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Chapter 411: 411

A great hole appeared in Li Qingshan’s chest, and he fell out of the sky . After that moment of glory, the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather returned to normal and became completely dull in colour .

“Master!” Ye Liubo cried out and tried to go up, but Ye Mingzhu stopped her . “The battle hasn’t ended yet!”

Li Qingshan rapidly fell down . As he watched Bloodshadow’s figure grow further and further away, his lips gradually curled into a smile .

Bloodshadow lowered his head and stared at his pale-white hand in disbelief . It was covered in bloody marks . Normally, he could eliminate such wounds instantly . Even if he were ripped to pieces, it would just be a very ordinary wound .

But right now, the marks rapidly expanded . Purply-green poison inhibited his body’s recovery, and it rapidly spread, turning his pale face into the same colour .

At that moment, who knew how many times Li Qingshan had swung the blade . He had not achieved it through his strength alone . Instead, he had relied on the power of the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather . Like most spiritual artifacts, the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather also came with a killing move, which was known as “Poisonfeather Dance” . It was like the bloom of flowers, the dance of the Poisonfeather bird, completely unleashing all the poison stored within the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather . It was a fatal strike of either winning or dying .

With Bloodshadow’s speed and reaction, landing the attack was difficult, so he could only wait until the last moment when neither of them could retreat . Finally, the blade played a critical role and injected all the poison into Bloodshadow’s body perfectly .

In the air, Bloodshadow shattered and fell down like toy bricks . A blood-red daemon core flickered within, barely holding all of the pieces of flesh together .

Xiao An, who hid in the darkness silently, stared at the daemon core . The firelight in her eyes flickered!

Li Qingshan flipped and landed on one knee, pressing a hand against his chest . The moment he landed on the ground, the Strength of the Earth flowed out endlessly, nourishing his body .

Nearby, Bloodshadow turned into an assembling pile of flesh, constantly wriggling and spraying with poison, doing his best to recover .

The battle was so brutal that everyone became dumbfounded . Wounds like that would be absolutely fatal if a night roamer received them, yet they managed to hold on and recover with their terrifying life force .

But even at a time like this, the Spider Queen did not plan to make them stop . Her eyes flashed as a smile stretched over her face . She seemed glamorous as she radiated with joy .

“A draw? Don’t even think about it!” Before Dragonsnail could even finish speaking, Li Qingshan interrupted him with his hoarse voice . He had put up with so much, so how could an outcome like this satisfy him?

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“What, you want to keep fighting?” Dragonsnail raised his head and asked . Basically all of Li Qingshan’s organs had been destroyed, and his spine had vanished too . The upper and lower half of his body could rip apart at any time . He was clearly in no state to keep fighting .

“I can obviously keep fighting!” The corner of Li Qingshan’s lips curled up, and suddenly, he tossed the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather high into the air . A scarlet figure leapt out from the darkness, catching the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather and landing in front of Bloodshadow . His red hair danced around in the air . He was Li Qingshan’s mirror clone .

His mirror clone probably could not even withstand a single strike from Strongboulder or Bloodshadow before dispersing, and he would have to split his focus to control it . As a result, Li Qingshan had kept it lurking in the darkness for a surprise attack . Sure enough, it was extremely effective now .

“Ma’am Spider Queen, t- this isn’t fair!” Bloodshadow assembled his head with difficulty and was so frightened that it almost split apart again . He objected weakly .

“This is one of my innate abilities . It’s always been a part of my powers, so how is it unfair?”

The Spider Queen remained silent, agreeing to Li Qingshan’s words .

Li Qingshan raised the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather with a vicious smile .

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“I admit defeat!” Bloodshadow cried out . If he let even more poison invade his body, it would lead to permanent, severe damage to his cultivation . Yet, he had no idea that the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather had run out of poison a long time ago, having been reduced to an ordinary blade .

Those three words silenced the entire gorge . No one thought Li Qingshan would actually win, and he would win so beautifully . He had defeated both Daemon Generals in the area they were strongest in .

“Master, you’ve won!” Ye Liubo cheered and rushed over, embracing Li Qingshan firmly .

Li Qingshan grinned painfully . He pushed Ye Liubo aside and propped up himself, climbing back onto his feet . He clasped his hands at Spider Queen Lolth from afar .

“Alright, from today onwards, you are the commander of all the night roamers . I await your next performance!” Spider Queen Lolth announced loudly and smiled charmingly at Li Qingshan . Lifting up and dragging her red dress, she vanished into the darkness . Dragonsnail followed close behind .

“Once you recover, I’ll challenge you again, Northmoon!” Strongboulder leapt up and flew to the top of the gorge with a rumble . He was actually startling fast, nowhere near as sluggish as Li Qingshan imagined him to be . His wild laughter rang out from afar when he had already vanished .

Bloodshadow finally purged all the poison from his body . He transformed into a red blood bat and glanced at Li Qingshan in pure resentment before flapping his wings and flying to the other end of the gorge .

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The night roamers all looked at one another . There was surprise, worry, fear, and hostility, but regardless of what they were feeling, they all knew that this daemon called Northmoon had become a figure of great importance in this region, and he possessed power over the fates of countless night roamers . The situation underground had completely changed .

“The Spider Shadow clan is willing to offer its full support for sir Northmoon to become the commander of night roamers . Sir Northmoon, please return to Blacklustre city with me to rest . ” Ye Mingzhu approached him before anyone else, becoming the first matriarch to swear loyalty to Li Qingshan .

Apart from the Spider Shadow clan, the other night roamers all remained silent, vanishing into the darkness . They returned to their cities to discuss what they would do next . Not only had Ye Mingzhu’s behaviour failed to set a model for them all, but it even made the other clans more suspicious instead .

These crafty, doubtful, and unruly night roamers would never yield to a daemon so easily . Making them give up on the open and hidden conflict that had occured over all these years was even more difficult .

The Spider Queen had only granted him the status . If Li Qingshan wanted to convert this status into actual benefits, he would have to keep working hard by himself . However, he had already grown accustomed to this a long time ago . He would obviously personally fetch what he wanted .

In Blacklustre city, Li Qingshan laid comfortably on the soft, leather chair . Ye Liubo massaged his shoulders, letting his head rest on her plump chest, while Ye Liusu stood to the side, personally feeding the hazelnuts specially produced underground into his mouth . However, she was clearly very unaccustomed to such a job .

“Sir, the other clans still haven’t made any responses . They seem to be contacting one another secretly,” Ye Mingzhi reported .

“Mingzhu, prepare to conquer the discontent for me!”

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