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This mech was most definitely modelled after a bird. As for what kind of bird it was, Ye Chong had no idea! The murky green surface was covered with a layer of light green glimmer, the result of photon excitement. Only advanced level mechs with enough energy stored would have such an appearance, just like when Ye Chong saw a similar glimmer on Mu and Shang.

Its long and thin body shape was in contrast with the usual bulky build of average mechs, and this mech appeared to be as agile as a bird.

The Sanctuary’s mechs were different from the various mech models that Ye Chong was familiar with, so Ye Chong could not tell their performance, but he could still identify some features that mark the quality of a Sanctuary’s mech.

For example, their mechs were always on the same level as their owners. Another example would be that their advanced level mechs were usually modelled after birds. While Ye Chong did not recognize the various types of birds, he could still identify this similarity.

The mech before him was definitely an advanced level mech from the Sanctuary, because of its wings! Ye Chong had seen those wings before, on the purple mech that appeared when he was surrounded by the MPA.

Like the purple mech, this mech had a very lifelike pair of wings! Ye Chong was not sure if they were more like lateral wings or folding wings. Like wings on actual birds, they too had many feather-like small metallic plates. Ye Chong believed that this type of wings must offer some special moves. The strong defensive abilities of the purple mech’s wings from last time left a deep impression with Ye Chong!

Now that a mech like this had fallen into his hands, he would definitely have to study it closely! Ye Chong laughed to himself at the thought.

The only regrettable fact was that now was obviously not the time to study the mech! For the moment, every second was precious and must not be wasted!

Ye Chong slipped into the mech’s cabin quickly. To fly this mech, there was another issue that needed attention, and that was the initial configurations! Every white mech must undergo initial configuration before usage. It was not a step that could be skipped, or some functionalities would be barred from the user! Fortunately, this was not Ye Chong’s first time doing this. He hands moved across the controls effortlessly.

The name of this mech was Overwing. Of course, Shang could not help but sneer at the odd and plain name, mocking its lack of style!

His eyes swept across the controls, and Ye Chong got a rough overview of the mech's available functions. He was very grateful, however, he had kill Mu Fei before the man himself could deploy his mech, or he might not have been able to finish him off.

Compared to other mechs, Overwing was similar to them in terms of basic maneuvering, so that would not be a problem.

The hatch that led outside opened, and Ye Chong took off with Overwing out and into space.

Just as Ye Chong left the ship, the Sanctuary had only four mechs left struggling to survive. However, none of them were retreating, a testimony to their discipline.

Overwing’s appearance, however, brought a change to the battlefield!

Overwing shone with a light green glimmer all over its surface, its shiny wings spread out at the back, an eye-catching sight in the darkness of space. As the remaining four Dawn mechs saw Overwing, they immediately felt encouraged, and managed to slightly recover their defenses against the enemy!

The Black Cove mechs saw Overwing as well, and as Ye Chong was troubling over how to deal with them, he was surprised to find the remaining 10 Black Cove mechs escaping, leaving the four heavily damaged Dawn mechs, retreating as though they had seen the Devil!

It was strange, too peculiar! Ye Chong stared at their retreating backs!

Ye Chong did not know the reputation that came with the mech he was flying, the Overwing, amongst the Three Forces! Mu Fei’s Overwing was one of the Sanctuary’s trump cards. Mu Fei was a modest person, and the most popular of the Sanctuary’s trump cards. He was equally known for his excellent combat skills, on par with the other trump cards!

Trump cards play a very important role amongst the Three Forces! Outstanding combat skills and powerful mechs were a combination that could often decide the outcome of a battle! The Three Forces spared no effort in promoting the strength of their trump cards. Besides making them role models for others, it was also an intimidation strategy for their enemies. Legends involving these trump cards were similarly spread far and wide.

As the 10 Black Cove mechs saw Overwing, they were immediately horrified. They did not expect to see a trump card on the ship, and this was not an opponent that average mechs could hope to defeat. To stop a trump card, only another trump card would do!

Black Cove’s commander in chief was also shocked with Overwing's appereance, and immediately ordered his squad’s retreat. If not for his orders, they would never have escaped, an embodiment of Black Cove’s strong discipline!

What was this starship up to? The commander in chief was curious. With four of the Sanctuary’s standard combat squad and a trump card, he did not believe that they were only out on a routine flight! This was obviously beyond the Sanctuary’s borders, and usually they would not send such a strong battle force beyond the Orbits if not for some mission! He was also certain that they were not out for Black Cove, since his mission this time was definitely top secret. What baffled him was also the other party’s active provocation. With a trump card on their side, Mu Fei in particular, how could he have waited the near annihilation of his own forces before coming out? Word was that Mu Fei was always leading the charge, showing care for his subordinates and highly looked up upon! Were the stories only fiction?

For the moment, he was occupied with many questions, but he still gave the order he thought was best, which was to retreat the ship.

The remaining four Dawn mechs all looked to Overwing, but Overwing did not move, so they could only watch as the enemy escaped! However, they could not help but feel that if they were to pursue, the enemy would be vanquished! Nonetheless, the Sanctuary’s trump card had absolute authority over the mech pilots - there must be a reason for his decision! That was the conclusion of the four mech pilots.

Sir Mu Fei’s mech waved, a signal to return to their ship.

They paused. Why would Sir not used the comms? However, the signal was clear, and while they were confused, the four mech pilots still flew to Ye Chong’s side. They could never know that while the mech was Overwing, the pilot inside was not their respected Sir Mu Fei, but the seemingly weak young boy! It would be a crazy fact for them to take in!

The five mechs flew to the nearby ship, and as the hatch opened up, the five mechs drifted in one by one through the hatch!

The four Dawn mechs were heavily damaged, and as they landed, the pilots immediately slipped out. The battle was intense, and they were all strung up, but now they could finally relax. While they were all highly trained, all of them now wore a tired expression! Now out of their mechs, they waited for Sir Mu Fei to come out too.

After a while, Sir still did not come out.

The four men looked towards the Overwing in confusion. As they marveled at the elegance and might of Overwing, one question still bothered them - what’s with Sir?

They were still confused when four laser beams abruptly shot towards them.

On each of their foreheads was a thumb-sized hole of blood. Before the four pairs of confused and now dead eyes, Ye Chong leaped out of the pilot cabin. He stepped onto the deck as the four men fell backwards lifelessly!

At such a short distance, with so much time, even if Ye Chong’s shooting skills were deplorable, and Overwing’s auto shooting was far from the MPA’s level, those four shots still managed to accurately hit their targets. Ye Chong even imagined that it could be due to his improving shooting skills!

The final group of people who could be a threat to him was finally dealt with.

Ye Chong exhaled deeply in relief!

The most successful part of the plan was that no one onboard the ship had time to report to the Sanctuary of what had transpired. This meant that the Sanctuary knew nothing of what happened on Glinton! This was very important to Ye Chong, since if he next meet with the Sanctuary’s people, his skills as a skeleton carver could still be useful! However, he must first come up with a reasonable story of what happened!

While he believed it was unlikely for him to have anything to do with the Sanctuary in future, it was still best to prepare for it!

Glinton flew onwards in space.

In the large space of the captain’s quarters was Ye Chong, alone. Of course, Shang also came out for a breather. The room was large enough for him! Ye Chong had cleared out the bodies, and after days of internal cleansing, the scent of blood was no longer present.

The entire Glinton had only Ye Chong and Shang as its passengers. Shang controlled the entire starship, since if the ship was given to Ye Chong, he would not be able to fly it!

"What’s our next step?" Ye Chong asked.

"Look for Lu Caite’s teacher, cure your illness. However, we must find a planet quickly to access the virtual world, and find out where the teacher is! According to Lu Caite, his teacher seemed capable enough," Shang replied.

Ye Chong disagreed. "No, we’re too close to the Orbits here, it’s going to be easy for the Sanctuary to sense us, then we’ll be in trouble!"

"Hmm, that’s true, it’s really troublesome! Looks like it’s better if we go as far as possible away from this place!" Shang agreed.

"That’s right! But Shang, do you have a star chart?" Ye Chong asked.

"I do, quite a few of them for beyond the Orbits!" Shang spoke proudly.

"Then we can do a warp jump?" Ye Chong asked with faint anticipation.

"Yes!" Shang replied briskly!

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