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Soon after Senior Silver Dragon left the Soaring Sun City, the news of Tian Yi appearing in the Ninth Heaven's Spirit Realm traversed across not only the world but also across the Universe.

And when others heard of how Tian Yi had participated in some event, even showing his real face at the end, countless maidens cursed their karma that kept them from witnessing the grandeur of Tian Yi climbing the stairway.

Additionally, after hearing the news, many people from the other heavens decided to travel to the Ninth Heaven to see whether or not they will be able to find any clues that would lead them to Tian Yi.

But alas, even after many days of searching, there was not even a footprint of Tian Yi's to be found; it was as though he was never there in the first place.

And as for those people who were there to witness Tian Yi's splendorous moment and his true appearance, only chaos awaited them.

"Y-You! What has happened to you?! You have been sitting there staring out the window nonstop lately!" cried one of the many unfortunate husbands who hasn't received any love for the past few days from his wife.

"I… am not in the mood," mumbled the wife who was sitting by the window, her gaze staring the peak of the stairway with a dazed expression, looking as though she was lovesick.

The stairway used for the competition was left untouched afterward as a memory for the Ninth Heaven— a legend that will be forever engraved in the memories of those who were fortunate enough to witness it.

As for the competition itself; it was canceled because of the chaos, causing those who managed to reach the 5th level because of Tian Yi to leave in disappointment. However, when then they thought of the fact that they had climbed the stairway alongside Tian Yi, their disappointing turned into glee, becoming their bragging rights for all eternity!

Yu Bing sat in her room with her gaze staring out the window with a dazed emotion— like every other female that had witnessed Tian Yi's true appearance— her mind thinking about the time they first met nonstop.

She gently brushed the Celestial Coin in her hands as though she was caressing a baby with affection.

"Shuyi…" she sighed, repeating the same name every hour for the past few days.

Yu Bing, one of the five Divine Grace, a woman with beauty that even kings and emperors would covet, was lovesick to the point of ignoring cultivation! For the first time in her 27 years of life, she experienced what true yearning felt like! Her longing for Tian Yi was so deep that she could already be considered poisoned without cure!

Even Yu Bing herself did not know why she loved him so much. While it was true that he was the most handsome man she has ever seen, that was not what planted the seed of love inside her.

Love at first sight could've been a possibility, but Yu Bing did not think that was the reason for her love.

Closing her eyes, Yu Bing thought back to every moment she'd spent with Tian Yi.

After many hours of recalling her memories, her eyes opened with flickering lights in her glowing orbs.

"The way he looked at me felt uncomfortable at first… but that was because I have never experienced such a weird feeling before… Thinking back to every time he gazed at me now… my heart would only beat faster from this discomfort… This discomfort… is love… I fell in love with his pure gaze that was filled with honesty and selflessness…"

"Haaa…" Yu Bing sighed for the umpteenth time, unaware of the shadow behind her.

"If only I'd realized this before…" she shook her head, her voice filled with regret. "Now… I will most likely never get to see his gaze ever again…"

"Haaaa…." she sighed again, sounding like an old lady regretting the decisions she's made in her life.

"Are you going to give up chasing your love so easily?" A voice suddenly resounded behind Yu Bing, alerting her who was in deep thoughts.

"Who?!" she jumped up, her gaze narrowed at the figure in her room.

"Y-You…" Yu Bing's eyes widened upon seeing the figure's face. 'What a beautiful woman!' she could not help but be amazed by the charisma surrounding the woman and thought to herself.

As a woman with supreme beauty herself, this was her first time being surprised by another woman's beauty!

The aura surrounding the woman was domineering, yet there was no sign of arrogance on her face. Instead, there was a warm smile, one that instantly made Yu Bing feel pleasant to be in around her presence!

'What a scary charisma!' Yu Bing thought, shocked at how she felt so relaxed at this moment as though they had an intimate relationship despite having never seen the woman before in her life!

"Be at east. I am not here to hurt you, Yu Bing," said the woman.

"Who are you? And why did you sneak up on me?" said Yu Bing who was still cautious of the woman.

The woman chuckled, and said, "Sneak up on you? I have been standing here for the last 3 days watching you sit there sighing every hour. If I had any ulterior intentions, would we still be talking like this?"

The woman's words made Yu Bing widen her eyes with bewilderment. For three days this woman had been beside her and she wasn't able to feel even the slightest of her presence? Impossible! Even if she was completely absent-minded, there was no way she was that vulnerable!

What is this woman's identity? And what did she want from her?

The woman suddenly flicked her sleeves, causing Yu Bing to jump back.

"Relax… I am just setting up the table…" the woman looked at her with an amused face and placed a wooden table in the middle of the room along with two chairs.

Sitting down on one of the chairs, the woman then took out a teapot and two cups.

"Let us talk about your love problem over a cup of tea, shall we?" she said with a smile, inviting Yu Bing to drink some tea all of a sudden.

Dumbfounded by the situation, Yu Bing stood there with a dazed gaze.

'What the hell is happening?' she silently said to herself.

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