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Chapter 72: 72
“Yes, yes, yes . Sheriff Li is a great hero, a great man . You would never take advantage of my mere establishment . It’s me who has acted like a snob . ” The manager was overjoyed, immediately stowing the silver away and replying with respect .

Li Qingshan turned around and left through the door as a few people of the jianghu whispered among themselves .

“Is that the Descended Tiger, Li Qingshan? Turns out that he’s just a kid . ”

“What kid? He personally destroyed the Black Wind stronghold and the Dragon’s Gate sect . And, I heard he’s skilled in a move called the ‘Black Tiger Digs out the Heart’…”

“What so special about the Black Tiger Digs out the Heart? I know it as well . Who doesn’t know how to use it in the jianghu?” To the people of the jianghu, this was basically the most generic move out there .

“Shut up, don’t interrupt me . Every person he killed has had their hearts dug out . Could you do that?”

The table of people collectively gasped . “What brutal methods!”

“That’s why we have to be as careful as we can this time . ”

A few days passed, and more and more people of the jianghu appeared in Qingyang city . The attacks that Li Qingshan had been watching out for never actually happened during this time . Everyone watched and observed silently . The infamy that came with killing people and digging out their hearts really did have an extremely great effect . And, the more people of the jianghu there were, the more careful and vigilant they would be . They were afraid of stalking their prey but being unaware of someone else stalking them .

Li Qingshan was overjoyed that no one disturbed him . He could concentrate entirely on training . He would become slightly stronger with each passing day . However, his figure rapidly thinned down as well . He was basically close to returning to his original size .

However, this was different from the frail thinness of before . The current him was like a piece of steel, constantly being hammered and tempered . His volume decreased, but he became denser and denser . Simply by standing there, he was like a javelin, glimmering with a deterring edge .

At the very beginning, Li Qingshan had never thought the Tiger Demon’s Fist of Bone Forging could forge the body to such a level . Moreover, this form of forging took an extremely great toll on his body .

Now, aside from eating food, he ate ginseng . That’s right; he did not drink the medicinal alcohol steeped from ginseng but ate it directly instead . Whenever he felt exhausted from training, he would eat wild ginseng several decades in age like snacks .

The snow fell at times and stopped at others . Over half a month passed by .

Li Qingshan was currently practising in a horse stance . Suddenly, he felt a gust behind his head, and he did not even look back, leaping up and slamming his head backwards . He seemed like a human spring .

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His headbutt sent the assailant flying, slamming against the stone wall .

The eleventh . This was already the eleventh person who had attacked him recently . Although most people chose to watch on from afar, there were still quite a few who wanted to try their luck . Unfortunately, their luck was not particularly great .

Li Qingshan stood up and sensed the gazes that spied on him from the surroundings . He growled and said, “All of you, get out!” His voice that he had infused with true qi made the tiles rattle . Those who had weaker martial arts immediately felt like they had been struck heavily in the head . They vanished in a hurry .

Li Qingshan did the same as he did with the others, killing the person and taking the heart before tossing the corpse over the wall . Feeling his own body, the strand of true qi that was only like a hair in the beginning had become extremely powerful now . It raged through his body like a river .

He had finished all eight jars of tiger bone alcohol, the two bamboo baskets of ginseng, and the pills for training he had obtained from the Dragon’s Gate sect .

He had finally achieved something with the Tiger Demon’s Fist of Bone Forging, but he was still quite a bit off from the first layer . He was uncertain if it were because he had not trained enough or if the time was just not right .

He stood up and discovered that his nails had grown long once more . As they brushed past each other, they produced a metallic sound of scraping . He grabbed at the stone table beside him gently and four deep marks were left behind . If he used a hand like this to unleash a vicious technique like the Tiger Demon Digs out the Heart, the results would be obvious .

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He was confident that he could slaughter all of these people spying on him, but he did not do that . As long as they never attacked him, he was reluctant to kill them . However, his patience vanished bit by bit . As his cultivation of the Tiger Demon’s Fist of Bone Forging progressed, his vicious and brutal nature grew heavier .

He was like a vicious tiger trapped in a cage, agitated to swing its claws and bare its fangs . He had realised he had changed like this .

If masters of the jianghu were being spied on so outrageously, they probably would have massacred them all already . Have I made myself seem like someone who’s easy to walk over? This thought constantly resounded through his head, and it grew louder and louder . However, he did his best to restrain himself .

Xiao An held Li Qingshan’s wrist with some worry . Out of the eleven people Li Qingshan had killed during these days, the latter nine were all second-rate masters . Their vitality was much stronger than regular people . Xiao An’s strength had been growing endlessly like there was no bottleneck .

Li Qingshan said, “Let’s go out and take a stroll!” He put on the Black Wolf uniform and equipped the standard issue Wind-entwining blade before making his way out . He made his way towards the largest establishment in Qingyang city . Most of the people of jianghu were gathered there . He wanted to make them understand today .

As soon as he left the courtyard, a piece of news spread across the entire city . “The Black Tiger has left its den!”

In the Iron Fist sect, the Iron Lion Liu Hong currently faced a pale-faced, middle-aged man with a thin beard and mustache . Liu Hong said courteously, “Hall chief, that is what has happened so far . Li Qingshan is a real piece of work . It is difficult to take the spiritual ginseng from him by force . And, Qingyang city has become crowded with masters now . First-rate masters have already appeared, planning to use the spiritual ginseng when they make the push to the innate realm . Even if you get the spiritual ginseng, it will be difficult to ingest it . ”

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Hall chief Wu lectured, “Liu Hong, you have spent far too much time in retirement in Qingyang . You have become more and more cowardly . Since when has our Iron Fist school feared masters? If Li Qingshan really is someone with a brain, getting him to hand over the spiritual ginseng and join the Iron School sect would not be treating him unjustly . ”

Li Long stood to one side . When he heard how his master was directly referred to by his name, he felt that it was very disrespectful . He refused to accept it inside, With the way you act, you might not necessarily be able to defeat Qingshan . Once he digs out your heart, you’ll know just how powerless you really are .

Liu Hong obviously knew his disciple . He was afraid Li Long would say something inappropriate, so he grabbed his shoulder and said to the hall chief, “Hall chief Wu, my disciple has got some talent . It is quite a pity if he remains in Qingyang city . Do you think you can take him with you this time so that he can go out and see the world?”

Hall chief Wu glanced at Li Long . “Regarding that, considering your contribution this time for providing the news, it is not out of the question for me to take a person or two away with me . ” The Iron Fist school had established a branch in such a remote in the first place because they wanted to look for people, so completing this favour that came at no extra cost to him was possible .

Liu Hong was overjoyed . “Thank you, hall chief Wu . Xiao Long, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and thank hall chief Wu . ”

Li Long could not let down his master with all the pains he had gone to . Although he was reluctant, he showed none of it on his face . He thanked the hall chief obediently .


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