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Out of the blue, a stream of purple outline slitted through the sky. Cutting through the air, overcoming the inertia, the object showed up right before Ye Chong and Mu, like a purple line drawn all the way from the sky to the ground.

The metallic gloss on the purple armor must be due to an inclusion of a kind of unique metal in the alloy during production. The body of mech was slender, exerting grace and sophistication, which appeared to be fragile at first glance. There was a pair of wings folded right at the back. It looked odd but it seemed to be of great craftsmanship. It was the first time Ye Chong spotted such finely made wings. The texture, the detail, the glow of it, every side of it felt like the actual wings of a bird. Wouldn’t such overdone wings be hardly a tool in flight? Wouldn’t it be a mere vase for predicament rather than adornment? Could such wings even withstand the coefficient of drag in flights of high velocity? Ye Chong was occupied with doubts as his belief always laid on the simplicity and conciseness of practicality. This mech before him had a rather conspicuous design. It looked like a bird but Ye Chong could not name what kind of a bird. Well, if Fred the Great was here, he must be waddling towards this beauty, giving careful caress as calling it the model made after the avifauna from the legend, the Phoenix itself.

Nevertheless, our Ye Chong was not the cosmopolitan man like Fred the Great. His scope had yet to be expanded despite all the adventures he had been through. All his eyes discerned was the three-dimensional illustration which kept rotating in the interface!

Ye Chong might not be able to judge the situation by the species of the mech but he was still the man of combats. He wielded his own strength as he was able to conclude this very particular purple mech having superiority in terms of mobility from that single landing made. He even speculated that it should be also nearly as competent as Mu in terms of speed.

As much as he speculated, "Ye, be careful. This mech is good," notified Mu. "Good" was the killing term for Mu’s comment. This mech must not be any fraud from the street market!

This mech was known as Feng Su’s "Wings of Nirvana". The leader predicted, there were 25 mechs opposing them. And 20 of them had been held up by the 20 Dawn mechs sent. The situation was under control, both parties were well-behaved. The usual explosion and hell firings were not unleashed. The remaining 5 mechs, including the leading mech, the Mermaid’s Curse were occupied by my own men as well. Well, there were 10 Dawn mechs left on my side. It would be more than enough to take that man! Wouldn’t it?

But I never knew the one being caught up in my siege could be this strong!

Though Feng Su was against 5 mechs at once, the fight was done effortlessly. It was a piece of cake and not much of her concern. Her major concern sat on those mechs she sent to capture the target, especially after "that" happened unexpectedly.

The golden light came and left within twinkling of eyes. People could hardly see it, except for Feng Su.

Was that a miniature mech? Feng Su, also being the expert of the mechs, identified what that moving thing was. The amazing capability demonstrated by the Guardian was shocking to her mind. Nobody else could understand better what could this possibly mean than herself.

A miniature mech was nothing new in the industry. However, the issue always lies in the balance of minimizing the size while maximizing the strength, which was indirectly proportional to each other from the beginning.

The contradictory relationship between the miniaturization of mechs and building of strength did not seem to exist on this mech. If she were to get this technique in hand, she believed that a technological breakthrough could be made with the techniques in her upper authority! No, it would be a leap in humanity, right away! The current style of battling could be changed and unquestionably, the Orbits would raise and become the leader of the 3 major forces in the galaxies!

The 3 major forces in mech development had set off for many years as they parted ways at one point. Nonetheless, all of them hit the neck-bottle of times in their development. Only such a revolutionary technique that toppled the law of size-strength relationship could bring this mech world to a new stage! And this stage, certainly would be a great leap in the years! Whoever made the leap first would be at absolute advantage!

Despite of that, if either one of the other two forces had obtained such technique ahead, the outcome was starkly blatant.

The moment when Feng Su saw how Ye Chong used that ordinary looking dagger to slice through the armor of the Dawn mech, she was literally stupefied!

This… this was against the law of nature! No it was against the law of physics! Everything that I know of!

Even a laser sword could not slice the armor of Dawn mech open this easily, what trickery was this? What were those daggers?

Imagine if the Black Covers ever acquired this skill… with the horrifying close-combat techniques they aced at… Feng Su trembled helplessly.

Any mistake in the information given would cause fatality in this moment. And there was. No one had ever thought that there was one more mech in the field!

The reaction speed and the calculation skills were too terrorizing! It was a moment of silence then a chain of back-to-back sequence of actions came accurately. The foe seemed to have made great use of the situation and had shattered the flawless defense she presumed into a million pieces. And that happened in a few seconds. The big mech leading the smaller mech rushed out of the siege! Feng Su no longer had the leisure to play with the 5 mechs haunting her as she jumped out and tried to hold the pair back!

The Wings of Nirvana was surely the top mech from the Orbits, as it moved against the law of space it seemed. Traveling at immense momentum, it jumped across the sky, hopped right in front of Ye Chong and Mu to stop them!

While Ye Chong had his eyes glued on this purple mech, Feng Su also had her full attention on this strange golden man.

Ye Chong did not seem to be aware of who was piloting this purple mech however, despite the suffering he had been through because of this terrifying mentalist in purple cloak. Ironically, Feng Su had yet to notice this target she was going to capture was actually the fighter she misunderstood being one part of the Black Coves.

Both of them had another fateful encounter under this peculiar setting where they did not recognize each other.

The 5 mechs from MPA who lost the target seemed to be informed about Feng Su’s strength as they did not inch towards her.

"Ready? Aim! Full power!" The leader of the group bit his teeth as he ordered in the Mermaid’s Curse. He seemed determined as the order roared rashly.

The target he mentioned was actually Ye Chong and Yu Di with Mu inside!

"Um…" the few men hesitated. Aren’t we supposed to bring them alive? The order said so... Why the attack?"

Full power literally meant firing with all weapons available, which was hardly used in actual war field. It was much potent yet also crippled. After the firing was done, the mobility would be disabled for the next 15 seconds and it could simply mean death in the war field!

"I’m not letting the foe go and get that strange mech! I rather lose it! I rather have nobody getting that in the end than giving it away!" The words rang coldly, with the tone highlighted by determination and ferocity, which frightened the men a little.

If they were to return right now, being all defeated, a complete failure to the mission, they would be ultimately punished. The leader was right on his words, they would rather die in the field than being punished for giving the target away to the enemy.

The 4 men obeyed the leader’s order together almost immediately after. The 5 mechs stood still in the air as they set their gaze off the 3 mechs on the ground. All the cartridges, the guns on the body were launched in a blast. The main weapon was also fearsomely pointed right at Yu Di and Ye Chong.

"Fire!!" The leader screamed on top of his lungs. A never-before-seen desperation filled his piercing voice.

Almost simultaneously, Feng Su standing right in front of Ye Chong and Yu Di felt a sense of eeriness somehow. Mentalist at development of mentality bestowed her the bizarre sixth sense, which caused her to react at the first moment!

A tip to the ground, she jumped up high and blocked the sight between the 5 mechs and Ye Chong.

Her purple wings were spread open. It was then when they realized how gigantic the Wings of Nirvana were! It was literally 15 meter long, which made the main body appear much smaller than before. A wave of purple glimmer hovered from the wings through the air and coagulated at 30 centimeters away from the wings. A plasma bubble of pale purple transformed into a giant plasma shield and covered the Wings of Nirvana entirely. Under Feng Su’s wings, Ye Chong was also within the proximity of protection.

Well, of course, such scenery came out in black and white at Ye Chong’s interface.

The dazzling white flare blinded the place! Everyone could not help but to stop. The firepower from the 5 mechs converged into a broad beam of light. Nano waves, laser waves, heat ray waves, all sorts of beams came together at the same exact timing and frequency onto the same target!

The extreme amount of energy inside that beam set the alarm off wailing inside the hologram scanning system in all mechs. At one moment, every pilot in their mechs had their face drained, except for Ye Chong and Feng Su.

The light beam struck right onto the plasma shield of the Wings of Nirvana.

People on the ground were blinded by another even more dazzling shroud of light. They could see nothing else than complete whiteness, except for Ye Chong in his miniature mech.

The unique monochromatic view inside the Guardian had produced a memorable scene to Ye Chong.


A faint sound of a crash, felt like the egg shell was smashed. The white light beam collided into the plasma shield which appeared to be glowing white in Ye Chong’s visual. The light overflowed the space. The beam became splinters of fireworks and splashed all over the place. They then disintegrated in air quickly.

The collision of energy particles, with the point of collision being the center, caused a major impulse spreading throughout the place!

Yu Di was not as fortunate as Ye Chong. Mu did react in time to have his shield right before the chest. But Yu Di had been damaged before, which weakened the shield, making it like a slab of ice. It did not last for even a split second as it turned to ashes by the light beams.

Mu’s irreproachable control was manifested at this moment. Of course, if anyone could witness such miracle by then! Within that brief and easily-overlooked second, Mu had warped into the proximity of the plasma shield produced by the Wings of Nirvana. Even so, Yu Di suffered a severe loss, where 2 of its arms were gone. Only one was retained and it was the one with the cartridge. The other 2 vaporized because of that beam. The cartridge was empty. No ammo remained, which meant Yu Di was officially deemed as useless in battle.

The collision of energy had produced tremendous strength, which even the Wings of Nirvana with immense capabilities backed off uncontrollably.

Other than Mu, Ye Chong who still possessed a clear view of the happening saw the Wings of Nirvana approaching him helplessly. His eyes glowed cold.

Exerted strength to the tip of his toes, the Guardian’s bursting capability had accelerated Ye Chong to a whole new level. The daggers were ready in his hands!

The three-dimensional illustration rotated endlessly in the interface. The information came crashing like waterfall. The white dots and crossing lines became lesser and brighter at the same time! It became clearer!

Locked on!

Ye Chong’s pupils shrunk drastically!

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