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Chapter 221: Mu’s Weapon
"Everyone, I think it’s time for you all to leave." Ye Chong declared plainly.
With the exception of Meng Fei’er, wearing a complicated expression, the rest of them all felt relieved. All this while, they were afraid that this cold young man would kill them all in the end, since he never did seem particularly merciful. Tying up loose ends like that was a sure way to keep things a secret, and Ye Chong certainly knew that. However, even though Ye Chong was not one to squirm when it came to killing, this did not mean that he enjoyed doing it. He still remembered how much he yearned to meet another human being back on the trash planet.
Besides, he was slowly realizing that there were many other methods that were as effective as killing.
As an example, Shang had demonstrated this method called "threatening" on planet Blue Ocean. Ye Chong thought it was a very creative way of doing things. Little did he know that Shang was only imitating what he saw in the movies.
Ye Chong stuck to this method. A good method did not depend on how often he used it, but on whether the all the conditions required were met.
Ye Chong asked Mu to search the virtual world for any information related to these five people. The report was filled with so many details that perhaps even they themselves were not aware of it all. Hence, when Ye Chong went through them in his steady and cold demeanor, the five of them all paled until their faces were all drained of blood.
Ye Chong never imagined that his expression and intonation, together with what he was doing right then, would make such a perfect match. The five of them stared at Ye Chong with fearful eyes, as though they were facing the Devil that came straight from the Underworld.
The five of them had already decided that this young man came from some aristocratic family. To them, only an aristocrat could gather so much intel. The power of aristocratic families was not one they could stand against. Before Ye Chong had finished, the five of them had decided to forever keep secret everything that had happened. The consequences of doing otherwise were devastating. They shuddered at the thought of their loved ones suffering due to their indiscretion.
When Coxcomb landed on an inhabited planet at the far edges of Tappero Galaxy, Ye Chong had decided to let them leave.
This was, after all, right at the edges of the Tappero Galaxy. The war had not reached here, the locals still living a normal life. Only the occasional expression of fear on their faces betrayed any traces of the war.
As the hatch opened, all of them could not wait to leave. However, in order not to offend the young man, they still walked slowly to the hatch. Meng Fei’er looked back at Ye Chong, her eyes filled with emotions as she bit her tender lips. Her eyes were unreadable to Ye Chong.
"Fei’er!" This came from Vicente, who loved her as much as his own daughter. He shook his head and sighed softly.
Vicente shook Meng Fei’er out of her reverie. She gathered herself and returned to her team. Pa Er also looked back occasionally, but his eyes were directed at Ye Chong’s metal laboratory, obviously reluctant to leave that world class laboratory.
After the five of them left, Ye Chong could finally do as he wished in the starship. In truth, Coxcomb had too many things unsuited for public knowledge. However, after the five of them left, Ye Chong’s work could finally begin.
Ye Chong had too many things to do. Mu was able to procure a good amount of rare metals through some his crafty ways. Today, these metals were all strictly controlled materials. Ye Chong could only marvel at Mu’s resourcefulness.
At the same time, Ye Chong also received some of the Five Galaxies’ most advanced laboratory equipment. These equipment were all very costly, and were only built upon request. They had only completed them days ago, and delivered them to Ye Chong after contacting Mu. More th

an a hundred mech pilots had escorted the goods to them. When Ye Chong saw their grand entourage, he thought he was seeing space pirates!
With these equipment, Ye Chong could do even more.
Mu finally took out his weapon schematics. His excitement from receiving those new equipment was quickly replaced by deep vexation. Ye Chong had never seen Mu produce any simple schematics - all of them were unthinkably dense. This time was no exception.
Ye Chong could only determine from its profile that it was probably an energy gun. However, the insides were filled with photon circuits so complicated that Ye Chong could only wonder - was it really just an energy gun?
Fortunately, Ye Chong did not lack the eagerness to study. Besides, mechs were always something he was interested in, and mech weapons were important components to a mech. Whatever schematic Mu produced would definitely be nothing ordinary, and if Mu would use the weapon himself, then it must be something extraordinary.
Ye Chong could not remember how many days had passed since he began to study the schematics. He did not mind it at all. Ye Chong was obsessed with his studies now, the way the Aurora’s elders could be. Once he understood it, Ye Chong began to build the weapon.
Ye Chong’s recent mastery of minute motor control now came in handy. The energy gun’s inner photon circuits were intricate and complicated, and Ye Chong felt like he was treading on ice as he put the circuit together, slowly and carefully. Any mistakes, and he would have to start all over again. Fortunately, the process went quite smoothly, thanks to Ye Chong’s inhumanly steady hands.
Nonetheless, the immense pressure was suffocating. When Ye Chong was finished with the main parts of the photon circuits, he felt much relieved. However, he made some errors in smelting the energy ores, since it was his first time handling them.
From trans-mutated energy ores, one could synthesize high quality metals. Some had surfaces like ocean waves, gleaming in a metallic blue luster. This was an energized blue zinc. The emery gold looked just as impressive. The metallic ingot was interspersed with gold glitter, and shone with a surprisingly sharp dazzle. All the metals purified from these trans-mutated energy ores were beautiful. Ye Chong kept them everywhere in the laboratory, and the laboratory now looked like a jewelry shop, and was probably the most dazzling laboratory in the world.
According to Mu, after these metals undergone an energy transmutation, their properties could become the very difference. Of course, Ye Chong was not aware of the rarity of energy ores. In truth, energy ores were rarer than he thought. The conditions for ores to undergo an energy transmutation process were highly coincidental. Ye Chong was simply very lucky this time.
No matter how attractive something was, it was simply human nature to gradually get used to it. Ye Chong did not pay further attention to those aesthetically impressive metal ingots, and continued with his work.
When Ye Chong was finally done, he took much pride in his work.
Recursion was a sniper rifle measuring six meters in length, its slender body looking quite fragile, lacking the menacing quality of a weapon. The gun was in alternating blues and whites, matching Mu’s body, but the inside of the gun’s barrel was lined with a thin layer of emery gold. The blue surface was covered in a natural wave texture, like the masterpiece of an art maestro. At the tip of the rifle was a large blue optical targeting scope, looking a little odd and out of place.
In general, however, the rifle had a simple appearance. Ye Chong included none of the ornamental designs in the schematics, since he could not be bothered with those useless features.
As the one who built the weapon, Ye Chong was confident of the power of this sniper rifle with the name Recursion. Its high accuracy was not due to the blue optical targeting scope on the rifle body. Recursion’s targeting system and Mu’s holographic scanning system were linked, enabling long distance shooting accuracy.
The optical targeting scope was an addition of Ye Chong’s. From his experience on the primary planet, Ye Chong found the geomagnetic interference negatively affecting Mu’s holographic scanning system, reducing its effective range greatly. It would be better to use the traditional way of optical targeting in similar situations. Ye Chong installed the scope for this purpose, and Mu agreed with his decision.
In truth, Ye Chong had another idea. He found that field interferences could be fatal in battles involving mechs or warships. The way most mech pilots were unfamiliar with optical systems was astonishing to Ye Chong. He thought back then that such interferences were advantageous for him, and creating this interference in an artificial way would be beneficial for him. Of course, realizing this idea was still quite difficult.
Recursion did not fire heat rays or laser beams, but a beam composed of recursive particle waves. Of course, Ye Chong had never heard of it. The most powerful wave he knew of was the nanowaves. In truth, if the rifle shot out nanowaves, Ye Chong was prepared to believe that the weapon was designed by the MPA. The style was too similar to theirs. Even now, Ye Chong suspected that this weapon was actually an advanced mech weapon of the MPA. However, when it came to the complicated relationship between Mu and the MPA, if Ye Chong asked Mu about it, the mech would probably reply with, "Based on available information, the origin is unknown!"
Recursion could also fire recursive particle cannon shots. Should he call it a cannon instead? Ye Chong imagined Mu with Recursion in hand, a massive beam exiting the rifle’s barrel towards a vulnerable part of the enemy’s warship with incredible accuracy, destroying the warship with one hit. Ye Chong mourned for whatever enemy that would cross Mu’s path in the future.
In addition to Recursion, Ye Chong also made a close range rapid fire device for Mu. Ye Chong knew from watching Mu’s fight with the iron lizard that he could definitely use a close range weapon like a lance, but Mu seemed to prefer shooting more, and so Ye Chong’s suggestion was rejected.
According to Mu’s suggestion, Ye Chong also chose red titanium, an especially strong material to make a dagger. This dagger looked exactly like the one Gu Shaoze gifted to Ye Chong, but with much better properties. Red titanium was red in color; after energy transmutation, it turned into a darker shade of red, like blood. Ye Chong’s dagger looked marvelous - from its red luster and blood-red handle, one could tell that it was no ordinary weapon. However, Ye Chong was vexed by it. While the energy transmutation greatly enhanced the metal’s properties, the polished luster was too eye-catching.
With all of his work completed, Ye Chong finally relaxed.
Mu was happy with Recursion, seeing that he quickly slung it onto his back. After Mu was completely charged, he would be covered with a layer of mysterious luster. With the blue-white Recursion on his back, Ye Chong believed that Mu would make a formidable entrance.
While Ye Chong encountered a few space pirates along the way, none of them dared to challenge the massive Coxcomb. The journey went smoothly. The MPA was apparently still occupied with controlling Tappero. Ye Chong had came by a few of the MPA’s warships, but they had all flew past Coxcomb hastily without paying him attention.
Since Mu had spent a lot of time instructing Ye Chong to build Recursion, using up even Shang’s time, Shang would spend more time outside in his next turn. This was the result of a discussion between Mu and Shang. Shang was positively intoxicated when he described his victory.
According to their plan, they were now heading towards Fal Galaxy to investigate matters concerning his Papa, which had troubled Ye Chong ever since he found out. Ye Chong was determined to get to the bottom of it. Shang, on the other hand, waved Recursion wildly and clamored about bulldozing over anyone who stood in their way. Ye Chong could only smile helplessly at him.
Mu had already set the flight course for Ye Chong. While Ye Chong was busy with building Recursion, Coxcomb was following its planned trajectory. Now, they had reached the midpoint between Tappero and Fal.
Tappero and Fal were not joined. Between them was a wide gap of no man’s territory, a vast, empty space without even a single planet in it. They could only reach Fal with a warp jump, and Mu had already calculated where they should do this.
Fal Galaxy was the one galaxy Ye Chong was most familiar with. They were close now. Ye Chong looked out towards the stars through the window, falling into a reverie.
"Here we go!" Shang yelled enthusiastically as he initiated the warp jump.

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