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The long body of the ship exerted a kind of personality of the MPA. Unlike his former hefty body, the Coxcomb had undergone a successful diet, where his length had been reduced to 3 kilometers, with a flatter, condensed appearance and two supportive engines at both sides to achieve agility.

The dark crimson body was not the result of normal painting, rather it was finished with a particular kind of alloys which mostly were made out of the uncommon mineralites Ye Chong had collected over the course. The bright red alloy was tainted by the color of black gold in the end, thus the darkened hue. Shang said such type of alloy was quite above the standard for it would have superior performance in defending against energy-based firing. Under most circumstances, such alloy would only be found in the shield of advanced mech models. But Ye Chong had an inventory full of the necessary mineralites, so Shang just dumped the choices into the pot and coated the entire body of the ship with it.

It would probably take 3 electromagnetic firings on the same exact spot from the MPA in order to have a chance to penetrate the armor.

As expected from a warship, its body contained a much more seamless design which reduced the air friction providing an amazing performance even when traveling within the atmosphere. Moreover, they had a masterpiece from a master craftsman, namely Gandhanra the exclusive engine. Ye Chong started to get excited over the ship’s capability on the move. No aperture could be identified on the body. The entire weaponry, including the lids, had been concealed. And Shang reported that they had actually further strengthened the offense of the ship, where the number of electromagnetic cannons had been increased to 88 along with additional installments of the laser firing units. Shang believed he could slaughter any reckless pilot who dared to approach the Coxcomb in his or her mech with the help of his 500 laser firing units.

The pirates seemed to be truly exhilarated as they had been mesmerized by the appearance of the Coxcomb at first sight. It had the most low-profiled design yet it was so eye-catching at the same time. They could not lift their eyes away. Weaponry-wise they had yet witnessed the power of the guns and cannons in action, but judging by the strong respect coming from Ye Chong and Shang towards the weaponry, they were fully convinced that the ship would be an ultimate killing machine. They were feeling proud since obviously it was the outcome of their handwork over the past few days - although none of them owned the ship.

The letters of the "COXCOMB" were not visible within the dark red body, yet they would be glaring at you the moment you switched on the lights, as they stood pompously at the front of the ship, along with the oversized illustration of a beauty Shang painted at the side. "Kekekekekekeke!" Ye Chong was finding the beauty in her suggestive posture to be rather familiar. After a moment of searching the similar image in his head, the beauty turned out to be Feng Su from the Sanctuary.

The posture was a nose-bleeding choice while her expression was enticing as her body curved into something that men could feel their arteries hardened upon sight.

"Kekekeke!" Chuckled the artificial indulgence in distorted mechanical voice, "Ye, this is made based on actual data alright? I still could remember the time when I fully scanned and analyzed every spot of her data, trying to re-sculpture this beauty in the posture I had always wanted. Kek! Not too shabby isn’t it? Her curves."

Zhu Ling was going to roll her eyes but she was so lazy that she just gave a disdainful glance. I never knew this pilot on the mech could be this disgusting, shameless and low! Although I must admit the illustration was pretty good, I had seen Feng Su in person before, well not in such look. And the illustration had actually captured Feng Su’s charm and depicted it vividly in her moves. Thought Zhu Ling.

Ye Chong, as usual, showed ignorance towards Shang’s rhetorical question as he got onto the clown mech and boarded the Coxcomb first.

The interior of the Coxcomb seemed to have receive a major reorganization. The inner structure had been extremely strengthened, which had narrowed the accommodating space. Well it was still more than enough to take everyone on board.

In the gaze of the pirates, the Coxcomb finally departed! Well of course, the Coxcomb had been fully supplied with necessary resources before departure. Hai De could feel his insides dying as he bade a silent farewell at the resources of the entire base when he was moving boxes and boxes of them onboard. What an ironic torture.

At least the trouble was going to leave! Hope rose like the morning sun high in the heart of every pirate, "Before we go, according to our terms and conditions…" Shang was beeping something horrible, a gag order precisely speaking, it was so threatening that the pirates almost had an urge to sew their mouths for the rest of their life, they really feared of the forbidden secrets coming out from the mouth carelessly.

Ye Chong, once he got back to his own spaceship, started to get busy again. He first headed into the alchemy lab, as the supply of Beauty’s Secretion was nearly depleted since the last war, so he got to undergo another round of mass-production.

Lian Yue, on the other hand, took a sweet dive into the metallurgy lab and modification room. "The two rooms are mine, thank you very much," he stated sassily. Zhu Ling retained her stern training routine. Lian Yue would be a super workaholic when he lost his head over his invention but he spent his free time with Zhu Ling whenever he got some, as he would act like a kitten growling around her. Zhu Ling was annoyed to the other end of the galaxy of course, as she imagined Lian Yue in countless pieces if he ever did that on her territory.

Lian Yue absolutely had as much interest on Ye Chong, well… till the one time a dagger slid through his fragile grimace and tightly struck on the door. Lian Yue had been missing in front of Ye Chong ever since.

The Coxcomb carried on sailing smoothly, with the destination being the Rainbow planet in the Fal galaxy. Gandhanra was as superior as expected, as Shang carried out all sorts of acceleration test and turning test, which the outcome impressed Ye Chong. The Coxcomb had forsaken his former sluggish self and had become an acrobat in the space. Ye Chong could not imagine the foe locking on the Coxcomb on a rampage.

"Ye. Come over. Fast," interrupted Shang, when Ye Chong was producing Beauty’s Secretion.

The few words of Shang had summoned everyone to the captain’s room.

The largest projectors in the room were projecting two Dawn mechs chasing a powership. Ye Chong recognized the powership. It was the ship piloted by that Darklight Pilot. Few days back he had been fighting with the pilot continuously, so its imagery had been imprinted in his head.

"Wait, 2 Dawns?" Ye Chong was skeptical of what he saw, as the sight was ridiculous with two substandard Dawn mechs chasing a powership containing one of the most skillful pilots who - country to his expectation - was running gracelessly.

"Nothing strange," Zhu Ling seemed to have gotten Ye Chong’s implication. "That Pilot of Darklight should have been defeated by Feng Su."

The overhaul the Coxcomb had undergone was so major that the two Dawn mechs and powership could not recognize as they accelerated, assuming him to be a random passerby.

"Given that the Pilot of Darklight was not piloting the ship, it should be Little Rock inside," stated Shang. "Ye, why don’t we save him? He’s quite good you know."


"Right. He’s a genius in calculation."

"Genius?" Lian Yue who was standing by Zhu Ling snorted, "Such convenience, we would soon see geniuses sold in different packs at the local convenience store soon. Like when did genius become so common that a random person zooming in the space could be one? I ca-"


Something on the projection caught Ye Chong’s attention.

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