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Chapter 97: 97
Xuanyue widened her eyes and said, “How dare you treat your meowster so rudely!” Her eyes only grew larger .

Li Qingshan stared at Xuanyue . “You’ve never mentioned this before . You clearly hid it from me . ”

Xuanyue avoided his gaze . For some reason, she felt frantic inside . She avoided the main point . “Haha, have I? You never asked!”

Li Qingshan sat and crossed his legs . “This is it . ”

“What? Why don’t you say that again?” Xuanyue extended her claws and threatened him .

Li Qingshan said, “You have tremendous abilities . When you come across danger, you can use your Shadow Displacement to just walk away from it, but we’ll most likely die . If you want to kill me, then kill me . I don’t want to be used by you anymore . As long as Xiao An can leave safely, I don’t mind anything you do to me . ”

Xiao An grabbed Li Qingshan by the sleeve and shook his head desperately .

Xuanyue said, “Do you think I won’t?” She swung down with her claws, as swift as lightning . Li Qingshan had decided on not trying to avoid it . His hide was no tougher than that rat daemon’s .

The claws stopped near Li Qingshan’s neck, only a millimeter away . Xuanyue’s chest heaved up and down . She turned around and said, “Hmph, I can’t be bothered killing you . If you want to leave, then leave! Do whatever you want!”

Li Qingshan looked at her deeply before turning around . He was just about to leave .

Xuanyue grabbed Li Qingshan’s little finger and said gently, “The Dragon province is close . We promeowsed!”

Li Qingshan turned around . All he saw was her looking elsewhere and not at him . The sunlight fell on her eyelashes, casting a shadow on her eyes that were as clear as lakewater . She seemed melancholic and fragile, which tugged at Li Qingshan’s heart .

After a long moment of silence, Li Qingshan answered her, “Fine then . I’ll send you off one last time, just to complete our promise . ”

Xuanyue immediately cheered up . She stuck out her tongue and smiled craftily . “How easy to coax!” She did not seem melancholic and fragile at all .

Li Qingshan lowered his head, and his expression immediately darkened . Xiao An looked at Li Qingshan rather sympathetically .

“It’s a promeowse! A promeowse!” Xuanyue leapt around Li Qingshan complacently before jumping onto his head in the end . She urged him, “Let’s go!”

Li Qingshan glared at her viciously before continuing on his way .

It had been quite some time since he had travelled under the sun . The sunlight in winter was warm . Before he knew it, a very long time had already passed . He had grown completely accustomed to his body as a daemon now .

Xuanyue said, “There’s no need to feel ashamed! There’s nothing embarrassing about losing to my ultimeowte move!”

“Ultimate move?!”

Li Qingshan said, “But in the end, you still left . ”

Xuanyue said complacently, “That’s because I’m rather cold-hearted!”

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Li Qingshan said, “That’s not something you should be proud of! If you’re coldhearted to others, they’ll be cold-hearted to you too . ”


On the Black Rat mountain, the rat king laid on the ground with his head completely buried in the earth . The quiet sounds from five or even fifty kilometers away reached his ears . Li Qingshan and Xuanyue’s conversation obviously failed to escape his ears .

Most of the innate abilities awakened by daemons were for attack or defence, but he knew the extremely rare ‘Earthen Auditory’, matching his prudent personality that was as timid as a mouse .

Suddenly, he pulled his head out of the ground and said with a face full of soil, “Something really is off!”

The rats said, “Wise be the king!”

“Cut the rubbish . Go chase them!”

Xuanyue’s ears suddenly perked up . “Oh no, they’ve come chasing . Let’s go!”

Li Qingshan swung his legs and took off in a wild sprint . He would leave behind a deep footprint whenever he took a step before landing several dozen meters away .

“You’re too slow!” Xuanyue found him to be too slow .

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Li Qingshan said, “Why don’t you carry me and try?!”

Xuanyue fished out a spiritual pill and tossed it into Li Qingshan’s mouth before taking out a talisman . The talisman was not yellow as he had seen it before, but scarlet red .

The pill dissolved, and a light sensation rose up through him . Li Qingshan felt like his weight had halved . The talisman shattered, and a whirlwind wrapped around Li Qingshan . He felt weightless now .

Li Qingshan took a step and shot up into the sky . The sky was a dazzling blue, while the ancient forest stood below him . The mountains in the distance rose and fell as a curve . He felt like he was flying .

He looked back, and as expected, there was a cloud of dust rushing towards him . When he landed back on the ground, he had already adjusted his posture . Leaning forward, he took off in a straight charge . He would cross several hundred meters with each step . These hills no longer posed an obstacle to him . He would just leap over them .

Xuanyue laughed aloud as she stood on his shoulder . “Charge! Meowhahaha!”

The rolling cloud of dust swept over, moving with startling speed . Within the dust, the person at the front was the rat king . He stood on a wave formed from countless rats and spotted Li Qingshan immediately . He shouted out, “Stop!”

Xuanyue knew their cover had been blown, so she no longer tried to hide . She pulled a face . “Only an idiot would stop! You dumbo! Dumbo!”

Yellow light flashed through the rat king’s eyes, and a series of earth spikes stuck out from the ground . Whether it be their speed or strength, they were far more vicious than the rat general . Every single one of them would emerge when Li Qingshan was about to step on the ground .

Li Qingshan zig-zagged about, constantly changing directions . As soon as he had avoided a spike, there would be activity below his feet again . He roared out, “The Ox Demon Stamps its Hooves!” and stepped on the spike that had just emerged, pushing off it and taking off into the sky .

His foot ached, but fortunately, his feet had already turned into tough ox hooves, or his leg would have been crippled .

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He reached an altitude of several hundred meters . The blue sky dazzled his eyes, and he no longer cared about the pain from his foot .

Xuanyue pointed at the horizon . “Big Blacko, Li’l Whitey, do see it? The Ice Sword cliff is right in front of us!”

An imposing ice cliff that spanned over a thousand kilometers crossed through the Boundless mountains as if a celestial had used an ice sword to split the dragon-like mountain range in half .

This was the boundary between the Green and Dragon provinces .

Hope suddenly sprang forth in Li Qingshan’s heart . He was like a traveller seeing his final destination, even though he understood that distances would often be underestimated . He knew that the Ice Sword cliff was still very far away .

However, he just had a feeling that if he could cross that ice cliff, he would definitely reach a place he had never set foot in .

When he lowered his head, all he saw was that the tough rock he was about to land on had turned into a region of quicksand that spanned several hundred meters . He sank heavily into the quicksand .

The quicksand spun like a vortex with a great suction force as if countless hands were pulling Li Qingshan into the ground . He felt like a declawed tiger . Even if he possessed tremendous strength, he was unable to use it at all now . The more he struggled, the further he sank .

The rat king used this opportunity to catch up in a single stroke . He laughed aloud . “You’ve fallen for my trap! Since you’ve looked down on me, I’ll make you all remain here forever!”

“Wise be the king!”

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