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Chapter 85: 85
“Metal Talisman of Sharpness!” Wan Hao stuck his talisman on his blade and condensed a blade aura three feet in length . It would no longer be possible for Li Qingshan to survive a swing of his blade now .

Meanwhile, hall chief Wu directly stuck his talisman on his chest . A golden figure rose up from his body; it was just like what happened with the master of the Black Wind stronghold, Xiong Xiangwu . It was also a Talisman of the Guardian Kings . However, the colour was much deeper . He rushed up and launched a heavy punch .

Feng Zhang just stopped . He sheathed his Wind-entwining blade and watched Li Qingshan like he was looking at a dead man . Let alone Li Qingshan, even if he ended up in an encirclement like that, only death would await him .

Even if there was just one of them, Li Qingshan would struggle very much . He stomped the ground heavily, causing it to sink and form a great pit . The Ox Demon Stamps its Hooves sent shockwaves into the surroundings, and the four first-rate masters all paused .

However, he would never be bold enough to use this opportunity to launch an attack . Instead, he used his full strength and leapt into the sky at the same time with Xiao An .

Everyone raised their heads with differing expressions . If Li Qingshan had elected to forcefully confront them, he might have had a chance at surviving, but now that he had leapt into the sky, he had ended his own path . In the air, there was nothing he could push off of, so it was impossible to dodge . Once he fell down, he would die .

Li Qingshan reached the highest point . Just when he was about to fall back down again, he suddenly unleashed the Cursive Sword Calligraphy . A descending diagonal stroke, an ascending diagonal stroke, a horizontal stroke, a vertical stroke, and a hook lit up . Li Qingshan had already grabbed the Cursive Sword Calligraphy secretly before the three people had surrounded him, channelling all of his true qi into it .

Ever since he obtained the Cursive Sword Calligraphy, his true qi had been constantly strengthening . Not only had he ingested the Bodhi Brew today, but he had also ingested the entire spiritual ginseng as well . He had even eaten a Body Eruption pill earlier . The true qi in his body had reached unprecedented heights, so he pushed the power of the spiritual artifact to unprecedented levels as well .

The moment he unfurled the Cursive Sword Calligraphy, Feng Zhang’s eyes lit up . “A mid grad spiritual artifact! No, it’s a high grade spiritual artifact! Run!” However, he felt no surprise . Instead, he was overjoyed . If he could obtain a high grade spiritual artifact, it would be worth it even if he had been expelled from the Hawkwolf Guard .

A descending diagonal stroke, an ascending diagonal stroke, a horizontal stroke, a vertical stroke, and a hook flew towards the five people .

Even without Feng Zhang’s warning, these alert first-rate masters of the jianghu sensed an extremely terrifying killing intent the moment Li Qingshan unfurled the Cursive Sword Calligraphy . They responded instinctively .

Wan Hao raised his blade at the sky, defending by launching an attack . He precisely sealed off the direction that the killing intent originated from . However, before absolute strength, all of his moves were useless . The vertical stroke fell straight down, shattering the blade aura along with the blade itself, immediately piercing through his head . He blanked out and collapsed on the ground .

Hall chief Wu crossed his arms and used the Iron Chains Across the River . Combined with the Talisman of the Guardian Kings, he formed the strongest defence, but the hook still claimed his head by surprise .

Two first-rate masters who had used their trump cards were killed off instantly, demonstrating the terror of the high quality spiritual artifact .

Lü Tingrui used her impressive movement technique and fled into the distance as quickly as possible . Chu Xin had always been standing the furthest away, and his reaction was the fastest as well . He immediately rolled to one side with his circular body .

The ascending diagonal stroke and horizontal stroke swept past, and there were two flashes of red light . The two of them collapsed on the ground, losing a leg and an arm . They were heavily injured .

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However, the strongest and brightest descending diagonal stroke flew towards Feng Zhang .

Feng Zhang sank into a horse stance and used two talismans consecutively, sticking them on his blade and his body .

The Wind-entwining blade erupted with a blade aura five feet in length while a golden bell condensed around his body . If the Talisman of the Guardian Kings could be used to kill, then the Golden Bell Talisman existed to protect .

As a second layer Qi Practitioner and a past Hawkwolf guard, the resources he possessed were much more than the trump cards of all these first-rate masters added together . However, he purposefully saved them, sending these first-rate masters to risk their lives . It would be best if they all died, as he would not have to give them the pills he promised . He truly was a cruel person .

However, when he saw the high grade spiritual artifact Li Qingshan possessed, he immediately felt that everything was worth using .

At that moment, light erupted and dazzled everyone . Even the thick layer of snow accumulated in front of the mountain god temple was swept away .

The blade shattered, the bell broke, but he survived .

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The situation that Li Qingshan worried about the most happened . Only the hilt remained from the Wind-entwining blade in Feng Zhang’s hand, and his clothes had been reduced to tatters, covered in tiny slashes . However, he smiled very complacently, looking at Li Qingshan in the air .

Li Qingshan’s heart sank completely . The whistling of wind rang out from behind .

Chu Xin’s eyes were red with rage as he used his remaining hand to unleash a metal storm .

Li Qingshan pushed Xiao An aside as he waved his blade with difficulty in an attempt to block the attack . However, his body had been drained of true qi, and the side effects of the Body Eruption pill had arrived at the same time, causing him agony all over .

Xiao An extended his hand helplessly, watching as he was blown away by the storm of metal . In that instant, who knows how many hidden weapons had struck him . He fell through the roof of the temple, landing in the bonfire .

The head of the mountain god statue rolled to one side . The charred head smiled fiercely, as if it were mocking Li Qingshan for overestimating his strength .

Xiao An landed on the ground and directly charged towards the mountain god temple . A slender sword stabbed over diagonally . Lü Tingrui stood on a single leg as she said in resentment, “I’ll kill this monster!”

Feng Zhang did not pursue Li Qingshan . He pulled out another talisman and shot it into the temple .

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A great ball of fire erupted in the temple . The mountain god temple that was close to collapsing in the first place immediately fell apart . Firelight rose into the sky, so bright that it was visible even from five kilometers away .

Feng Zhang felt that Li Qingshan was hiding far too many secrets . He was afraid that he possessed more killing moves, so he was reluctant to take any further risk . He directly used a talisman to finish him off . It was not like high grade spiritual artifacts could be destroyed in a fire like this . When the time came, he could just go fetch it from Li Qingshan’s ashes .

The fire roared . The flames in Xiao An’s eye sockets blazed bright like blood . He charged at Lü Tingrui wildly, ready to throw his life away .

Lü Tingrui dodged to one side, but all she saw was Xiao An going straight for the mountain god temple, wanting to fish Li Qingshan out from the sea of fire . She could not help but mutter, “Monster!”

Chu Xin attacked again . The hidden weapons barraged Xiao An’s body with a series of clings and clangs, causing him to stagger and fall onto the ground . However, he immediately climbed back up again .

Feng Zhang sneered and swung his hand . True qi surged as he sent Xiao An flying . Standing in front of the fire, he was like a mountain, separating Xiao An from Li Qingshan .

He growled and said, “You two idiots, why don’t you kill it? Don’t let it escape . ” However, he was considering silencing them with death . He could not allow anyone else to learn about the high grade spiritual artifact .

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