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Chapter 185: Brewing Storm I
Rui Bing sat in the starship, looking out from the window to the starry skies, lost in thought! Even here, she sat up with her back straight in her white training garb, her long and dark flowing hair itself a beautiful sight in the starship. With the combination of a combat expert’s typical martial bearing and Rui Bing’s heavenly beauty, the effect was stunning. She had already dismissed at least seven groups of friendly strangers. Of course, a few of them were quite insistent, and Rui Bing did not hesitate to offer them a little warning!
These men, however, reminded her of a certain someone. A man that was as cold and composed as herself! Where was he right now? As she reminisced, Rui Bing’s ice cold expression finally transformed - her lips hooked upwards at the ends and her eyes softened, delivering a heavy blow to all the people who were discreetly watching her! They never realized that this beautiful sight would forever be engraved in their hearts!
They were close to Windstar now. Rui Bing was ready to disembark. She was invited to the planet. Planet Windstar was home to a few dojos, and the master of one of them was close to her father. She would not refuse his invitation to be a referee. Besides, she was curious. She knew that such matches between schools were common, but these events were usually on a very small scale. Even on Blue Ocean, where Rui Bing’s dojo was, there were not many dojos around, and the numbers of students were pitiful. Hence, it had been long since such a friendly match event was organized. Moreover, she had never took part in this kind of event since young, and so was understandably curious about it.
On the other hand, ever since her meeting with Ye Chong two years ago, she had not met a match. During her fight with Ye Chong, she had only discovered the tricks to her family’s more advanced techniques, and so she was defeated by Ye Chong. Now, she was no longer her previous self. The fight with Ye Chong had heavily injured her, but it had also pushed her to new heights. After two years of unrelenting training, she had now reached a new level, one that perhaps surpassed even her father’s!
She looked forward to seeing the professionals on Windstar, perhaps they would turn out to be a pleasant surprise!
WIndstar was a tourist planet. Thus, she was surprised to find so many dojos on the planet! Besides, she heard that there were efforts poured into developing mech battling techniques, something she was interested in. This seemed to attract more apprentices into the local dojos. As for the dojos that did not incorporate this recent trend, they mostly fell into decline.
Most combat experts were conservative to a certain degree, and Rui Bing was no exception. However, she knew that unless the field extended its scope to new areas, the end of combat dojos would be near in sight!
She did not have any huge ambitions like promoting combat expertise to society; she only hoped that her father’s dojo would not close down by her own hands!
Perhaps, she could find a way to keep her dojo alive! She mused. However, the thought of Rui Su's worried expressions and her mother when she was leaving brought a warm sensation to her heart.
The ship entered the docking zone shortly after. She stood up and began to gather her things.
She took her luggage to the ship’s passenger lounge, and waited for the ship to dock. Suddenly, a pair not too far away caught her attention. They were a man and a woman, both wearing cold expressions. The man had a fierce aura, his body as athletic as a leopard. The woman beside him was tall with a similar build, her muscular body apparent under her tight-fitting outfit.
They were both dressed in black, and the people around them somehow kept their distance from them. This made them both stood out even more. However, what Rui Bing noticed was not that, but the aura the

y were both emanating. The aura made her uncomfortable. Rui Bing was an experienced combat expert, and was now even more sensitive due to her improved skills. It was not uncommon for her to have these explainable feelings.
Those two seemed to notice Rui Bing’s attention on them. The man in black glanced briefly at Rui Bing and ignored her. The woman, however, studied Rui Bing thoroughly, her icy gaze bearing a look of contempt.
Rui Bing did not like it, but kept herself composed. For someone at a level like hers, one was judged not only by skills, but also by one’s demeanor.
The ship docked, and the passengers disembarked. However, those two in black stood where they were, right where Rui Bing must pass to leave the ship. Rui Bing lifted her luggage and advanced. When she passed by them, all of a sudden, the woman shot her right elbow outwards!
Rui Bing’s eyes chillingly gleamed. Ever since she glimpsed the profound wonders of advanced combat moves two years ago, her six senses had greatly improved to a degree that even she could not fully understand. The sudden attack was no different than a direct frontal attack to her. Rui Bing’s naturally hanging left hand responded just as quickly, coming into a bend and greeted the opponent!
Thak! A soft impact was heard. In that instant, their elbows collided. The woman in black gasped softly and stepped backwards. Rui Bing, however, held her position. The man at the side stepped minutely to the right and reached for the woman’s waist. The woman landed safely in her partner’s embrace.
The encounter was subtle, and was not noticed by anyone nearby. The woman in black looked surprised, while the man stared coldly at Rui Bing. Rui Bing was undeterred, and stared right back at him. The man suddenly humphed coldly and supported his partner as they left the starship.
Rui Bing kept her features composed, but she was just as surprised inside. Her attack may seem like a careless attack to the other party’s elbow, but she had actually aimed for a spot that would numb that other party’s hand. However, while she managed to hit the woman’s elbow, the woman managed to make her miss her targeted spot. Besides, the woman in black was strong, almost as strong as herself. If she had not used a unique technique to direct internal energy, she would have stepped backwards just like the woman.
What surprised Rui Bing the most was the woman’s pure physical strength! Women were generally physically inferior than men, but the woman in black almost made Rui Bing doubt her gender! What power!
When Rui Bing came out of the ship, the two were nowhere in sight. In the docking area, Rui Bing quickly found her welcoming party.
Rui Bing dragged her luggage along to a middle-aged man with a heavily mustached face, wearing a brown jacket. She bowed slightly and greeted,"Uncle Hua!". Uncle Hua was her father’s best friend who frequently visited her home, and Rui Bing recognized him instantly!
Uncle Hua spoke joyfully, "Bing’er is all grown up now! Uncle Hua nearly couldn’t recognize you! How is your mother?"
"She’s doing well!" Rui Bing bowed slightly and replied in return.
Uncle Hua laughed. "Bing’er is still the same as before!" He turned back to his apprentices as said, "This is your senior sister, Rui Bing, please greet her well!"
The apprentices behind him were all surprised to find Senior Sister Rui Bing that their master always lauded to be such a beauty. Their eyes glowed as they greeted in sync, "Senior Sister!" Their loud voices drew the attention of the people nearby.
Rui Bing bowed slightly and returned the greeting. "Junior brothers!" Her voice was as clear as before.
Uncle Hua’s dojo was the largest on Windstar, called the Tian Hua dojo. It was full of apprentices due to the dojo’s incorporation of mech battle techniques. There was even a mech battleground available. However, since mech battle was not a well developed field, this area was only open to apprentices with higher attainments. The weekly mech battle performances were a popular attraction, more exciting than what one could get from the virtual world. It was well received by the younger people, and many of them had joined the dojo after watching these performances!
Tian Hua dojo had flourished under Uncle Hua’s leadership. His apprentices did not disappoint - they were all skilled in combat, most of them could also pilot mechs, becoming Uncle Hua’s trusted assistants.
Tian Hua dojo provided ample facilities, and housed many apprentices. When they saw the dojo master accompanying a most beautiful lady into the dojo, followed by some rarely seen senior brothers, they all turned to have a good look. However, with the admonishments from their senior brothers, none of them dared to stop their practice, even when their hearts were no longer in it.
News of the arrival of a beauty in the dojo spread quickly. Soon, all of the apprentices were aware of it.
As for Rui Bing, Uncle Hua treated her warmly, and his apprentices all flattered her. However, Rui Bing’s cold expression never changed, like nevermelting ice. While Rui Bing did not express herself much, she still held herself with refinement, and never did anything excessive. This won the approval of the fellow apprentices.
Ye Chong continued his simple daily routine. Lan Yixing saw him as inherently untalented, but since he was willing to work hard, the apprentice was able to perform newly taught moves well enough the day after Lan Yixing introduced them to him. Hence, Lan Yixing would teach Ye Chong a few moves and techniques every day, and leave him be.
By now, Ye Chong had learned much from his daily instructions. His mistakes done before Lan Yixing were only for cover. Leaving the trash planet behind, he was no longer the naive young man that he was before. He always drew attention no matter what he did, and right now, that was exactly what he was trying to avoid. He could only hope that nothing went wrong until Wang Weixing’s return.
As he gained more insights into combat day by day, his mech battle skills had also improved. This was something he did not expect.
Nonetheless, Black Cove’s men must have arrived on Windstar by now. Ye Chong looked through the window at the drizzling rain outside, lost in his thoughts!

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