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Ye Chong’s mind was racing, recalling every single moment of that incident.

It had all happened after he infiltrated the enemy’s warship. In those moments, what could have happened that led the MPA to want him so badly? In the warship … Ye Chong abruptly recalled the person on the bridge, Gu Shaoze! That’s right! It must be him! He had given him a ring before he died, and there was a password for it. If not for the protection afforded by the ring, he would have died. Why would the MPA want to capture him? Could it be …

Ye Chong quickly went through his bag. He exhaled in relief, finding the ring. He carefully took out the ring given to him by Gu Shaoze and examined it closely. Whether by its design or material, the ring was unremarkable. However, he remembered how Gu Shaoze had hidden the ring on him to protect it, and Ye Chong felt that there must be more to the ring than he thought.

To say that this object was a ring might not be entirely accurate. It was only made up of two metallic wires intertwined with each other. The only interesting thing about the ring was that there were no welding marks - each metallic wire must have been welded at their ends to form the ring, but Ye Chong could not find any signs of the welding marks on the wires.

"What could this ring be? Maybe this is what the MPA is looking for!" Ye Chong immediately realized the truth of things, and knew where his worth lay with the enemy.

Ye Chong remembered that Gu Shaoze had told him a password, but how did the code actually work? Ye Chong spent long moments finding ways to activate the ring using the password, without success. The ring was like a unified entity, without anything spectacular to it. Ye Chong caressed the surface of the ring repeatedly to no effect.

He tried putting the ring on each of his fingers. When the ring was fitted into his right ring finger, the stubbornly inert ring finally reacted!

"Thank you for using Guardian. Since your brain wave is not recognised as a superuser, please provide your access level password!" The bright and sweet voice was tinged with a little bashfulness, and Ye Chong thought it sounded familiar. It did not take him long to realize that it was the voice of the golden haired escort of Gu Shaoze. From the way it sounded, it did not take a genius to notice that she must have felt blissful when recording it!

For some reason, the word "blissful" triggered a strong reaction in Ye Chong. He thought of his papa, Grandpa Qian, little Nan Nan, Hei Zi … The images of these people flashed through his mind. Ye Chong was struck with a deep melancholy, as though he was bound to leave them all behind, wandering about the universe like a rootless duckweed.

The sensitive Mu noticed Ye Chong’s emotional changes and asked, "Ye, what’s wrong?"

Ye Chong abruptly broke his chain of thoughts and could not help but gave a soundless laugh. How could he have such weird thoughts in this difficult situation? Beside, weren’t Mu and Shang always with him? Their company was absolute, no matter where and when!

Ye Chong spoke softly, "It’s nothing, Mu, I was just distracted!"

"Please provide your access level password!" Number Two’s sweet voice rang again.

Ye Chong gathered himself and spoke out loud, "Number Two!"

Puff, a soft ring, and Ye Chong’s vision shifted! A three-dimensional image, composed of numerous invisibly tiny grids, spun about in his vision, as a massive volume of analytic information had burst through like a waterfall! Ye Chong’s pupils dilated in response to the stimulation, as he desperately absorbed the incoming information. As though sensing Ye Chong’s efforts, the information came in faster as the spinning 3D grid showed new changes on its scanning results. Some points of interest were zoomed in or out and locked on, and the analysis results for these points were presented.

Everything was too fast! In less than ten seconds, Ye Chong already felt his eyes slightly fatigued! Being used to colourful holographic displays, the black-and-white 3D grid was a little uncomfortable to Ye Chong.

Ye Chong’s vision could only recognize two colors - black and white!

Halting his efforts in absorbing the new information, Ye Chong looked around him to see where he was. However, as soon as he turned his head, his vision changed abruptly, and the analysed targets from earlier were replaced with new images! Ye Chong’s sharp mind noticed immediately that the image was now displaying Yu Di’s pilot cabin!

Could it be that he was still in the cabin?

"Mu, what’s happening?" Ye Chong’s vision was still in black and white, devoid of any other colours!

Fortunately, Ye Chong and Mu’s brainwave link was unaffected. Mu’s usually plain voice was now with a touch of awe, "Ye, you’re now in a miniature mech. It’s really unexpected, that someone could build a miniature mech of this level! It’s incredible!"

"Miniature mech?" Ye Chong remembered putting a dent in Number Two’s miniature mech. It left a deep impression on him.

"Yes. This mech has tight security, and I can’t scan it. You’ll have to figure it out yourself. Hmm, based on the rate at which the firepower are closing in, you have about 2 minutes. I will control Yu Di!" Mu suggested reasonably.

"What?" Feng Su was flabbergasted with the news!

"Hmm, yes, based on our information, they’re having a special operation. They have sent out 25 mechs, all one class above the Messengers! Who’d have thought they would be so reckless! News of their warship was just only exposed, and now they are bringing so many of them to the Orbits! This person must be very important to them. This is the video we have just received!" These words came from an old man with a face full of wrinkles, donning a green robe.

In the video were the 25 mechs surrounding Doctor Lu’s treatment room in ambush, their positions boldly highlighted!

"What are your orders?" Feng Su’s eyes shone with uncertainty.

"Your mission this time is divided into 2 parts. Firstly, we must have this person, and secondly, we’ll demonstrate our strength to the MPA! This is our territory, and we will not allow such arrogance!" The green-robed elder humphed coldly, as a chilling gleam flashed in his eyes.

Feng Su felt her chest tighten, and asked cautiously, "How far should we go?"

"That’s up to you. All in all, we must demonstrate our strength without straining our relationship with the MPA too much. Most importantly, we must get this person in our hands! They have acted so insolently and freely on the Orbits, and must be taught a lesson! The opponent is stronger this time, the higher-ups have decided to send you 30 Dawn mechs. Any questions?" The green-robed elder spoke with great dignity.

Feng Su was startled. It seemed that the higher-ups were keen this time. With 30 Dawns, it must be the largest operation in these past few years! With 30 Dawns under her lead, Feng Su believed that she could definitely defeat her opponents. However, with this, the peace between them would be disrupted!

Only someone in direct contact with the higher-ups like her would understand the power of the three forces, and the formidable supporters they have behind them! Feng Su had come from them, and no one knew more than she did of the dangerous undercurrent under the apparent peace!

All this time, the three forces had restrained themselves. Now, MPA’s operation was no different than a declaration of war!

Who was their target? Who could make the MPA send out their squads in large numbers and risk war with the Orbits? As far as she knew, the three forces had always kept their calm. Even the battle-hungry Black Cove would not act so freely! This only showed that their target must be worth the risk! The higher-ups must have reached the same conclusion, and decided to get this person at all costs, even using a trump card like her!

Dawn models were the lowest level mechs in Orbits’ main force, on the same level with the MPA’s Messengers and Black Cove’s Cosmic Flare. The tripedal beast had a unique sense of balance, with speed and firepower between that of Black Cove and the MPA. However, when paired with the sanctuary’s pilots, it would be as powerful as the Messenger or the Cosmic Flare. Its green exterior made the mech, with an animal facade, looked more like a real beast. However, unlike the menace of Black Cove and the elegance of the MPA, Dawn had a touch of nature to it.

Feng Su’s purple mech stood out amongst the green Dawns. This was the elite mech famous amongst the three forces - Wings of Nirvana. Like a work of art, the mech shone with a purple, metallic gleam. Its 72 tiny lateral fins could arrange themselves flexibly like the layers of feathers on a bird’s wings. This allowed more freedom in movement for Wings of Nirvana, but demanded equally high maneuvering skills from its pilot. The elegant design had a natural quality to it, with a combination of short and long range weapons for a balanced performance. With a mentalist like Feng Su, an ace to pilot the mech, Wings of Nirvana was now a formidable opponent with unimaginable potential.

Feng Su arranged the 30 Dawns to be in teams, and surrounded the area. They were grouped into three squads, hiding in obscure corners, waiting for the perfect time for an ambush. Feng Su knew that, for the elders, the MPA’s target was their main priority. It was not particularly important to launch a crackdown on the MPA. Beside, if they could get their hands on the MPA’s target, it would already be a severe blow to their opponent!

Feng Su’s decision was unquestionable. With the legendary Wings of Nirvana as their leader, who would dare to voice an objection?

They were like a pack of hunters, furtively observing the situation!

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