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Just as the cabin door to the captain’s quarters closed behind Mu Fei, the room was suddenly plunged into darkness, and astonished cries were heard! However, the cabin door was sound proof. Even with the short distance between them, Mu Fei could not sense anything amiss!

In the sudden darkness, everyone in the captain’s quarters were thrown into a state of terror!

Ye Chong quietly deployed Guardian in the darkness. He was now used to Guardian’s unique black and white vision, and 3D image sketched out by numerous white lines were familiar to him. Additionally, he already noted down everyone’s position in the room. Not to mention, Shang was with him!

Ye Chong moved lightly as a shadow, unnoticed in the darkness.

Ye Chong’s unreasonable strength, amplified by Guardian, resulted in terrifying efficiency. This also allowed Ye Chong to move faster. Ye Chong acted more efficiently than he could ever imagine with Guardian’s accurate scans!

The gasping voices were almost simultaneously cut off by the clear sound of broken bones!

Ye Chong landed softly before the cabin door. In the brief moment earlier, Ye Chong attacked a total of 16 times without missing even once, crushing their necks. Since Ye Chong moved very quickly, the sound of bones breaking almost all overlapped with each other! Without Guardian’s amplification effect, Ye Chong could not have achieved such a difficult feat. However, with Guardian’s assistance, Ye Chong easily managed this impossible task!

Just as Ye Chong landed, the cabin door opened without the slightest delay! Mu and Shang were never one for wasting time!

The truth was, just as Ye Chong boarded the starship, Shang had secretly gained control over the entire ship. While the starship was better in terms of armory and automotive power compared to his last experience with Nast, its anti hacking system was far inferior. Shang managed to hack in with his first try, and obtained the highest access rights for Glinton!

From that moment on, Ye Chong waited for the perfect moment, the moment to deliver the fatal blow to his enemy, so that he could escape the Sanctuary’s grasp! The one he was most cautious of was Mu Fei. As for the other mech pilots, Ye Chong believed that, given the environment they were in, Guardian was more effective than their mechs. Besides, he had Shang’s help!

Black Cove’s appearance was a surprise to Ye Chong, but he quickly realized that this was a golden opportunity! However, just as he noticed his improvement in strategizing and adapting, a detailed plan of action was already presented to him. He finally understood one thing - Shang’s evil nature made him a better choice than Mu to plan battle strategies!

The plan was comprised mainly of ambushing, faking and similarly cunning moves, almost as if they were made just for Ye Chong, the natural hunter!

The entire plan was truly insidious! Unexpectedly, the captain was unknowingly cooperative. As the exchange transmission was sent, Shang immediately made some appropriate changes to their plan! For Shang, who had the entire Glinton system under control, modifying the exchange transmission was a piece of cake! That was how a patronizing and insulting message was sent out by Shang instead!

The effect was marvelous! Black Cove’s commander in chief was obviously infuriated. Of course, it was partly because they were confident of their strength, since they had 50 Cosmic Flares!

They also did not expect the inconspicuous Glinton to harbor such a powerful combat force, and the result was a terrifying battle! Whether it was Black Cove or the Sanctuary, neither of them was the winner of the battle!

Shang’s plan extended even further! He had predicted that Black Cove would ultimately prevail, and that Mu Fei would head out by then! The entire plan depended on the time when Fei Mu left the captain’s quarters to the combat preparation room.

There were no more combatants in the captain’s quarters by then. Using the immediate darkness to his advantage, Ye Chong maneuvered Guardian and easily ended the bloodbath in the captain’s quarters! Gone were the dangerous threats before him!

What Ye Chong had to do now was stop Mu Fei before he reached the combat preparation room! Without entering the combat preparation room, Mu Fei could not deploy his mech! Without a mech’s protection, no matter how good Mu Fei was as a mentalist pilot, he would definitely not stand a chance against Guardian!

"Attack the enemy at his weakest when you are at your strongest!" Shang crowed, pleased with himself, and Ye Chong felt like hitting the mech in the face!

Guardian landed with slightly bent knees and pushed forward, and Ye Chong shot past the cabin door like a furious golden arrow!

Ye Chong’s legs were powerful, and made even more so through Guardian’s amplification! Ye Chong stepped onto the ground and pushed, and flew a dozen meters ahead, giving the illusion of Ye Chong running with a long stride!

Ye Chong was highly focused. He dared not be careless as he moved rapidly through the narrow corridors!

Mu Fei suddenly stopped in his tracks. He could hear a faint buzzing sound approaching him, and it was moving fast! He stood on alert and listened carefully. What speed! It must be above Mach 6! It if was outside, Mach 6 may not be particularly surprising, but if there was anything moving faster than Mach 6 in the ship, it was a terrifying prospect!

Mu Fei’s face turned grim!

Suddenly, Mu Fei’s vision turned into blackness, and entire corridor’s lights all went out!

Enemy ambush!

All of a sudden, he shouted loudly. His usually gentle eyes were now sharp as an unsheathed blade. He turned quickly and pushed to the side with both his hands while his waist bent unnaturally like a boneless muscle, effectively moving himself forcibly to the side by 30 centimetres!

His hands came into contact with something cold - it was metal! What was this thing? Mu Fei was shocked and furious! The airstream that came from the high velocity brushed painfully across Mu Fei’s face!

Mu Fei felt his hands burned.While he had deftly pushed away the unknown object, his hands were significantly wounded! However, if not for his perfectly timed movement, his hands would have been gone for good! Besides, he could still feel the ghost of a sharp fin of some sort from the unknown object barely grazing past his neck, the chilling danger spread goosebumps all over his body!

In the darkness, blind to his surroundings, Mu Fei waited in anticipation. At the moment, he could only rely on his ears and instinct!

Could someone have infiltrated the ship?

Before he could consider any further, he felt another gust coming towards him threateningly. The strong sense of danger came from deep within him, and almost reflexively, he evaded to the left! At the same time, his hands pushed downwards! No mentalist pilot would ignore his instincts, and Mu Fei as an excellent one himself strongly believed in his instincts!

Another chilling gust swept past his neck, the attack missing by millimeters! Mu Fei finally knew what was constantly threatening him with a beheading! With his rich experience, he immediately realized that it must be some kind of dagger-like weapon!

Before he could analyse any further, he heard a thump! His hands, pressing downwards, felt like they had came into contact with a mech charging straight at him!

"Ah!" He yelled from the unbearable pain! "It was metal!" This was the only thought that flashed in his mind before the pain came! Bones were exposed on his arms as the flesh came off! His hands did not seem to do anything to hinder the attack that came from beneath, because the opponent was too powerful! The other party’s attack had hit his abdomen!

He felt pain in the abdomen, and Mu Fei could not help but bend forward. His mind was empty, and he could no longer think! In the confusion that followed, Mu Fei, who had never experienced such a heavy blow, suddenly felt an irrational sense of joy!

Before he could recover from the confusion, he felt a chill in his nape and warm fluid spraying onto his legs. His vision grew darker!

With his body bent forward, Mu Fei fell to the ground!

The attack he received came from Ye Chong’s right knee!

In the darkness, Ye Chong could not help but be surprised. Mu Fei was truly a remarkable character. Given the dire situation, he still managed to react as he did. Without Guardian, he was probably not a match against this man! Ye Chong believed that he himself could not react against such an ambush!

The lights in the corridor suddenly came on! The corridors were illuminated brightly, with both ends of the corridor sealed shut!

Shang hasted Ye Chong, "Ye, quick, those guys can’t hang on much longer!"

Ye Chong quickly withdrew Guardian and ran to Mu Fei’s corpse. Mu Fei died with his body bent forward, his arms bloody, and his neck marked with the fatal wound 10 centimeters long from a dagger. Blood was still streaming out from the wound.

Ye Chong ignored the strong scent of blood as he crouched down and began to search Mu Fei’s body. Ye Chong moved quickly. In 12 seconds, he removed everything Mu Fei had on his body!

A string with a spindle-shaped pendant caught Ye Chong’s attention.

"Yes, that’s the one! Ye, quickly, to the combat prep room!" Shang spoke urgently, for time was crucial.

Ye Chong heard mechs approaching and threw all the other things in his bag without going through them. His hand grasped onto the pendant as he ran towards the combat preparation room. Up until this moment, everything was going as planned! Ye Chong was also confident toward Shang’s plan!

The combat preparation room was where mech pilots go to before combat. The area was spacious, and pilots can deploy their mechs here and slip into their mechs. There were also plenty of supplies at hand.

In the combat preparation room, Ye Chong held onto the spindle shaped pendant and studied it for a moment before pressing gently on its tip!

All mechs that utilized brainwave controlled dimension keystones had a unique feature - whenever their user was certified as brain dead, all previous information would be wiped clean, and the mech would become a white mech!

In that moment, a light green mech appeared before Ye Chong!

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