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Chapter 86: 86
But now, the dead were dead, and the crippled were crippled . They could no longer oppose Feng Zhang . At the same time, they were afraid that Feng Zhang would turn against them mercilessly .

Xiao An did not flee . He knelt on the ground . Currently, all of his bones were riddled with cracks . Looking at the sea of fire, two streaks of bloody tears ran down from his eye sockets . He opened his mouth, but not a single sound was emitted . However, everyone could sense that he was sobbing .

Feng Zhang turned around as a sunken smile stretched from ear to ear . “At the end of the day, it looks like I still need to do it personally!”

His smile suddenly froze . A terrifying feeling appeared from behind him, as if a terrifying beast was awakening in the fire .

A wild roar pierced the sky .

It was not a sound a human could make . Feng Zhang turned around and saw a black figure rise up from the fire, shaking off the flames . It was ten feet tall with a pair of horns that stabbed towards the sky .

Two specks of red light suddenly lit up!

Li Qingshan laid in the fire without moving at all . Before the danger of death, things went as he anticipated . His Tiger Demon’s Fist of Bone Forging had finally broken through to the first layer!

There was not a surge of strength like he had imagined . He felt his body undergo an extremely strange transformation . Everything ripped apart, transformed and remoulded . The flames gradually stopped being as scorching and discomforting as before, but he was still afraid of opening his eyes .

The words of the black ox rang through his ears once more . Only when you reach the first layer with both fist styles will you truly be regarded as having learnt this ability .

Although his eyes were firmly shut, he seemed to be able to feel the small skeleton rush over through the flames . He seemed to be able to hear his sobs .

Xiao An!

An indescribable feeling rose up in his heart, turning into a roar at the sky .

Li Qingshan stood up in the fire and snapped open his eyes . The shining red light was no longer hidden in the depths of his eyes . Instead, it was completely exposed now . He took a step forward, and an iron hoof crushed the mountain god’s head .

Under the invisible pressure, the flames bloomed in the surroundings like a lotus flower . He emerged from the sea of fire, step by step .

All those still alive on the mountain peak held their breaths as their eyes widened .

The colossal figure was as tough as a steel tower . The pitch-black skin seemed to be forged from black iron, and mysterious patterns extended from the top of his head to his four limbs . His feet had turned into iron hooves, while his hands had become sharp claws .

Daemon qi surged into the air . The legend began here .

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Feng Zhang reached into his bosom . A violent gust of wind swept past him . The scarlet hair had even brushed past his face, making him seize up as his teeth chattered and his body trembled .

He no longer possessed the intention of resisting . Only a single thought remained, Run! A daemon, even a low grade daemon beast, was not something a second layer Qi Practitioner like him could fend off . Apart from the standard issue Wind-entwining blade that came from the Hawkwolf Guard, he did not possess another proper spiritual artifact to support him in a battle against a daemon .

Li Qingshan’s target was not Feng Zhang . When Lü Tingrui saw Li Qingshan emerge from the fire, she turned around and fled without the slightest hint of hesitation . The effects of the talisman remained, so she actually moved extremely quickly .

As she was mid-air, a huge claw reached over from behind and grabbed her head . Li Qingshan said, “Tell me, who’s the monster!” His voice was deep and hoarse like the thrum of metal . It was filled with cold killing intent .

His sharp, protruding teeth were pale-white as the red light in his eyes shone!

Lü Tingrui opened her mouth, but she discovered that the only sounds she could let out were mindless gibberish . She had been a first rate-master who had roamed the jianghu for quite some time now, but she had never seen a real daemon before . She felt like a mouse in a cat’s paw, having come across her natural nemesis . Under the weight of endless fear, what she felt was even more terrifying than death .

Cling clang! Countless hidden weapons landed on Li Qingshan, creating a series of sparks . Li Qingshan turned around and said, “Piss off!”

The sound wave that had been infused with daemon qi was like the strike of a heavy hammer . Chu Xin was launched over twenty meters away . His head tilted to one side, and he could not be more dead than that .

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A second-rate master who laid on the ground suddenly leapt up high into the air . He stuck a talisman on his sword, coating it in a layer of sword aura . Originally, he had been playing dead, but now, he wanted to use this opportunity to launch a sneak attack against Li Qingshan .

Li Qingshan was just about to turn around, but a tiger’s tail swept through the air like a steel whip, basically cleaving the second-rate master in half by the waist . Li Qingshan looked back at his own tail in surprise . Suddenly, he discovered that he had gained additional functions . His reactions were still faster than his head .

Li Qingshan closed his hand easily, and the head was crushed like a watermelon . In the next moment, he vanished from his current location .

He appeared beside the remaining second and third-rate disciples one by one and unleashed a massacre . In just a few seconds, not a single person was left alive on the mountain peak . The only one left was Feng Zhang, who was furiously fleeing down the mountain .

Li Qingshan bent his knees slightly . The ground cracked wildly, and he had already rushed into the air .

Feng Zhang was currently fleeing for his life as a black figure descended from the sky, landing on him with the weight of several tonnes .

Feng Zhang’s cultivation was impressive, but before Li Qingshan’s absolute strength and speed, he actually did not have the ability to fight back at all . Blood spurted from his mouth as he cried, “Daemon, you’re a daemon!” He gripped the ground with his hands, but there was no way he could oppose Li Qingshan’s current strength . Even if Li Qingshan lifted his foot, his organs and bones had all been crushed already . He only remained alive because of his innate true qi .

Li Qingshan bent down and growled . “I want to rip your limbs from your body, one by one . ” The red light in his eyes was like blood . Possessing the hatred and fury of humans, he was much crueler and more brutal than regular daemons .

Xiao An tugged Li Qingshan’s hand . He casually tried to slap him aside in a violent matter . “Piss off!”

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Seeing Xiao An, a sliver of rationality flashed through his mind, and Li Qingshan suddenly stopped his hand . The gust of wind he had kicked up had almost blown away Xiao An . He looked at Li Qingshan with surprise and fear as well as uncertainty .

“Xiao An, I’m sorry . I-” Li Qingshan covered his face as the red light subsided between his fingers .

Xiao Man approached him again, grabbing Li Qingshan’s hand, or perhaps claw would be more accurate .

Li Qingshan held back his various savage thoughts and crushed Feng Zhang to death with a stomp, giving him a quick death . He looked at his two hands that had become the claws of beasts as various wild thoughts rampaged through his head . He knelt on the ground and let out a wail at the sky .

The sky was pitch-black . The layered, dark clouds obscured the stars and the moon .

However, above the dark clouds were a sea of drifting clouds, stretching as far as the eye could see . Under the illumination of the moon and stars, it was tranquil like a paradise .

A white figure stood alone above the sea of clouds . Her clothes buffeted in the wind; she was just like an otherworldly immortal . Gu Yanying lowered her eyes as her dark pupils suddenly narrowed . They shone with golden light, piercing the clouds like the eyes of a hawk and landing on Li Qingshan .

Her feeling was right . When she met Li Qingshan below the pine tree, the smell he gave off was not because he did not shower . Instead, it was legitimate daemon qi . However, it was just too weak, so she was uncertain, which was why she made Li Qingshan drink the cup of Bodhi Brew . As a result, his true qi lost control immediately and amplified everything . Only then did she confirm her suspicions .

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