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Bai Linan had been patiently waiting for Ye Chong’s reappearance on the Black Coves back then. He spent every single coin Ye Chong had left in his pocket soon after and inevitably he had to find a living on his own somewhere in this black market. Fortunately many of the wealthy merchants frequented the exterior of the Black Coves and Bai Linan, as quick-witted as he was, got the heart of the merchants. Well, he was eventually a strategist, one who was familiar with buttering-up and providing services to the superiors. It did not take long before Bai Linan won over the head of the Sylvia Group, Mr. Robert. He gained Mr. Robert’s trust gradually and became the butler at his place. He aimed the right merchant since Sylvia Group was a major spaceship production group.

Mr. Robert fancied the entertainment on the Black Coves a lot and Bai Linan, being his man, had been visiting the place regularly.

Well, he met his lord, the meaning of his soul after much detour, once again.

"My lord, so you’re heading…," inquired Bai Linan.

"Windstar," concisely Ye Chong replied.

"Ah? Really? Great! Wise people sure think alike, my lord! We are heading the same way!" Bai Linan was surprised. "My men and I do intend to go Windstar from the beginning!" Although having no idea why Ye Chong wanted to go to Windstar, the witty willow guy did not ask. At least he was very sure that Ye Chong could never be going there for sightseeing, even if Windstar was known for its tourism.

"My lord, my master, my…" Bai Linan haltered out a few words, "How about..." Ye Chong’s gaze intensified, "Hahahaha…" As forced by the terrifying gaze, he spat everything, "My lord, what I mean is… how about we… we walk together?" He regretted his words the very second he uttered them. Droplets of sweats rolled down his back for some reason. Why am I this nervous? I am this nervous only when I’m meeting authorities like Mr. Robert…

He had witnessed Ye Chong’s mighty capability in combats before. So his safety would be absolutely guaranteed as long as he walked with Ye Chong by his side. Well, if it was not some accidents before, his safety would be extra guaranteed by taking private transport.

He was well-aware that his lord Ye Chong was not fond of the buzzes around him. So he was not confident of his suggestion of accompaniment.

The catch was, Ye Chong nodded his head, "Okay," calmly his word went.

"So you agreed, my lord?" Bai Linan’s eyes enlarged, as if he misheard something.

"Yeah," Ye Chong nodded once again.

The next few minutes, Bai Linan was still under the stunning spell of Ye Chong’s reply. He could not believe his ears as he did expect Ye Chong reacting coldly and turning down his offer. That would be more of a Ye Chong behavior.

Ye Chong did not simply accept the offer, he had his own thoughts too. Staying with Bai Linan meant a kind of camouflage to his identity. He seriously needed camouflages these days especially after the raid of the Black Coves on Blue Ocean planet back then where they made a total seize of transpiration through medias and laws. The way of how effortlessly Black Coves took over the entire governmental system with one move convinced Ye Chong the lesson that any man, even with the mightiest strength, would become minuscule and helpless in front of the majority.

Ye Chong followed Bai Linan.

"My lord, please stay here for the moment. This is my room. No worries, no one would disturb you." Bai Linan escorted Ye Chong to his room.

Ye Chong viewed the room. It was a pretty majestic room. The floor carpeted with the skin of the organic lifeforms in scarlet, dimly lit by the yellowish lamp. The extravagant style made Ye Chong frowned and glanced at Bai Linan. How I never knew Bai Linan was such a … "Uh!" Blushed Bai Linan upon Ye Chong’s glance, as he coughed briefly and spoke, "This was just some acting, basic acting, camouflage you know? Can’t help it."

Ye Chong did not comment on his reasoning as he shifted his stare away. Bai Linan was a bit embarrassed.

"My lord, you would be addressed as my bodyguard, is that fine?" asked Bai Linan carefully.

Ye Chong signaled approvingly. It did not matter to him. Bodyguard… the title reminded him of Gu Shaoze and his blonde bodyguard Number 2. He knew that Bai Linan could never treat him as a real bodyguard, though he would most likely take action if he saw Bai Linan in danger.

Bai Linan was relieved seeing how Ye Chong did not seem to have an objection. He did have a tiny scheme in mind but he could not inform his head regarding Ye Chong’s existence. He understood their personalities. His head would never let go of a talent like Ye Chong while Ye Chong was never the kind who would bow before someone. Oh the contrast… it was frightening for him to imagine both parties having conflict.

"Take a seat, my lord, take a seat," pleaded Bai Linan. Ye Chong sat. The fluffy couch nearly engulfed him, which was a bit distressing to his unfamiliarity. Such fluffiness he could not exert force on would easily lead him to a helpless situation on an emergency for not being able to react quickly and properly.

"Ah Duan, go bring Tie Wu," grabbed a communicator, Bai Linan ordered.

Not too long later, the screen at the side of the door displayed visual of a man who spoke courteously, "Boss, I had brought you Tie Wu." Soon after the last syllable he spoke, the door opened automatically.

Two suited bulky men stepped into the room together.

Ye Chong raised his brows slightly, he recognized one man with his right arm bandaged, that was actually the man he nearly crippled at the restaurant, yes, the leader of the hulks.

"Boss, I present you, Tie Wu," spoke Ah Duan politely.

"Oh," responded Bai Linan, his expression was indiscernible under the dim yellow light. Ye Chong on the other hand was watching Bai Linan to put up his show.

"Tie Wu…," flatly Bai Linan spoke.

"Boss!" The fearsome-looking Tie Wu was acting like a sweet little lamb in front of Bai Linan.

"Umm, Tie Wu my man, this guy beside me, is actually a friend of mine. It’s just some misunderstanding… Well, why don’t we let this go? How do you think?" Bai Linan’s tone was more like a discussion than an order.

Tie Wu raised his eyes at Bai Linan and glanced through his eyes’ corner at that soundless Ye Chong at his side. He quivered as he lowered his head, "Tie Wu shall obey the order without doubts!"

"Hah… Well then, we shall forget about this. We should be friends than foes. We would have plenty of times working together in future. We should celebrate, especially when it was hard to see a forgiving Tie Wu. Ah Duan… Oh Ah Duan…" Bai Linan looked very satisfied.

Ah Duan hurried to the front and bowed. Bai Linan then stated serenely, "Tie Wu sure took some venom this time… very well, Tie Wu shall take over the transportation task next month. Go and do the necessary changes for me, would you?"

"Yes sir!" Ah Duan’s tone was serious.

Tie Wu was madly joyful, "Thank you my boss, thank you for your recognition! Tie Wu shall perform your order flawlessly!"

Bai Linan was delighted seeing how Tie Wu was being so understanding, "Hahaha, Tie Wu, just remember to not make any troubles there. Well, it’s time for both of you to go," waved Bai Linan, gesturing them to head out.

The two men bowed in courtesy and they left. Ye Chong witnessed the entire scene of Bai Linan acting like a boss. It looked like Bai Linan was in fact having a good time under Mr. Robert. Ye Chong was intrigued as he fixed his eyes on Bai Linan.

Bai Linan’s face blushed again upon the door closing, seeing how odd Ye Chong’s gaze was, "Heh… That was just acting, yes, just acting!"

Bai Linan came into the industry as a space pirate so he habitually kept the preference of employing those fearsome-looking kinds to be his underlings even after becoming Mr. Robert’s butler. It was rather fortunate that Bai Linan was wise in controlling these beasts to listen to his words, while Mr. Robert gave him ample trust. So his men would obey his orders wholeheartedly.

So, Ye Chong nominally became Bai Linan’s bodyguard and spent the days mostly in the room. Bai Linan was also a great planner, so he knew what to do on whatever occasion by nature.

Ye Chong was using a pseudonym, Wang Xing in the ship. Technically he removed the Wei from Wang Weixing in the database, which was why Bai Linan did not recognize Ye Chong in the first place.

Ye Chong observed his men daily. Bai Linan did have an actual gang under his command and he was confident to say that they had seen more blood than sweat. Ah Duan was probably the one who left the deepest impression in him. He was young but he did his work steadily and very maturely. He was considerate in all aspects, that even Ye Chong the one who lacked the society common sense pinpointed his talents in this. Well, Ah Duan also happened to be Bai Linan’s most trustworthy man.

Throughout the observation these days, Ye Chong realized the authority in the hand of Bai Linan. It was very great. And regarding that head of his, Mr. Robert, he had never seen him in person. Ye Chong did not have interest on him however. He solely wanted to head to Windstar silently.

Nothing happened throughout the journey.

The underlings of Bai Linan were all aware of the existence of a master martial arts by their boss’s side, who also happened to be an old friend of his. And he had become the personal bodyguard. They did not really see the power of Ye Chong, but the injury he caused to their leader was truly horrifying, despite how they had seen more deaths than injuries. Such a cruel person, and he was a good friend of the boss, staying in his room day by day… no one would dare enough to knock on the door to mess with Ye Chong and get into trouble, seeing how closely Ye Chong and their boss were related.

Today they had arrived by Rique the planet. And they heard of someone visiting Mr. Robert.

Ye Chong in his black suit was feeling awkward of his unfamiliar apparel. Such kind of clothing was not appropriate for movements… Ye Chong carefully tried doing a few moves he usually performed. It looked ridiculous as hell. In the timeframe of less than half an hour, he had already torn like 10 suits. He would destroy a suit averagely every 3 minutes, and it shocked Ah Duan who witnessed everything to death. Ye Chong’s strength was too overwhelming for the clothing. Accidentally he would wave his limbs too much and the clothes would tear like a shredded paper, with a huge gap in between.

At least Ye Chong started to get familiar with this absolutely inconvenient clothing, as his action grew more natural.

Ye Chong in his suit had discarded the restrictiveness before, which was amazing to Ah Duan.

Ye Chong was born with a outstanding physique, with the suit he would appear more classy. Well that would only be applicable if one were to watch it from the back. Shifting the camera to the front would make anyone disregard the statement before, Ye Chong would be impossibly equalized to classiness. Ye Chong’s face was not handsome to begin with. Still, that calmness of his, with that coldness from the inside was a killer charm to the ladies. His arms were odd too, they were slender, the training before still did not give him any bulges he was supposed to get. Perfectly sculptured, like a masterpiece.

Absolutely, a sophisticated prince from the aristocrats!

Ah Duan looked in disbelief at Ye Chong who somehow had undergone some sort of witchcraft and transformed completely.

Beep! Beep!

Ah Duan quickly connected the ringing communicator, the screen projected the visual of Bai Linan, "Boss!" bowed Ah Duan rushingly.

"Yes, Ah Duan, are those men ready?" asked Bai Linan.

"Yes, all ready," hurriedly he replied.

"Mhm, alright. We are stopping by soon. Call them to prepare the things. We can’t get it wrong this time. Our head’s security is the priority and it should be impeccable. Understand?" grimly Bai Linan gave his order.

"Yes sir!" Ah Duan’s expression turned grim too.

"Also, how was Wang Xing’s preparation?" inquired Bai Linan.

"I think…" He took a look at Ye Chong who was walking in his suit around in the room, "He should be almost ready."

"Mhm, okay. He is not experienced in this, please give him some attention, okay?" stated Bai Linan.

"Yes sir!" replied Ah Duan.

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