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A piece of shield of a mech zoomed towards both of them. It was rapid, it was stunning. Although the shield piece would be considered small for a mech, it had a diameter about 2 meters and it was wholly made out of alloy, which one could imagine its weight! One could tell the forcefulness in its motion by that piercing sound it made when slicing through the air. The piece could easily harm anyone in contact, be it a cut or a touch.

Judging by its direction, obviously it was aiming directly at the two men who just entered the accommodation!

Hua Shangmei was not known as a martial art expert with nothing, he reacted in extreme speed as he subconsciously exerted force on both his waist and feet, launching himself to the other side of the room, with the shield piece sliding through! The powerful air flow scratched his face. Holding the pain, he was not able to celebrate that close shave he dodged as his heart crashed down to the ground while he was in the air. "Damn!" His face was drained!

I’m done. That was the remaining thought in his head. Although he only took a glance, he estimated the weight of the piece quickly. An object with such mass traveling at such horrifying speed, its force was not something controllable with man force. If one ever got smashed by the shield, man, that would be like a pounder on a splat of meat. Hua Shangmei’s face turned paler in a whole new degree the moment he imagined how he could possibly be smashed with limbs jumping all around.

An expert like him too suffered a close shave, that janitor new apprentice from September dojo was probably going to survive at a chance less than zero.

The sound of the piece crashing roared throughout the ground. Veil of dust cloaked the entire place.

Hua Shangmei twitched as he feared the orientation becoming a goner in his hands… Now how was he going to explain this to September dojo?

He was still able to demonstrate his dexterity under such a drastic fall. If there were commentators, they were so going to compliment out loud. Hua Shangmei did not care if he was going to be rated 10 upon 10 for his spin, he landed with tip on the ground and twisted his body, setting off a gaze at Ye Chong.

The apprentice of September dojo with his name Mo Fei was intact! And the piece was struck into the ground nearby!

Hua Shangmei was relieved, his face regained vitality, although it was still paler than his usual look. At least it was not dead pale like the moment the crash happened. Doubts filled his head when he saw Mo Fei being alive, he was skeptical, "No way." He couldn't believe his eyes. No way he would have made an inaccuracy in that quick calculation of his. That piece should have hit where Mo Fei was judging by the trail it travelled.

But, but… why did it change?

Don’t tell me… it was him? He looked at Mo Fei escaping the mortal fate. The disbelief intensified. Did he do something to the armor? No! No. Impossible! The thought was declined straight away. Even if the strongest apprentice, the 3rd member of their brotherhood, the hot-tempered man could never shift the armor piece away without getting hurt!

Well, then what happened?

He wanted to confirm his speculation but that frightened face of Mo Fei reminded him how ridiculous his speculation was.

Technically, no one saw Ye Chong moving between the frames. He tipped the ground and dodged to the side a few degrees away. That blink Ye Chong made was so fast that it was indistinguishable, literally a column of afterimages! Ye Chong shifted to the outer layer of the shield, with his arms crossed and exercised his strength which pushed the shield tilting away from its former direction. He took that split second to return to the previous position of his and acted frightened. Well, it was all thanks to the techniques of execution of strength he learned from Lan Yixing or he would not be able to do it in such leisure even if he managed to push the shield away.

The frightened act though, was an addition out of a reminder from Shang. Ye Chong was not sure if his act was convincing to the only audience in the room though… Well, no time to care, he was more worried if that the crash would attract the Black Covers.

Hua Shangmei was not able to figure things out as everyone in the accommodation came flooding the place before he realized.

"You two donkeys!" He heard the third apprentice shouting on top of his lungs, "I did forbid both of you to do mech combating here! And both of you are here, training in the dark huh! Think we wouldn’t know? Now see what both of you have done! If anything goes wrong, you are so going to get sliced and diced by master!"

Oh, so there were two kiddos having combats on mech here? Really? Hua Shangmei, despite his good-natured personality, also had that desire to smack the two kiddos in the heads since their immature act almost costed his life!

Hua Tiankai, the owner of Tianhua dojo had showed up and he was all solemn and calm as Ye Chong saw him. Despite that, he seemed to be shocked by the crash too. If people would die in his dojo, one could imagine the impact to the image of the dojo. Well the two donkeys were imaginably skewed somewhere soon.

Hua Tiankai could be mad but he did not forsake his courtesy, as he folded his hands, expressing his apology, "It was my lack of discipline in educating my men that caused you such fear."

"It’s okay," flatly Ye Chong replied. Mo Few seemed to have recovered quite well from the impact before, which was impressive to Hua Shangmei.

Ye Chong passed Lan Yixing the microchip. "Now if you would excuse me…" He excused himself and headed back to his room to check out the content of the chip.

"Where’s…" Hua Shangmei saw everyone at the scene, except for Rui Bing, "Where’s Sister Bing? Have anyone seen her? How could she not come out even when a crash happen?"

"Sister Bing went out. She is not here," explained Zhen Zhongxing.

Sister Bing…

Never would Ye Chong imagine that that Sister Bing mentioned by these men was that lass in white garb.

It was not long before Hua Tiankai came out of his room. "Thank you so much." After making sure that his mission had been accomplished, Ye Chong Kindly refused the master’s lunch offer and walked home alone.

"Xuelin… Xuelin…" Xiu was at the outside of the room, her usually fickle voice was ringing excitingly at that moment. Xuelin was surprised.

The sound of furnitures consecutively falling alerted Xuelin. What happened? What if Xiu hurt herself? Did she fall from her chair? Xuelin got up immediately and opened the door to check her cousin out.

Xiu was by her doorstep, breathing heavily apparently. Her fair cheek was reddened by her intense movement. It took Xuelin a while to react towards this unusual Xiu’s expression, "Xiu…? Could you tell me what…happened?"

Xiu was still catching her breath. The running before had consumed too much of her stamina.

"Did uncle come back?" Xiu’s parents were transferred to somewhere far, far away for work and she was left at Xuelin’s home al these years.

"No!" she replied. Her eyes darkened and then was flaring of some kind of peculiar excitement.

"What is it then?" Scratching her head, Xuelin was wondering if this Xiu was an alien in disguise as she could not guess what she was proposing.

"Come!" she grabbed her cousin’s hand, Xiu led Xuelin all the way to the processor in her room. Where did the Xiu I know go? What happened to her today? Where’s that lady-like, suave Xiu? Xuelin was dumbfounded as being dragged.

Xiu took out a piece of chip.

"So, what is that?" Pointed at the thing in Xiu’s hand, that was probably the reason of her excitement.

"You will know once I play it," Xiu turned over as she smiled sweetly in mystery.

She inserted the chip and the processor was prompted to project a visual. Xuelin turned stoned upon seeing the screen.

YC…? YC! This is a visual of YC! I had never seen the recording before! This had to be something new from YC! I remembered it! Xiu and I had bookmarked every visual available! This had to be the new visual! Did YC resurface this time?

It’s been two years! Xuelin’s mind wandered off to her past while her eyes stared at the mech dancing in the visual. After that earth shattering shock she received just now, she no longer felt any stimulation from her idol’s return, which she found surprise of herself on.

Two years were a duration to be considered long of, long enough to change lots of stuffs.

Well, how about myself? Her eyes turned dazed as her mind blanked. Somehow she heard somebody letting off a sigh in her heart. Reminiscing the times when she and her cousin got all hyped up over the mysterious YC, that bitter experience emerged form the bottom of her heart.

YC… that mystifying title countless times she had thought of. Maybe it was less unreal than the mystery of the whereabout of that cousin of Grandpa Qian namely Ye.

The corner of her lips raised into a wry smile. She shook her head slightly and shifted her sight onto Xiu who was all focused on the visual. That expressive eyes of hers somehow was depicting tenacity!

Sigh, did Xiu not yet realize that it was all nothing but a dream? Xuelin who had woken up from the dream was actually troubled from that bitter sensation of her past, even though she felt much more relieved.

Xuelin who was pondering did not notice how Xiu had already laid her glance on her through the eyes’ corner. She blinked a few times, there was something forming in her pupils which grew steadier.

Rui Bing was on the street. That signature white garb of hers was an eye-catcher, especially with her absolute beauty and her unapproachable charm. The passersby turned their heads almost at a rate of 100% on every occurrence. Rui Bing was not disturbed by that as the sight she gathered from the passersby was no discomfort, unlike the constant attention given by those hooligans of Uncle Hua, a total headache. She utterly despised their behavior. And she could not express her disgust as she concerned the pride of Uncle Hua, so she could only keep her fists and let the hooligans act on their will.

To spend her life better, she decided to leave Tianhua dojo with an excuse for the day. She strolled on the street. Windstar planet was a planet for tourism, the scenery was gorgeous, the landscape was unique and there were a variety of tiny stores at both sides of the streets selling fancy things. Rui Bing was entertained throughout the walk.

"No!! No! No!" Wei Yuan piloting his mech traveling at full speed to his school. He overslept this morning! All because of the training! He did it too much that he forgot the hours. The mech flew low as the mech was not really outstanding at its capacity. It was a really normal mech, of course it would be a losing match if Wei Yuan were to set off into the sky high to squeeze into the flock of other mechs. So he succumbed to flying low since one would be affected by the difficulties of complicated landscapes and be distracted by the buildings, which justified the drastically lower amount of mechs flying nearer to the ground.

That was not an issue to Wei Yuan with his superior piloting skill so generally flying low resulted in faster travel for him. Oh and there he was, at one road with form of 6 consecutive turnings, the most thrilling path ever of his day!

He did not decelerate. The mech advanced forward in high speed.

Oh wait! He remembered how YC performed consecutive curvy turns in his visuals. Such an opportunity to use it! Wei Yuan’s heart boiled in eagerness. That was actually the Black Covers’ Double Curved Steps, inspired by the 4 bodyguards of Mr. Robert. Ye Chong put it into the movement of mechs, though it was unexpected that Wei Yuan picked it up from his visuals. Wei Yuan was certainly a genius of some sort.

Wei Yuan however was not aware what laid ahead of him for his eager attempt of performance!

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