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Chapter 404: 404
“After I met with the Spider Queen, I immediately ventured to Green Vine mountain to kill that old man . However, I ended up falling into Fu Qingjin of the Sword Collection palace’s trap, costing me my clone . After that, the Green Vine mountain became enveloped by the Duality Formation of Disintegration, preventing me from setting foot in there again . ”

“The Duality Formation of Disintegration! You got through the Duality Formation of Disintegration?” Dragonsnail’s calm expression finally became slightly perturbed, and his speech sped up by quite a lot .

“You know about it, brother Dragonsnail? Honestly, I couldn’t get through the formation . I don’t think anyone present can get through it apart from ma’am Spider Queen . As a result, I bided my time and spent it scheming . I waited until last night when the members of the Daemon Suppression alliance gathered in an estate outside Clear River city . ”

“Daemon Suppression alliance?” Strongboulder’s eyebrows became firmly furrowed . This name was nothing but a mockery of daemons .

“That’s right . The Daemon Suppression alliance is the same Daemon Suppression alliance composed of a combination of sects, led by the Sword Collection palace in the Clear River prefecture . Fu Qingjin seemed to be the one in charge . ”

“Continue . ” Spider Queen Lolth mulled over it .

“I followed them there and discovered a Foundation Establishment cultivator descending from the sky with a huge ship before leaving in front of everyone else . Afterwards, I learnt the ship was called the Soaring Dragon ship, a powerful mechanism created by humans . I followed it secretly . There were two Foundation Establishment cultivators on there…”

Li Qingshan told the entire story in a single breath, and the room fell silent . Alone, he hijacked a powerful warship of the humans, destroyed the formation around the Green Vine mountain, and killed the Green Vine Elder . Just how soul-stirring was this entire process? He had to possess both intelligence and courage to be able to achieve something like this .

“You’ve got something in you! What I admire the most are the powerful . You’re powerful enough and vicious enough!” Strongboulder laughed aloud, violently smacking Li Qingshan’s shoulder . Daemon qi suddenly surged out from his hand, slamming down with a weight of several thousand tonnes .

Boom! A huge pit appeared where Li Qingshan stood .

“I want to fight you even more now . ” Strongboulder raised his head and laughed violently as his eyes shone .

“You’ll have the chance . ” Li Qingshan dodged to one side, exercising his arm .

“You’re afraid that I’ll sell you out?” Spider Queen Lolth stood up and stared at Li Qingshan .

“Do you have any objections to that?”

“No . That’s exactly what makes you charming . ”

“You’re very charming too, such that I almost want to have some fun with you, and then eat you mouthful by mouthful . ” The Spider Queen made her way down from her throne slowly, touching Li Qingshan’s cheek . She licked her bright-red lips and said those words in a husky voice . She was terrifyingly enchanting .

A sliver of shock flashed across Ye Mingzhu’s eyes .

Li Qingshan shivered inside . He had heard about some common practices underground from Ye Liubo . One of them included every clan offering male night roamers to the Spider Queen every year . The Spider Queen would eat every single partner she slept with . There were no exceptions .

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If someone was bold enough to become interested in her, then she would be the deadliest lover . However, the principle that daemons could not kill one another fortunately existed, so she would not touch daemons .

Li Qingshan raised his head slightly, inches away from hers . “You might have that chance in the future!”

“Oh? When?”

“When you can’t eat me . ”

“You’re very daring!”

“This is just a clone after all . If my main body were here, I might have pissed myself already . ” Li Qingshan shrugged .

“What reward do you want? State it!” The Spider Queen returned to her throne with a flash .

“I want to be the king of the night roamers!” Li Qingshan answered without the slightest hesitation .

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“Aren’t you a little too bold?” The Spider Queen’s face suddenly changed, radiating with murderousness and sweetness . The night roamers were the toys most important to her, yet there was actually someone bold enough to ask for them from her .

Ye Mingzhu’s expression changed too, suddenly understanding what Li Qingshan meant when he said, “I’ll always personally fetch what I want . ” She was teeming with ambition, but all she wanted was the Spider Shadow clan to become the strongest clan among the night roamers . Compared to his ambitions, it only seemed insignificant .

“If you won’t agree to it, then all I can do is abandon the territory and flee elsewhere . ”

“Are you threatening me?” Spider Queen Lolth’s eyes squinted dangerously .

“Of course not . Since you’re reluctant to hand me over, the Daemon Suppression alliance will arrive very soon for revenge . My territory will definitely bear the brunt of the blow . The Daemon Suppression alliance is filled with powerful people, so only by gathering sufficient strength can I take them on in a battle to the death . Or should I say you’re satisfied with everything on a smaller scale?”

“We are on the brink of war . The night roamers are an extremely important force under your command, but right now, they’re still in a state of disunity . They will be of no use in times of crisis, defeated one by one in the end . I will unite them into a true sword within your grasp to fight the Daemon Suppression alliance . Isn’t this more interesting than just killing one another?”

Li Qingshan took a step forward, and his voice rang out clearly . This was his intention . As long as he could combine the power of the night roamers, they would become a powerful force no weaker than the Daemon Suppression alliance of the Clear River prefecture . He would also possess something he could rely on when he confronted Fu Qingjin . There would be no need for him to carry out any trade at all . The night roamers would have to offer various spiritual herbs to him .

The Spider Queen sank into her thoughts, as Li Qingshan’s words were reasonable . On the brink of war, gathering and consolidating strength was very important .

“Ma’am Spider Queen, you mustn’t!” Bloodshadow said in a hurry . If he ended up succeeding with this, his influence underground would completely surpass the three of them, becoming the most powerful Daemon General under the Spider Queen’s command .

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“The three of them are all your seniors . They surpass you in both age and wisdom . If two of them support you, then I’ll agree to it . Right now, you already have someone objecting . ” Spider Queen Lolth smiled .

“I’ll support him! I’ll support whatever you oppose!” Strongboulder said immediately, glancing at Bloodshadow scornfully .

“Strongboulder!” Bloodshadow’s voice became as cold as ice .

“However, I do have a condition . You must fight me with your main body . If you lose, then this position will go to me . How’s that?” Strongboulder pointed at Li Qingshan .

“No problem!” Li Qingshan smiled confidently . Daemons always spoke with one another using strength .

Now, only Dragonsnail remained . His back was hunched, and his head was lowered . He seemed like he was asleep . He was the wisest and the most mysterious Daemon General under the Spider Queen’s command . No one could guess his decision .

“Strongboulder, you may be powerful, but you lack the ability to lead,” Dragonsnail said slowly .

“If you want the position, then you can have it,” Strongboulder droned .

“I don’t have that energy . Bloodshadow, what do you think?”

“I support this motion, but my condition will be the same as Strongboulder’s . ” Bloodshadow immediately changed his mind . If Dragonsnail supported him too, then the situation would be extremely disadvantageous to him . Perhaps this might have been a heaven-sent opportunity instead .

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