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It’s an engine - that was what Ye Chong identified at first glance. The circuit partially visible over the silvery main body, the seamless arc, the condensed structure, those were the charmer in Ye Chong’s eyes. He was not that well-versed in engine expertise, but it would not stop him from loving this particular engine. He was convinced, utterly convinced, of the liveliness running deep down in the thumping mechanical arteries on the entity, although it might be a mere glance he took.

"Shang, where is this from exactly?" Ye Chong was feeling peculiar. Anyone would have felt peculiar if one hefty thing suddenly popped out of nowhere, especially when this was not an engine for mechs, rather it was for spaceships.

"Oh my Ye…" Lian Yue seductively approached, "This? You like this? It’s my masterpiece, you like it? If you like it, I could g-i-v-e it to you. Only for you, as I am… well… hmm… for you." His eyes were lustrous with an alluring glow.

"I prefer guns," flatly he replied, which shattered the loving expression on the handsome face of Lian Yue. "Oh?!" He was stunned at first, then his eyes burst with a blazing passion as they looked upon Ye Chong endearingly. If one were to give a close observation at the features of Lian Yue, one could see some unknown liquid tainting the corner of his slightly opened lips. Ye Chong was finding this anomaly somehow bizarre to him. It almost felt as if a carnivore was eyeing its prey.

The bizarreness sent chills to his spine, goosebumps lumped over his skin. This guy has some issues…

Disregarding the peculiarity, he shifted his attention back onto the engine.

Shang then introduced, "Ye, this is Lian Yue’s reworked design on the engine in accordance with the blueprint found in my databank. Even though the engine is 10% less efficient than the MPA main warship unit, the required materials to build this engine has become much more less demanding, which could be replaced by most common materials. Theoretically it is also more agile in making turns. Well, this is the first product we have developed, fresh from the oven, we still need a test drive for this."

Ye Chong’s large eyes swung over Lian Yue at the side. I never expected this strange person to be so skillful! I have seen the print Mu Shang provided before, those lines and circles were as if heavenly sent for me, I could not even identify where the exhaust was located.

Ye Chong had the talent and skill in technical field, so he could naturally understand what the strange guy had achieved. The strange guy should have a great foundation in his skills and a daring personality to attempt the new, for he was able to gain senses over all the design plans while giving them the necessary tweaks to renew the design. The creativity was something really uncommonly precious to Ye Chong. It only took an engine and 3 minutes for Lian Yue to ascend as one of the greatest persons in Ye Chong’s mind. Ye Chong was one believer of strength speaking louder than words after all and the strength Lian Yue demonstrated was more than enough to win over his respect.

And Lian Yue stood there proudly.

Zhu Ling’s expression remained unchanged, although the emotion was brewing inside her. She had not been exposed to the components of a warship, but she could tell so much just from seeing that mech with missing arm alone. She speculated and wondered, "A technique of MPA? Where in the 5 galaxies they got this? And this person with questionable gender was actually a super expert? I mean the person would have gotten the Master title in the Sanctuary with such craftsmanship.

Provided that her sister had not shown Ye Chong’s face clearly on the projection Zhu Ling once was given, Zhu Ling would have suspected that Ye Chong was in fact an apprentice under her sister’s teaching. Those two were the mysterious. The pilot of that handicapped mech had never left the cabin. This is too weird, I could not imagine a pilot living inside a mech for almost eternity. He *is* living inside, I had never seen him coming out for food or hydration…

And the potency that Ye Chong demonstrated had gone beyond her sister’s description.

Her head was rumbling yet her mouth was sealed tight, as experience advised her to stay silent at all cost. That unnecessary curiosity of hers would only make her death worse. Being as alert as Ye Chong, she remained silent.

Lian Yue was passionate towards both Ye Chong and Zhu Ling, but strangely he acted as if he saw a black hole when it came to Shang. He would suddenly become docile and kind, which Ye Chong really wondered what Shang had done to the strange kind. But whenever he inquired Shang regarding this, "Hehehehehehehe!" Shang would unleash a kind of incomprehensible grin.

The engine was called "Gandhanra". The name was given by its creator, Lian Yue. The concept of this naming was apparently based on a myth from the ancients where there was one goddess whose appearance was beautiful and angelic, captivating and loving. Whenever she glided past the sky, petals of flowers would shower the ground as the gorgeous symphony for the angels would be rung. Shang, the poet of the team, was extremely satisfied towards the given name. So the engine retained its exotic name.

The largest shipyard at the pirates’ base was filled with busy engineering units flying around, where sometimes the bright light of laser welding could be discerned. The site was livelier than ever, which people at first glance would have assumed it being some major construction happening under the sponsorship of a large company. The workers were working hard, sweating blood, dripping life, without a rant, without a word. The blood and sweat were to keep their life. These works were nothing compared to their own life.

The progression was rapider than Ye Chong had expected, as he was a little unsettled when he was informed that the ship had been completed.

Right before the newborn gigantic craft the group of pirates stood tidily in a row. They were viewing, they were observing, but they did not seem to be at ease. Their expression told worries and agitation as if they were facing the ultimate enemy on their final cruise.

Shang made a quick inspection on the entire warship. The construction had been completed. To ensure airtight confidentiality he actually broke the whole construction into different parts and let the pirates to take each of them. So what the pirates were fearing was Shang’s inspection on their work performance, where there could be consequences for the underperformed works.

The clown mech was leading the entire team, where its members feared to even lift their eyes upon. Their stares were illustrating the clown mech as if the reaper with spears rather than a machine.

Men would only be left with frailness after they lost their bravery.

Regarding that winged mech right next to the clown, it was something that no one would dare to look down upon, despite its ridiculous appearance had been an ongoing subject brought up the pirates during their mundane cruise. Well it was evident for the winged mech was being able to stand right next to the notorious clown killer. No one would believe that it was claimed to be harmless.

"Mhm." Shang pondered, "Pass." The syllable was the most gorgeous tone the pirates believed they had ever heard in their life, where a loud sigh of relief could be heard in the shipyard.

Ye Chong was really curious of the Coxcomb’s appearance after the makeover since he was absent throughout the construction. Shang was the director of everything.


Under Shang’s call, every pirate got onto the engineering mechs and started moving again, as they rose like a swarm of bees, flying towards the supporting stand.


And the support was dismantled into million pieces which the pirates dropped to the aside right after.

The Coxcomb had been reborn, with a brand new appearance.

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