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As he exited from Lan Yixing’s room, Ye Chong’s mind was filled with Lan Yixing’s demonstration. Powerful! It was too powerful! Ye Chong was stupefied. He walked quickly and silently back to his room. What he wanted to do now was to imitate Lan Yixing’s demonstration earlier and identify the key to those moves. While Lan Yixing had already pointed out the places where he should take note of, achieving true mastery was not a simple process.

He closed the doors carefully but did not begin immediately. Instead, he began to rewind Lan Yixing’s words in his head. Ye Chong sat still like an old monk, and Shang sensibly left him alone.

Ye Chong sat like that for an entire 30 minutes.

Abruptly, Ye Chong’s eyes opened, and began to move!

Ye Chong inhaled deeply. He was too absorbed earlier to notice, but now he could feel the soreness all over his body. These two moves were very demanding; even with his body, just a few rounds of practice was enough to exhaust him.

However, Ye Chong was satisfied with the power of these two moves. He believed that, even against Black Cove mech pilots, he would be able deal with them with these two strange techniques.

However, there were always pros and cons to every technique. These two moves were powerful, but placed a heavy burden on his body. In this respect, combat and mech piloting were similar to each other.

No wonder Lan Yixing was worried for his apprentice. From his tone, these moves did not seem to be any advanced combat moves; even so, they were impossible for regular people. Just how powerful was Lan Yixing, and what did the real advanced combat moves look like? Ye Chong was beginning to look forward to them.

However, Ye Chong could not ponder at those questions just yet. He was now fully occupied with the two moves that Lan Yixing had just taught him. Ye Chong seemed to be deep in thought. As he grew more proficient with these two moves, he seemed to realize something amusing.

"Black Cove was not the only school of combat experts." Such was Ye Chong’s realization.

Lan Yixing did not fully understand why he would indulge in Ye Chong’s interests. He thought of those instructions as consolatory since he had tried to teach them before to two other students, and neither of them had managed to master them. How could a new apprentice like Mo Fei be able to learn something so complicated?

Ths thought brought a mocking smile to his lips - to think that his gains and losses would affect him so much. Lan Yixing could not help but heave a long sigh.


Rui Bing sat beside Wei Yuan. Wei Yuan was mostly healed now. With current technology, as long as it was not instant death, injuries could usually be managed. Wei Yuan said nothing after he woke up, but insisted on staying beside Rui Bing at all times. Rui Bing was annoyed, but she was also moved inside. Wei Yuan’s pitiful look was endearing, and so she let him be. She also thought it odd - why would that mech leave Wei Yuan with her that day?

Could that mech’s pilot knew her? Impossible! The thought was quickly dismissed. Since young, her social ties were fairly simple and limited. She could not recall knowing anyone who could pilot a mech.

Suddenly, it was as if she was struck by lightning! A person’s figure began to emerge clearly in her mind!

Could it be him?

Rui Bing fell into a daze.

After a long moment, she recovered and laughed quietly at herself. What was with her? How could it be him? Such a coincidence was highly unlikely! Besides, the other party may just be simply getting rid of Wei Yuan, but happened to toss him in her direction.

Wei Yuan watched as Rui Bing’s icy profile changed into a myriad of expressions. He was curious, but kept his thoughts to himself. He already found out what happened that day from this seemingly cold lady. As for the details, Wei Yuan was always very careful with them, or he would not have recognized YC from his footwork. After some detailed questioning, he immediately realized that all was not what it seemed to be.

He would never believe that YC would rescue him, only to toss him aside. If that was the case, then YC would never have saved him in the first place. There must be a reason behind this. Wei Yuan’s first thought was that YC knew the beautiful and cold lady, and knew that she would be able to catch him too. Else, the whole exercise of rescuing him and tossing him aside, only for him to die from the throw, was a pointless one that YC would never do based on his personality that valued efficiency.

While he did not know YC, and had never had any direct contact with him, he still believed that he could understand YC to a certain degree.

On the other hand, who was the one who ambushed him? Why would YC save him?

Numerous questions nagged at him, but he could not make heads nor tails out of them. However, he was certain that this icy beauty was definitely related to YC, and the only link he had to YC.

While this may all just be a result of his imagination, he was unwilling to let go of this possibility, which may be his final hope. That was why he insisted on sticking around this beautiful and cold lady. He had spoke to his father and came up with an excuse. Fortunately, his track record of honesty helped in convincing his father that nothing was amiss. He then contacted the school and offered another excuse to apply an extended period of leave.

He must find YC, no matter what!

There was light knocking on the door, and Wei Yuan took a glance at the cold beauty sitting upright beside him. Rui Bing knitted her brow slightly, but did not move from her position. The knocking continued, and still Rui Bing did not move, but her displeasure was now apparent. No matter how obtuse Wei Yuan was, he could still recognize the icy beauty’s expression.

The visitor was was determined, and the knocking did not cease.

Wei Yuan took another glance at the icy beauty before going to the door himself and opening it.

Outside was a young man with delicate features and an easy expression. He held himself with great refinement, and smiled gently when he saw Wei Yuan behind the door. "You’re up now, Junior Brother? How’s your hand?" His gentle expression of care was refreshing.

"Yes." Wei Yuan answered, and stood to the side for him to enter.

"Ah, Senior Sister Bing is also here." The young man greeted Rui Bing with a smile. "So the beauty’s name is Bing. Her name is true to her nature," thought Wei Yuan.

"Junior Brother Hua, is something the matter?" Rui Bing wore her usual icy expression, but one could read a certain dismissive tone in her words.

"There’s a fair on chemist spices, first of the year in the Bekaert township this afternoon. Shangmei would appreciate your company, if you are willing?" Hua Shangmei still wore a gentle expression with a charming smile, and he was looking very confident of himself.

It seemed that there was nothing in particular about this undeniably handsome young man that was offensive to Wei Yuan. However, when he noticed the fiery enthusiasm in his eyes, Wei Yuan still felt an unexplainable discomfort. In the end, Wei Yuan was only a 14-year-old. He worshipped YC, and had decided that this icy beauty who had saved his life definitely had a deep relationship with YC.

Seeing Hua Shangmei’s advance made Wei Yuan uncomfortable. He had unconsciously decided that Rui Bing was a lady friend of YC, and should not be tainted.

Rui Bing’s expression turned even colder, and spoke with some displeasure, "Junior Brother Hua, please mind yourself!"

For some reason, hearing those words made Wei Yuan, observing silently from the side, relax a little.

Hua Shangmei maintained his composure and apologized, "My apologies if I had offended you, Senior Sister. It’s just that Shangmei noticed that Senior Sister has been staying in your room every day, and wanted to relieve your boredom by inviting you for an excursion. Please do not be offended." Even when apologizing, Hua Shangmei still behaved courteously without any awkwardness, making him difficult to dislike.

Rui Bing may not like him, but seeing his easy demeanor and refined ways made her pleased on Uncle Hua’s behalf, to have such a good student. However, Rui Bing had no intention of giving him hope, merely replying with her usual coldness, "Thank you for consideration, Junior Brother Hua. I understand. However, please do not bother me with such trivialities!" Rui Bing spoke ruthlessly, her firm attitude allowing for no misunderstanding.

Hua Shangmei’s expression immediately turned unpleasant!

Wei Yuan watched satisfyingly from the side. He did not like the fellow, and now that Sister Bing had spoke so mercilessly, Wei Yuan felt an irrational sense of joy. "Hmph, for someone like Sister Bing, YC is of course the only suitor!" he thought.

The room was plunged into an awkward atmosphere. Just then, Deng Chong rushed into the room and yelled loudly, "Second Senior Brother, Senior Sister Bing, we have visitors! We have visitors!"

By then, Hua Shangmei had already gathered himself. Seeing Deng Chong all excited, he took the chance to change topic, "By your looks, I’d say they must be someone interesting!" Deng Chong was a combat enthusiast, and had always wanted to fight against other experts. His excited look was enough to let Hua Shangmei understand the situation.

"Hehe, you know me best, Second Senior Brother!" Deng Chong grinned, and said something else that brought new gravity to the situation, "The Zuo family from Tian Luo is also here!"

"What?" Hua Shangmei gasped. Rui Bing’s eyes gleamed with sharp hostility!

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