a child being stared over his spilled milk.

The dark crimson spaceship was gigantic but well to those mentalist pilots from the Sanctuary, it was nothing but an empty vase, which could be completely smashed in no time as they believed, their confidence rose high.


Something was felt slammed upon their mechs, as their eyes fell on the screen confusingly. There was nothing?

Are we imagining things?

Although they were given a shocker for a moment, they did not stop, as they flew towards the spaceship in full speed.

As they approached the ship they could finally take a clear look over the illustration of Feng Su. The exotic expression on her face was heart-skipping for them. The anger was pumping their heart hard. How could this happen to our great lord! Our Winged Nirvana, Feng Su was not to be tarnished by something like this! How dare the owner hurled such insult on her! Unforgivable!!

And they formed a plan quickly, striving to give the owner of the ship a life lesson.

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