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Old Pang never expected the enemies to be this skillful, more like, the enemies’ mechs were too overpowered. Old Pang and Ka Sang were both in the first group during the first wave of the attack and they were also the remaining mechs after the enemies’ overwhelming strike. As the situation of the war field grew beyond control, Old Pang decided to go by his experience to plan a raid against the mothership of the opponent instead. So as he led Ka Sang the way to the warship, surprisingly he spotted another pair of mechs somewhere near the entrance. Those were surely his allies. It was simple - the ally contained mechs of all sorts of color while the foe wholly consisted of white mechs. Old Pang found these additional allies peculiar however, as they were unaffected by the enemies’ firing. It was as if they were invisible.

Wait no! Are they undercover? This was the first speculation that flashed in his mind as he wondered if he should diverge his firearm at any of these strange fellas. And he held his fire eventually as what happened next had cleared his doubts. The oddly designed mech was crashed away by the mech flying out from the corvette at lightning speed. Direct and violent, obviously that was too impulsive for a reunion hug between allies.

Old Pang’s heart nearly failed to take the intensity, he almost felt his heart jumping right out of his mouth.

Did the guy want to die? He never thought this pilot of the foe was such a bold person that he would sacrifice himself to eliminate the potential threat outside to create an opening for his teammates. Collision this intense could break through any advanced pressure buffering system inside the cabin and without a doubt it could break a human body of such fragility. The Old Pang saluted with respect in his heart. And then he shrunk in slight worry - the opponent turned out to be this devastating… he should not have brought his partner here! He took a glance at Ka Sang, restlessly he held the panel.

He watched on and as he saw that handicapped blue-white mech acting in such agility that he nailed his timing perfectly to make his entry to the warship, the Old Pang exclaimed, "Such an expert!"

To his horror he saw that black mechs with four arms hovering back to his former position. "Am… I seeing things?" he asked as he could not believe his eyes as he rubbed. That black mech was sent flying like a falling star… and he actually came back?

No way! How could any human survive a collision that intense?

He flinched for a moment, however fortunately as perceptive as he was, he got the odd mech’s motive upon seeing it sneaking into the walkway. Mumbled some compliments in joy, he hurried Ka Sang to go after the two mechs right when he saw the mechs of the foes elevating.

Judging by how the two mechs behaved, they seemed to be aware that both Ka Sang and himself were allies rather than foes.

After the explosion, they arrived before the main control room, where the alloy gate blocked their entry. Mu disengaged from the signal before and switched back to the open channel, "The main control room uses an independent defense system. It would be quite difficult if we were to enter by brutal force. I would need 3 minutes to work on something," Ye Chong and the two partners received an order from him.

"Mhm," promptly Ye Chong responded.

"Understood," Old Pang was mindful of the situation as he responded with approval immediately, though he was a little skeptical about it… only 3 minutes to break a door open this thick that was clearly made out of alloy from Blanc Alloys Corp.? He knew it at first sight… but he did not have a better tactic in mind so he stayed quiet and prayed that the pilot of the handicapped mech really did have a master plan in mind.

The interior of the warship was overly crammed for a walkway, which limited the room for avoiding shots. If the foes were given the opportunity to shoot, Ye Chong predicted that it would not be a waste as every shot would count. Nevertheless, the topography of this area looked relatively complex, which was an aid to Ye Chong’s dexterity. Moreover, as the walkway was narrow, they would not be this rash to use an area-blowing weapon like the nano wave cannon they used before. If they did, everyone would die altogether.

"Oh?" Almost immediately after the order was given, the enemies came.

The 3 mechs looked certainly graceless as they reached the scene. Apparently the grenade Ye Chong tossed had dealt quite some damage on them… well at least crispy on the outside. Being set up in such a dirty trick, the white mechs were acting aggressively as they arrived with their lasers shooting.

As Ye Chong said earlier, there was no space to hide. He could only shield himself from the incoming beams. He had yet to test the durability of his shield so he hoped that it would take the test.

Thup! Thup!

It somehow took the lasers flawlessly as its black body expanded out of a sudden. Zztt! The edges of the shield broke away like scattered building blocks. Before he noticed, the shield had already enlarged to twice the area before. Its appearance had changed drastically, with a sculpture of a fearsome beast standing in the middle of the shield ferociously, its eyes shone like a pair of red stars in the dark night on the shield. Creepy! And the surface of the shield flickered like the waving water. He had seen it on Johansson’s protection system before!

The laser beam landed on the shield like raindrops on a crystal lake surface. They became ripples on the plasma area of the shield. The eyes of the beast grew brighter!

Ye Chong was relieved. The shield did a pretty impressive job. These ordinary weaponries were no longer his concern.

They formed an "A" shape surrounding Mu in the middle to cover him up as he cracked something.

Old Pang owned a brownish humanoid mech… well it was a little plain in appearance, the shield was small and he required Ka Sang’s constant assistance for additional covers. His position was weird nonetheless as he could cover up Mu while standing within the proximity of Ka Sang’s large shield. He would exchange fires with the enemies and his fierce attack did not miss unexpectedly! Ye Chong was impressed. But he had to admit that these foes were not weak either. Their defense was so superior that Old Pang’s modified laser firearm could only hit dents on the surface.

Ka Sang’s mech was rowdy by design. The face of the humanoid mech was expressionless. Ye Chong wondered which lazy company actually manufactured this - such laziness! The mech’s shield too was unadorned and looked like a giant metal plate, though it did possess edges sharp like the blades, a good killing weapon it could be.

Seemingly the foes were informed of what Ye Chong and his gang were planning to do. They panicked as the frontmost mech lifted his nano wave cannon.

"Oh no!" Ye Chong feared as he was not sure if his shield could take nano wave attack!

His hands started moving on the control panel and Yu Di was launched like an arrow off the bow right into the 3 white mechs!

Old Pang was shocked by the sudden movement and he shifted to Yu Di’s position before to fill in the gap of defense before Mu.

The foes were astonished by Ye Chong’s abrupt launch too as they diverged all their firepower right onto him!

Yu Di jumped from side to side on the walls of the walkway, zigzagging his way to the white mechs, speedily it changed course again and again, which confused the white mechs.

Ye Chong was so engaged in his leaps that he did not realize what a shocking performance he was having that left Old Pang and Ka Sang dumbfounded at the side. Being able to perform such a fast turning in spite of limited space, is this guy still a human? Old Pang was daringly sure that such sharp turning would absolutely cause pressure beyond the tolerance of the human body.


Everyone thought so.

Well it was not solely Ye Chong’s amazing performance, Yu Di took some credits too. Its mobility was greater than Ye Chong expected. The zigzagging turnings were seamlessly done! Of course the environment was also a factor in this. If there was no wall at both sides, he could not make the leaps with a single-direction engine.

Still, it was astounding.

The speedy turnings exerted an inaudible pressure upon the foes.

Being close with a melee foes would be the worst nightmare for ranged attackers like them.

Alarmingly they launched all their firearms, including the nano waves! They were not holding back!

And that was when Ye Chong’s hand movement speed came in handy. He could still perform other commands while leaping and keeping the shield right in front of him.

The laser beams, the heat rays of high intensity, the nano waves and the other form of beams came showering at Ye Chong!

Ye Chong’s plasma shield shook viciously, the eyes of the beast turned even brighter! Klink! The entire shield glowed in red and a trace of serrated laser beams surrounded the edges. It looked as if the shield was blazing!

The nano wave that missed Ye Chong caused a monstrous explosion! The whole warship was shaking forcefully! Old Pang and Ka Sang almost lost their stance and fell, while Mu was still cracking, which impressed Old Pang. The blue-white mech might be handicapped but he was uninterrupted by the quake at all! Such a calm guy! An extraordinary person the blue-white mech was!

Ye Chong had come before the 3 mechs. The pilots on the white mechs were well-trained to know that evidently ranged weapons would not work effectively in such a close range. They drew their laser swords and strived to take this petrifying creature together.

Ye Chong was calm - calm as the ice - while the pupils of his eyes seared with the passion of battle, expressing the truest form of his soul!

Yu Di nimbly twisted through the brandishing laser swords as the shield slashed through the waist of one mech, the lance in his arm impaled the ribs and that magnetic blade in the other arm cut through the neck of the foe.

Old Pang wanted to provide help to Ye Chong who was cornered, but the moment he saw Ye Chong wielding 3 weapons at once, he groaned, "Oh my Fal Galaxy, what monster is this! He was able to use that 1 second of opening to plan such a complicated command and execute them flawlessly, all by instincts!"

The model of these mechs from the FMPA was not sophisticated enough for close-combats which was totally unmatched for their powerful ranged attacks, thought Ye Chong.

The mech was assaulted almost instantly. Despite having such a great defense, it could not hold Yu Di’s barbarous attacks!

The slash of the magnetic blade left the mech spluttered in pieces. The remaining two mechs were afraid to fight on and they bleed the scene.

Ye Chong was planning for a pursuit but Mu’s voice rang, "Got it!"

He turned his head and saw the control room open!

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