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Bai Linan was wandering in the hall. He would greet with a nod at anybody coming to him, be the person an acquaintance or a total stranger. He would even have a brief conversation with them. He would say he did not waste the time he spent with his boss, as he got very familiar with such lifestyle and understood deep down inside the meaning behind each gesture at a ballroom.

His sight drifted through the crowd as he was identifying the potential guest worthy for interaction. If he lacked such skill, the efficiency of his effort would be halved. He had been taking all sorts of jobs way before his ballroom career. Being extra cautious had always been his personality, or chances were he might never be able to stand out among the pirates that well and survive till now.

The music rolled on as people scurried to find a partner to dance with so that they could join the dancing crew at the center.

The guests flashed quickly before Bai Linan, which made him wondered if he should get into dancing as well.

Let’s see…



Bai Linan zoned out suddenly. His willow expression went hollow. It was somehow strange as he stared on for the next few seconds. He then rubbed his eyes in strong disbelief. Am I seeing things?

Oh my Robert Sir… What had happened? T-This is too creepy… What sorcery is this?

Bai Linan could conclude that he had never been into such witchcraft before in his entire life, for he actually witnessed Ye Chong leading a lady into a dance! Honestly, it would be less shocking for him to witness a mutated gorilla grabbing a lady and having a Samba at the center with spotlight on. Dancing was nothing amazing, especially when he was an expert himself. Dancing with a woman was absolutely child’s play, of course he would not do a dance with a man to impress anyone as much as Ye Chong did. These premises were so normal, till they were applied on Ye Chong. Creepy! Creepy indeed! The creepiness was unable to be worded!

Did a big bang just occur? Or was there a super nova he was unaware of?

Ye Chong had his hand holding the tender, smooth hand of this unknown lady, which he would have to put a majority of his attention on, since he feared the God-given hand (as stated by Shang) snapping and shattering into a paste of screamer if he would apply slight strength on the grip. Furthermore he was not used to holding people’s hands, there were literally a few instances where he nearly tossed the girl he was holding like a sandbag subconsciously. Fortunately, miraculously he was quick in reaction, as he ceased his muscle movement swiftly… or the music might stop, people might shriek and the center might get evacuated.

"Ye, c’mon, relax a little. Just listen to my instruction. Heh! First, your body must be flexible, not brittle!" Shang’s tone grew prouder somehow.

"Shang, I just hope that your ‘instruction’ would not get any messier! And please don’t ask me to do some weird screwed up stuffs!" The last line of Ye Chong came out quite like a warning.

"Heh! No worries," the devilish sneer gave Ye Chong a shudder. But well, since Ye Chong had already made his first step onto the dance floor, guess he could only make his following steps.

The sole relief to Ye Chong’s situation was this scaredy cat lady acting more nervous than he himself. Ye Chong could even hear her throbbing heart and feel the quivering hand in his grip. For Ye Chong himself, he did not see the point of being nervous at this, since he did not care whatever that could happen on the dance floor. If anything would go wrong, he believed no one could stop him once he hopped into the Guardian. The one, single fear was… probably Shang, who liked to play with fire and he played with it too much! But it seemed more like his usual style… and unavoidable.

Ye Chong was not the foolish kind. He fully observed that one pair of guest already dancing at the center in one glance. The posture of the gent and the placement of his hand over his partner’s body, he mimicked them all, flawlessly.

"Keep your top still, look after the direction of your feet, yes, do it slow. Left feet, radius vector : 6 degree, 40 centimeters away!" Hurrahed the devil.

Ye Chong accurately landed his step at the location stated by Shang.

"Now, right leg of yours, radius vector: 42 degree, 40 centimeters away too!"

Ye Chong again, accurately trod according to the coordinate.

"Great. Now, also your right leg, radius vector: 72 degree, 50 centimeters away this time!"

Ye Chong did as he was exactly told.

"Relax, muscle relax. Your action must not be awkward. Be with the music. When you shift your direction, you exert a little force to your female counterpart. How was it? Not hard as you’ve assumed, isn’t it?" The devil sounded more thrilled than before.

The sweat of his back had already wetted every single corner of the shirt, since he was literally performing every instruction given by Shang via the control over his muscle. It was torturing! He had invested all his focus on controlling his body, he did not have the grace to take a look at the stare coming from the lady.

"Doronath Step this is called. It’s a dance step of middle difficulty, which fits perfectly to the music right now. Isn’t it interesting?"

Ye Chong after regaining his inertia could not help but to spit, "Doronath step? You call this a step? This is terrible and lack practical purposes! It’s nothing compared to the T-step, the Curved Step and the Cross Step! This is silly!" Those steps Ye Chong mentioned were steps frequently used in combats.

The devil’s eyes rolled like a slot machine. He almost passed out from Ye Chong’s comment. The vein bloated on his head after stabilizing his fall, "Y-You combat maniac!"

Meanwhile Shang Ling who had been all gentle and kind, greeting the guest around, froze his smile entirely the moment he turned.

"Sister, have you heard of things like your young sister Lan dancing with an actual man?" His whisper trailed off. "Yes what?" she nodded her head, Shang Xin did not turn to check it out, "No way." A conclusion of absolution from her, "How could that ever happen? I was the one who taught her dancing. Other than being under me and my sister’s lead, no way she would know how to dance with others," her judgement sounded highly confident. She was utterly sure.

"I think I’m seeing things," mumbled Shang Ling.

"Yikes! Things you’ve been thinking of. My sister would touch nothing else other than the corner of the room." She turned her head to Shang Ling, who was staring at one specific direction in blank dismay.

"What again?" Shang Xin was confused as she looked at Shang Ling’s direction. In almost a second, Shang Xin’s eyes enlarged like saucers, as her face froze along.

"W-Was this an illusion?" Shang Ling was wondering if he was daydreaming.

"Yes. It is. It has to be!" Shang Xin was definitely daydreaming.

They looked at each other as they had come into agreement, shouting simultaneously, "It’s an illusion!"

Seeing that bright smile of Shang Lan, both of the bystanders could hardly believe the fact that the shrinking violet Younger Sister Lan was the girl dancing joyfully with a man on the dance floor.

"What enchantment of this Wang Xing?" Shang Ling was very intrigued of the working behind this.

"What intention of this Wang Xing?" This was what Shang Xin truly cared.

Of course, Ye Chong was unaware of these comments at all. He remained attentive at Shang’s instruction as he treated the whole session as a kind of body reaction training instead.

Shang Lan looked into the eyes of this man with a frozen heart before him. Her lips shaking, as they were lifted into jolly curves. Back on the dining table she had noticed such an extraordinary man who would chomp throughout his course. She was amused by it for she had never seen a grown man eating in such a manner, he must be an interesting kind! If she could have ever tried it once… sadly the education she had been receiving was against it. He then spent the night of soirée all alone at the corner, not talking to anybody - just like how she had always been. Somehow, an urge to invite him for a dance seized her mind. She was actually body-and-soul ready for a rejection from this cold man. He was too cold, freezing cold, that he even disregarded the greetings from Sister Xin and Brother Ling occasionally. He seemed totally unapproachable! B-But! I did not expect him to accept my offer right after a moment of silence!

Their faces were very close to each other, that she could discern every single detail of his face. The indifference of his, the dignity in him and those marks after struggles of survivals… His expression was all solemn and stern by then, which looked like… the face of Brother Ling when he piloted his mech.

You could get this serious when dancing? Such an odd man!

She realized how the man had never noticed her observation, her heart raced as her eyes went larger in caution… uncontrollably, the hint of smile tinted her face.

Shang Zhangming who had long perceived the strange behavior of his daughter after the kind reminder of his servants, had his eyes wet and filled with strong protectiveness as his body shuddered seeing the expression of her daughter while dancing.

And that was when Mr. Robert got enraged witnessing Ye Chong, the boy he had been attentive of, being with the daughter of Shang Zhangming. What a cunning merchant! For he actually could use her daughter to seduce my Wang Xing! Such charisma! Not! His blood boiled but with admiration.

"Well, Ye. Time for your last pose. When I said ‘go’, you toss her out. And you let go of your hand immediately once you tossed her out. Wait her to make a flip in the air. She would reach her hands for you when she is landing. You grab her hand and get her in your embrace. She would fall naturally into it, don’t worry. You just lift her waist with your right hand. And remember! Do it gently! You are not kneading noodles! Don’t exert brute force on a lady!" Shang simply did not want a romance to turn into a horror of a lass being torn apart by a monster called Ye Chong, considering the horrifying strength of his.

"Ok," responded Ye Chong. Phew, finally, it’s ending. It felt more tiring than marble training.

"Go!" boomed Shang.

Ye Chong was ready for it! His left arm shook, from shoulder to the arm to the elbow to the wrist, like a wave rolling from the sea to the shore!

Shang Lan could feel a potent yet gentle force pushing her upwards. She was lifted into the air as her hand felt a loss in weight. A never-before-felt excitement stimulated her soul. She was all exhilarated as she heard the sound her dress made as the inflowing air breathing through her. It felt refreshing!

The split second she was landing, she reached out her fair slender arms. Before she could ponder of how to land, an arm grabbed her and a whirlwind dragged her down. Soon her nose was poked with a scent of masculinity. She knew, she knew! She had melted into the embrace of this man.

At that moment, a breath of soul raided the neck of the naive girl.

The last move was an unblemished record to Ye Chong’s dancing, even Shang could not get a flaw to criticize with, though it had certainly frightened the spirit out of the Shangs. They feared to see the doll to fall into a million pieces. If that were to happen, Wang Xing this damned man must be thrown into a shredder!

The current posture between two of them was rather suggestive. Shang Lan collapsed in his embrace, with the right hand holding her waist. Her face was only 2 to 3 centimeters away from… from…

Shang Lan’s brain was partially jammed.

Ye Chong had his eyes fixed on the lady in his embrace. That creamy neck of hers, that rolling eyes of hers in lingering stimulation, bewitching… he could feel a kind of heat rumbling in his stomach… The white garb, the smooth skin flashed in his head… The fist, of utter force… The girl he was holding somehow was emanating the identical, peculiar scent from the girl he had been with before…

For some reason, he lowered his head intuitively as he gently gave a lick on her neck!

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