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The long distance passenger starship Luminosity entered the docking zone of planet Richie, and landed smoothly. Hatch 29 opened, and out came a large troop of well built men in black suits. Once they left the hatch, the men immediately secured strategic locations around the area. Their overbearing look drew more than a flew glances from the other passengers exiting through the other hatches.

There were already some people waiting outside, and they seemed to be very concerned of Robert’s safety. The area was crowded, and Ye Chong even noticed a few discreet guards in the shadows.

Duan brought Ye Chong along to meet the other party. Bai Linan had asked for Duan to take care of Ye Chong, and Duan decided that bringing Ye Chong along by his side was a better option.

The other party was here for a woman. The woman was around 25 years of age, her beautiful countenance was matched with a cold expression, and her chilling eyes looked as though they could see through anyone. She was tall and slender, her combat uniform wrapping fittingly around her hot and voluptuous body. This combination of fire and ice made one’s heart throb!

Duan and Ye Chong approached.

"Good day, I’m Duan, person in charge for Mr Robert’s safety!" Duan extended his right hand.

"Good day, I’m Shang Xin, person in charge for Mr Robert’s arrival here and his safety on Richie! Welcome to planet Richie! I hope that you will cooperate with us for this mission to ensure Mr Robert’s safety!" The voice was clear and soothing, but tinged with a condescending undercurrent that made one uncomfortable!

Duan’s expression changed a little. "I believed Ms Shang must have misunderstood, Mr Robert’s safety is our responsibility!"

Shang Xin’s cool countenance turned slightly cynical. "Oh, is Mr Duan not confident of our abilities? We’re familiar with the ins and outs of planet Richie, my subordinates are all elites, so Mr Duan, please rest assured, that incident with Robert a few days ago will never repeat itself!"

Duan’s expression immediately turned grim. Shang Xin was referring to the attempt on Robert's life last time. An assassin had managed to slip through the guards outside, but fortunately was discovered by their employer’s bodyguards. A tragedy was avoided! The incident was a humiliating one for Duan, and now that someone in the same profession had spoke of it right in his face, Duan was inevitably affected!

Shang Xin ignored Duan and activated her comms. "All units in your position, report any abnormalities to me!" She gave no attention to Duan.

Duan activated his comms grimly. "Everyone ready!"

Ye Chong observed the two with interest.

Duan’s subordinates quickly moved to their positions, but their choice of locations often overlapped with that of Shang Xin’s subordinates, and the bodyguards from both two sides could only stare at one another in contempt.

Some of them had already deployed their mechs and slipped into the pilot cabins, examining the surroundings carefully. Nearby tourists noticed their demonstrations and quickly scrambled away.

Ye Chong trailed behind Duan. These men may normally look like the average gangsters, but they now performed like professionals. Their choice of locations and the cooperation between them were of high standards.

However, after witnessing the Sanctuary’s astonishing cooperation and unmatched teamwork, this standard of performance was not enough to impress Ye Chong anymore! Besides, Ye Chong already noticed two openings, and could not help but begin to consider the ways he could avoid these men and reach his target.

Shang Xin’s fair countenance betrayed nothing, but she was secretly surprised to find that the other party was as capable as her own team in their profession. Could the assassin really be that good? She was beginning to feel curious about it.

Through it all, Shang Xin did not even acknowledge Ye Chong.

Ye Chong was actually Bai Linan’s bodyguard, and should be by Bai Linan’s side now. However, since Bai Linan was accompanying Robert at the moment, Ye Chong had followed Duan and disembarked from the Luminosity.

Soon, the security teams were in their positions, and did not observe any abnormalities. Duan immediately reported to Bai Linan.

It was only then that Robert emerged from the hatch.

Four bodyguards wearing miniature mechs surrounded Robert, and Bai Linan followed from behind.

Ye Chong noticed the four miniature mechs, and was startled!

The four miniature mechs did not stand out in particular, but what grabbed Ye Chong’s attention was the way these four men moved in their miniature mechs! Ye Chong could not see the pilots themselves, but he could make out their steps! These miniature mechs were not much taller than the average human height, so they looked more like four armored bodyguards!

That was precisely why Ye Chong could see the way they march forward clearly!

Double Curved Steps!

Curved Steps were common. It was a basic footwork technique for mech pilots, and an evasion measure! However, Double Curved Steps were entirely different Curved Steps! Double Curved Steps was a type of footwork meant for combat. Since it was usually comprised of two oppositely directed Curved Steps, it was called Double Curved Steps, and was known for its unpredictability!

Ye Chong did not know if other schools of battle techniques taught this footwork, but he knew one of them definitely did - Black Cove! Ye Chong had learnt this footwork from Black Cove himself! Till this day, Ye Chong had never seen anyone aside from Black Cove’s men using this kind of footwork.

Ye Chong suspected that these four bodyguards in miniature mechs were from Black Cove! He thought of escaping immediately, since if they were indeed from Black Cove, he would done for!

Just then, one of the bodyguard’s vision swept past Ye Chong, and he detected it immediately with his sharp senses. He groaned on the inside. If the other party reacted, he would deploy Guardian and flee!

However, as the bodyguard saw Ye Chong, he did not have any noticeable reaction. From his discreet observation, Ye Chong also believed that the person did not recognize him! At the same time, Mu’s words affirmed his suspicions. "Ye, that person doesn’t know you. When he saw you, his pulse and breathing were normal!" Mu’s conclusion was very trustworthy!

Could they not be from Black Cove?

It was possible. Black Cove’s instructors did not say that Double Curved Steps was unique to Black Cove. Who knew if other schools had it. "I’m probably just being paranoid," Ye Chong mocked himself. The other party’s eyes did not fix onto him, and Ye Chong sighed in relief. However, he still maintained a state of high alert. If anything happened, he was getting out of there!

Another thing that surprised Ye Chong was the way the imaginative way in which the four bodyguards executed the Double Curved Steps!

The two bodyguards flanking on each side stepped in different directions, but with some form of rhythm. The distance between the two of them closed in and widened in a seemingly irregular way, but with some hidden rhythm behind it. This made Robert’s exposed location difficult to predict. Besides, the bodyguards would make small movements like raising their hands or leaning their bodies to interfere with potential shooting attacks! For the shooter, this would interrupt with their timing and greatly decrease the accuracy!

WIth this, Ye Chong believed that these four bodyguards could still be from Black Cove, since their abilities were too similar to that of Black Cove! Such capable people reminded Ye Chong immediately of Black Cove! However, if they were from that place, why did they not recognize him? Perhaps they were really from somewhere else.

Ye Chong became undecided about the origin of these four bodyguards!

Duan brought Ye Chong along to approach them, with Shang Xin following behind.

Robert was in his forties, his skin well cared for, but strands of white hair marred his image of youth. He wore a long brown windbreaker, and looked like an ordinary man.

Duan bowed to Robert, and Ye Chong could only follow suit. With such a close distance between them, Ye Chong still did not recognize any peculiar movements from those four bodyguards.

It was Robert who actually gave Ye Chong some attention. "This one looks like a stranger to me, I don’t think we’ve met." At the back, Shang Xin heard those words and was mildly alarmed.

Bai Linan immediately interrupted from the side, "This is a friend of mine, we used to work together. I was afraid he might not know the rules here, so I let Duan here be in charge of him." Bai Linan did not anticipate that by asking Duan to take care of Ye Chong, Duan would actually bring Ye Chong by his side. This was the thing that Bai Linan was trying to avoid at all costs. If his employer got interested in his Master for some reason, attracted by his talent, and wished to keep Ye Chong with him, it would be disastrous!

While he did know Ye Chong for quite some time, Bai Linan was aware that Ye Chong was the kind of person that would never yield. Asking Ye Chong to work for someone else was impossible! Besides, as he recalled how Ye Chong liked to use violence to solve all manners of problems, it would raise havoc if he ever came into conflict with someone like his current employer!

Bai Linan groaned inside. He could only pray that something like that did not happen, or else, the result would be unimaginably catastrophic!

"I see!" Robert nodded inconsequentially, and Duan immediately pulled Ye Chong with him and stepped to one side.

"Shang Xin is here by the orders of Lord Zhang Ming to welcome Mr Robert. Lord Zhang Ming is currently unavailable due to unexpected circumstances, and had asked me to express his sincere apologies!" Shang Xin bowed to Robert.

"Haha," Robert laughed heartily, "To see a beauty such as Ms Shang makes one happier than seeing Zhang Ming himself! I’ve heard that Ms Shang is a famous beauty on Richie!"

"You’re too kind!" Shang Xin smiled plainly, as if she did not notice the teasing words. She slightly inclined and stretched her hand out. "This way please, Mr Robert!"

Robert was not offended by Shang Xin’s lack of response, and laughed again as he stepped forward.

Suddenly, Ye Chong’s face twitched.

Something unusual happened!

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