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Hei De was vexed. Ever since he took over the pirate crew not long ago, all sorts of problems sprang out. Two days ago, they lost a ship to a thief, and he was only informed much later by an underling. This frustrated him to no end, since that starship was the one modified by that crazy guy, to be used for his own safety. Now they had lost a ship for no apparent reason, and it was so d*mn frustrating.

They were pirates, and they were robbed. What a f*cking joke. He dared not spread the word, however. If the pirates knew about this, he would become the butt of their jokes.

Just when he was about to search for his beloved evacuation ship, he saw that exact ship flying past him and his crew. However, Hai De did not move even a muscle.

That was because his stolen starship was keenly pursued by dozens of mechs flying behind it. Heavens, weren’t those the Sanctuary’s mechs? If any of Cyana Galaxy’s space pirates do not recognise the Sanctuary, then they might as well kill themselves first. The Sanctuary was now the true ruler of Cyana Galaxy.

Could he or she be the Sanctuary’s wanted fugitive? Hai De thought with dismay. He could only pray that the Sanctuary did not blame him for the starship. He was at least aware of how his crew would fare against them.

The matter had troubled him for days, and he was having trouble sleeping, his eyes wide open at night. The boss was not in a good mood, and the underlings stayed out of trouble for the most part. These days, the pirates behaved, careful not to provoke his ire.

Fortunately, the Sanctuary made no move against them. Hence, Hai De became more cheerful, and approved another "hunting trip". Bored from his past few days of hiding, Hai De decided to lead the hunt himself.

It seemed that their back luck was over, as their hunt was particularly fruitful. The loot from a mid sized trading fleet would not only replenish their supplies, but also provide them with more mechs to strengthen their crew.

"As expected, surviving a great disaster would lead to good fortune …" Hai De mused to himself.

However, before he was done musing, he came to realize how when one was at the peak of happiness, disaster would follow.

A dilapidated warship suddenly appeared before the space pirates. Heavens, a warship! Aside from the Sanctuary, no one had heard of anyone else owning a warship. Even the largest pirate crews only have their own starships. Even if they have a warship, they would not dare to show it to the world. These days, the arrogant ones died faster.

In fact, Hai De did not think much of this warship. It moved so slowly likely a turtle, and looked heavily damaged. However, a warship was still a warship. The cannon barrels were a constant reminder to Hai De that the other party was not to be messed with.

"Was it the Sanctuary? Black Cove? The MPA? The Freedom Alliance?" All the major powers came to mind, but the warship did not look like any of them. Even so, he treaded very carefully.

Of course they would give way, this was a warship! Who would dare to mess with someone who dared to fly a warship in the Sanctuary’s territory? Hai De yelled hastily at his underlings - a few of the pirate ships were still anchored in the way.

The warship did not leave, but was heading straight towards them.

Hai De instantly felt that something was wrong. Was it trying to rob them? Robbing their own?

Just then, one of his underlings came to report panickedly, "Boss, bad news … Bad news, they want to speak with you personally."

Just then, one of the pirate ships was blasted into smithereens with a thick blue beam. All the pirates froze in place, afraid to attract attention to themselves and become the next target.

The fire from the explosion illuminated Hai De’s pallor.

Ye Chong could not be bothered with the details. He left it all to Shang. This kind of intimidation act was always Shang’s favourite. Ye Chong believed that no one would lie when facing Shang.

The way Ye Chong saw it, instead of wasting time here, he should be spending time on his training. Zhu Ling was completely absorbed in her training, not concerning herself with other affairs. Compared to Ye Chong, she seemed to have a more systematic training regime. Besides, she was getting used to maneuvering Overwing, and this made her even more devoted to her training. As an elite squad member, she was definitely capable, and Overwing allowed her to showcase her strengths even more.

Ye Chong would sometimes watch her train. The mech’s wings that would never move under his piloting now came to life in Zhu Ling’s hands, performing some inexplicable feats. However, it was Overwing’s powerful movements that truly surprised Ye Chong. It moved so fast that it could even surpass Han Jia. The thought of obtaining such a powerful mech but unable to use it himself was frustrating.

Nevertheless, Ye Chong quickly got over it. The wiser way forward would be to make full use of all available resources at his disposal.

He wondered what Shang was doing to that poor leader of the pirates now. He seemed to be howling and shouting even more pitifully than that Mr Yin from last time.

What Ye Chong should do now was to organize his findings from his days training with the Darklight pilot, and train himself long enough that those new insights become part of himself.

Ye Chong’s training was finally interrupted. He knew it must be a result of Shang’s triumph.

When Shang brought a young man into Coxcomb, Ye Chong asked plainly, "Is this the guy?"

Shang gave a laugh and said, "Should be him. I didn’t expect him to be such a handsome man, hehehe. Ye, worry not, I’ve verified his identity …"

Bam! Shang let go, and the young man fell straight down, slamming straight into solid ground. He quickly stood up, and the first thing he did after was to check if his clothing was dirtied. He adjusted his clothing, looking unperturbed.

The guy’s physique was alright, seeing that he was unharmed from his long fall to the ground.

If anything, he looked like an eyesore. If not for his flat chest, Ye Chong would have thought he was actually of the opposite sex. His delicate eyes gleamed oddly, or seductively, using Shang’s vocabulary. His skin was smooth and like a lady’s, and his features were well balanced. If he wore a lady’s garments, no one would suspect him to be a man.

He ran his fingers along his golden hair. Fortunately, Ye Chong was steady enough to not openly gape at him.

The man finally realized Ye Chong’s presence, and gasped, "Ah, handsome, I didn’t think there’d be someone handsome here, I like it." He stepped swiftly to Ye Chong, his delicate eyes studying Ye Chong carefully, his slender fingers making to give Ye Chong a warm welcome.

Just when his fingers barely touched Ye Chong, Ye Chong’s made a move with his right hand, and the man was back at Shang’s feet like a sandbag.

Ye Chong asked Shang, "You’re sure this is the one?"

Shang gave another laugh. "He’s called Lian Yue, an interesting person."

Ye Chong was indifferent. "Do what you have to." He then casually made his way to the alchemist laboratory.

Just then, Lian Yue looked up from the floor, his face full of disbelief and he spoke, "You, you would really hit me?"

Just then, Zhu Ling exited the mech training room. She was drenched in sweat, and her tight-fitting combat uniform accentuated her body’s curves. Sweat rolled down along her cheeks to her sharp chin, and dripped down to the floor. Her face was blushing from her vigorous exercise, making her even more attractive.

Zhu Ling took a glance at Lian Yue on the ground. Of course, it was a short glance.

"Wah, a beauty! Is this heaven? There’s a handsome man and a beautiful lady. Hey beauty, wait …" Lian Yue moved so deftly like he was not hurt at all, quickly making his way before Zhu Ling, his face wearing an expression of flattery as he held onto Zhu Ling’s hands. "My beauty …"

Zhu Ling glared coldly at the guy who appeared out of nowhere. She planted a heavy right kick into his abdomen, sending him back to Shang’s feet even faster than the last time.

Zhu Ling did not look back at him as she returned to her room.

A long moment passed before Lian Yue finally lifted his face, looking very sorrowful and full of disbelief. "You, you would hit me too?"

To Lian Yue, this was a most memorable occasion. All this while, he had always been fawned upon due to his looks, and no one had ever really hit him. Today, however, he was hit, twice. Truly, this was a heavy blow to both his body and soul.

Nonetheless, when Lian Yue saw the metals laboratory and modification room, his eyes shone as brightly as when Ye Chong and Zhu Ling when they first saw them. The look on his face when he caressed those world class instruments was enough to make Ye Chong cringe and leave the laboratory.

Shang spent his days with Lian Yue in deep discussions. One could hear the occasional lewd laughter resonating about the Coxcomb, as the starship finally lived up to its name.

However, this became a problem for Hai De and his pirate crew. The warship had essentially anchored itself at their base, and seemed reluctant to leave. The pirates were all anxious. While they had the advantage in numbers, Hai De knew that his underlings were just a motley crew, all scared to death. Besides, who knew what was inside the warship? It could be a full army of mechs. Best if they be cautious.

As for his meeting with the one-armed mech, it was hellish. He would prefer to never relive it ever again.

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