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One Dawn mech the nearest to the ruins of the building was shot by this golden light! There was no forewarning. The beam was fast. It was faster than these pilots could have expected. Their trusty intuition and prediction of movements gained from their training became nothing when facing the velocity of the beam.

They wanted to fight back, they raised the crosshair and shifted it around frantically. However the golden beam had already disappeared into the half-demolished building after giving a nice gentle touch to their ally before they could react.

The remaining pilots on the 9 mechs spent the next few moments taking a careful look on their fallen ally. To found the rapport between themselves, they had started their training together way back. They were highly synchronized, they felt for each other, they were intimate like brothers. And one of their beloved brothers had fallen by then. The pilots certainly were troubled.

If they were in a battlefield, they would never have been this reckless. But hell, this was not a battlefield to begin with! They were informed that there was only 1 person opposing them. Yes, only 1 person, a single man against the 10 Dawn mechs - if that would not spell "immediate successful capture", what else would be? The sudden change in the situation was a little unsettling for them. They had yet to become panicked however. They were rather more confused as they failed to identify what that golden light was.

What was that?


Confusion filled their mind.

And there was no response from their ally since then!

Zzzt! Zzzt!

They took a look at the mech, which looked really like a cheap fragile mode. It looked as if it could not survive a stronger impact, a cut was clearly discerned at the point of collision. No, there were multiple cuts! How could that happen? It was just like a touch-and-go! Those clean cuts revealed a pale greenish glow. The glow was familiar to the pilots. Hey wasn’t that the glow from the energy inside the engine during operation? Why did the glow appear there?

The pale greenish glow was calm at first and then, as if reacting to the air it was exposed to, it began acting up as it quivered violently in toppled stability! It appeared like a man’s heart pumping vigorously! Pump! Thup! Pump! … Boom! They were blinded by the glaring light.

That mech blew up, right in front of everybody! The explosion of high density of energy was overwhelming in such a small area! The pilots did not manage to activate their protective shields. The mechs were blown away by the energy leakage! Their covers were scrapped.

At once, the half-demolished building was completely wrecked as it collapsed with a blast!

The building crashed down with its bricks and aged cements wielding a dusty storm!

In limited sight they saw through the flying dirt, a number of fine dark spots landed right on the shaking mechs after the impulse stealthily.

Ye Chong stood within the ruins, holding his breath in his miniature mech by Yu Di. The body size of Yu Di sufficiently provided a small space to fit Ye Chong within its shadow.

Yup. That beam of golden light was Ye Chong’s assassination!

Ye Chong did not expect such speed from a miniature mech like Guardian when it was fully activated! Similarly, Gu Shaoze probably did not foresee the miniature mech he created to be this powerful. Initially the Guardian was meant for Number 2. All the designs revolved about every aspect of hers to assist her in achieving a Mach 4.0 in her speed. They aimed for a Mach 4.0, that was it… till Ye Chong came and put it on… and he started blasting off into the field… he actually hit a Mach 10.0. Shocking! This was nothing Gu Shaoze would have imagined!

Ye Chong only wanted to try it out in his daily charity chores of saving the world before bedtime. He withdrew the daggers installed on the mech and gave a few slashes so they would learn their lesson. But then, the few slashes turned out to do way more than he intended! That capacity! These daggers were just like Ye Chong - a beast!

Right at that split second when Ye Chong’s dagger touched the mech, the interface fluttered in his sight and a notification flashed within the numbers in black and white, "Dagger for No.2: Activated. Initiation: Completed!" The tiny words literally flashed so fast, they vanished that Ye Chong almost missed it if his eyes were not sharp enough.

Dagger for No.2! Number 2? Ye Chong could not help but to snicker a little, though he was in a battlefield and it would be a bad timing for chuckles. Well, Gu Shaoze could have changed the names when he knew Number 2 was not going to use it anytime soon. However, the name on the screen simply showed that he did not even bother to try.

The processor was otherworldly on the other hand. The monochromatic three-dimensional visual was illustrated right before Ye Chong’s eyes. It was as if the processor was rattling with information as the illustration enlarged, twisted, panned over an angle, then to another in terrifying speed. Countless spots of the perceived surrounding were analyzed and visualized simultaneously. The strings of data came showering like a waterfall. Ye Chong gave up counting as his eyes kept missing the fast-forwarding information strands. Before Ye Chong actually hit the mech, he could only discern the 8 overlapping lines with 7 dots over the mech’s body.

There was no time for Ye Chong to figure out on what basis the lines and dots were drawn on the mech. Intuitively he just followed the 8 lines that appeared as he slashed the mech. The speed of his hand-movement was further enhanced by the Guardian, allowing him to complete such a set-up in one fine touch with his daggers.

He was not in the leisure to fulfill every procedure in a standard experiment from problem statement to hypothesis to inference and observation. The conclusion simply put was Ye Chong did not expect that much from a touch of a pair of pocket knives. The daggers might have been too mighty to be called pocket knives, but that was the truth. Using daggers usually equipped in a one-on-one on a mech was just like firing a heat-ray gun to a spaceship. Imagine what a mosquito’s bite felt like on a whale. Ye Chong retreated in the speed of lightning! The guard of these 10 men were dense and impeccable. Hopefully Mu inside Yu Di could make a miracle somewhere, or he would be serving the men from the day onwards…

Ye Chong laughed bitterly in his mind. The Guardian was powerful… only on the armor itself. The weapon on the other hand was a joke… If he possessed a weapon fearsome enough to threaten the 10 men to back off and minimize the siege area, he might have a bit of opportunity.

"Ye." That voice! "Get over here quick!" Mu’s voice came sounding in his ears.

Did something happen? Ye Chong’s heart twitched but then he became relieved after. Is there any kind of situation that could be worse than this? After being sieged by 10 killing machines out there, everything else seemed like a pinch of salt, though Ye Chong jumped to Mu’s side right away. "Mu?" He landed and was going to ask Mu what happened, "So-" Boom! An impulse came gushing into his body. Ye Chong nearly tripped on his feet. He pulled his body back into the stance laboriously as he saw the grid-shaped boulders raining down the place. New data to the vicinity? Yes. The processor started rattling again as it began analyzing every single boulder passing by the camera. The information flushed Ye Chong’s eyes. It was overwhelmingly fast that Ye Chong felt dizzy seeing them.

Ye Chong was pleading inside the miniature mech. The analysis was initiated automatically and it could not be turned off apparently. It would look fine in a simulation room; an empty simulation room. If one were to wear this in a place with lots of information like this for instance, where the visual zone was filled with numerous objects, one would be drowned by these analyzed data! Ye Chong had not gotten used to the speed of these incoming streams of data so he had to shift his attention to the three-dimensional illustration instead! Technically, what Ye Chong did was absolutely right. During the production stage of this mech, striving to speed up the processing speed of the in-built, Gu Shaoze actually changed the widely-used hologram projection in the visuals to the antique simplistic monochrome, which hence produced an amazingly efficient three-dimensional images. The flooding data were actually going to have some sort of bug-fix in the upcoming maintenance but he was struck down by FMPA before he could perform the new coding. Eventually, the maintenance did not happen!

The Guardian in use was unquestionably an unfinished product in actuality. Well, practically, the "to-be-finished" part of the product was merely the additional filtering on the data stream to provide a sleeker interface. The other aspects of the mech were good enough of his expectation.

Under the protection of Yu Di, Ye Chong was safely shielded away from the collapse, though he did not seem to be aware of the fact that he was the ultimate culprit behind this demolition! Ye Chong, confused as he watched Mu piloting Yu Di to pick up the bottle of cartridge and launch every single projectile inside!

At the very moment when Mu lifted the cartridge, Ye Chong already knew what to do next. It was the time to battle! The rapport between Ye Chong and Mu was justified.

As mentioned, right when the final projectile was launched from the cartridge, both Yu Di and Ye Chong commenced their movements! The sense of timing for Mu was literally flawless, not a single second was gone to waste.

As if synchronized, Yu Di and Ye Chong began concurrently!

The difference between each other grew prominent as they moved. In short-term dashing, Guardian was at upper hand. Ye Chong was leading Yu Di by few meters ahead right when they left the ruins. Then Ye Chong saw the shattered siege by the foes and the cluster of dusts in the air.

The monochromatic scope of Guardian was unaffected by the dust. Ye Chong found the 9 mechs very soon. Wait! Wow? Where’s the other one? Did I break it? Ye Chong never imagined his little attack could annihilate a mech!

The landing point of the missiles Mu launched was of great accuracy - none of them missed! The dusty atmosphere provided the best camouflage to the missiles.

These projectiles sneaked their debut. The 9 pilots were alarmed by the sudden strike! A number of them was struck right on the head. Fred the Great was a genius! His crafts were reliable after all! Ye Chong adored the missiles.

"Over here!" hurried Mu.

Ye Chong had rushed to the front of a mech and was brandishing his dagger. Like a braking car, he ceased his attack and retracted his weapon. A tip to the toe on the opponent’s mech, he flung himself all the way to Mu hastily! The tip of his toe was enhanced by his strength through Guardian. It was so strong that the Dawn mech could not handle the inertia as it backed a few steps away.

He looked at where Mu was and went astonished. Wow Mu was still Mu! Even if he was in a mech like Yu Di, every ounce of potential inside the mech had probably been excavated thoroughly! It utterly felt like two different mechs compared to Ye Chong’s own piloting when he was on Yu Di. Whether in regards of the speed or other aspects, Yu Di was lively!

Since Yu Di had lost an arm, it could only wield a magnetic blade. A leap by Yu Di and it came to the middle of two Dawn mechs. Before he launched the missiles, Mu had calculated the breaking point being between these two Dawn mechs. Thus, unfortunately these mechs received most of his bombardment.


Ye Chong was astounded.

A simple Thomas’ Spin! It was perfect! The magnetic blade hid behind the buzzing plasma shield of Yu Di as swung robustly, giving occasional stabs right at the critical point!

Within a blink of an eye, the Dawn mechs did not expect to be this weak in front of an expert killer like Mu! A solo fight was never the arsenal of Dawn mechs. They would require assistance from their allies. Thus, being weakened and unable to provide help to each other while facing the mighty Mu, these mechs eventually became a pile of metal on the ground without much resistance.

Ye Chong had arrived, after the epic blade wielding!

The siege had lost its effect! There stood nobody before Ye Chong and Mu.

It’s now or never!

The chance to escape the net was right before them!

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